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Sep 10, 2017 - Kankakee and Chicago

I took a bunch of toll paying to wind our way down I-94 and I-294 to get to I-57 and head south of Chicago to the Kankakee KOA. We have a nice enough site in an open part of the KOA that appears to have been added to accommodate big rigs. The utilities are good but the wifi is not. On Wednesday night, we drove the thirty-five miles north to Frankfort for dinner at the home of Tom and Linda Savick. We were joined there by Kathy and Ray Greenhill. As usual, it was a really enjoyable time spent with good, if seldom seen, friends. We usually...

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Jun 5, 2012 - Scottsburg to Kankakee

We drove right out of the cornfields of IN into the cornfields of IL. Most interesting was seeing the wind turbines across I-65. I had to check out how they deliver the electricity and read it to Steve from the Smartphone. I also made good use of GasBuddy to locate the best gas prices. Love that technology! After setting up in the Kankakee River State Park, we had a great dinner with Frank and Pam. The highlight of our new location was a visit with my brother and many extended family members...especially the family reunion on our...

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May 3, 2011 - Kankakee, IL

As we headed north, we drove further and further out of the rainbelt. It was really nice to see that big, yellow ball up in the sky for a change! And it sure made taking Ollie for a walk so much easier. Just an overnight stop. Tomorrow we'll head off the interstates and on to state roads on our way to our rally in Bremen, IN.

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Oct 27, 2010 - Kankakee, IL - Joliet, Illinois

The group has agreed to go to the Empress Casino in Joliet. It is much cheaper to stay there and it is closer into town, we also want to go to Joliet to see the Route 66 information center. It is still very windy this morning, apparently last night the winds were up to 70 mph and in a town close by, there was a tornado! Yikes! 110-130 mph winds! Laundry is the first order of business and we depart mid-morning. It is apparent how windy it is, once we get out on the open road. With a big vehicle you really notice the wind; it is just howling...

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Oct 26, 2010 - Chicago day trip

Upon a big discussion, we decide to take the Metro into Chicago and see the sights. Graham & Mona are too tired from 4 days of straight driving to join us. It has gotten extremely windy, and we hear on the radio that some interstates have banned semi-trucks because of the high winds. Winds of over 60 mph are expected, and once we get onto the interstate, the ugly, black clouds are looming. It looks like a tornado could touch down! We drive to the University Park station, about 30 miles away. We don't have a lot of time to catch the train...

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Oct 25, 2010 - Joliet, IL - Kankakee, Illinois

A day of rest is planned for today, some schoolwork needs to be done and we need to catch up on things - the website being one of them. The boys settle in, Hudson relaxes and everything is rolling along. We get an email from our travel companions to find out where we are. Steve had tried to email 2 of them, but they did not get back to us. Now we find out that Gerry had made reservations at the Kankakee KOA a few weeks back, but no one told us. Fortunately we had not paid for today yet, and since Gerry had reserved with his credit card, we...

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May 14, 2009 - Yeehaw!!!

No rain this AM... we didn't blow away last night... however, for a while there we were both glad for the rounded corners on the camper! ^_^ There were 3 cycle/campers who were pulling a "popup tent" behind them who had set up last night. Cute little tents... they were gone this morning... didn't see any debris in the trees around where they were! ha Probably was an interesting night for them! @)@ Anyway this AM we cleaned out two closets and the floor and the front window "wells" so we're good to go! Off to see J & K and the kids. ^_^...

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May 13, 2009 - Hmmmmm

I'm beginning to feel like a long haul truck passenger!!! ^_^ Luckily we keep the trips short since it poured rain the whole way over here today.... as you can see from the fields! Wow! Neat drive tho' through the secondary roads of IN & IL .. wow are the rivers ever high! There was even white water in Indiana! It's good to be back on the road again and headed to Jodi & Ken's for a couple of days... then on to JP & Brenda's and then back to the cabin. Have to hurry and get it all together for when y'all visit!!! ^_^ This is a neat...

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