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Jun 10, 2016 - I See Corn - Everywhere!!

We've been working our way across the mid-west...South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois. Corn fields are everywhere and the corn is about a foot high, this time of year. It doesn't seem much else is grown in the mid-west. On the matter of corn, we visited the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. The Corn Palace is a multipurpose, community building that is decorated annually with corn murals. A theme is selected for the outside of the palace and 13 colors of multi-colored corn is grown specifically to use as decoration. Check out my pictures,...

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Jun 3, 2016 - we can almost taste it

In another two hours we could be at home. But we have stopped at one of our favorite campgrounds for the final approach from the west. It is on the Mississippi and was built by the Army Corps of Engineers. With our Federal Senior Pass, this spot is half price. Another $10 night. What a bargain. Most folks come here to fish. We like to sit on the river bank and watch the huge barges go by, shoved along by little tugboats. We will use this stop to clean up a bit and empty the holding tanks - a necessary task that's impossible to do near home....

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Jun 6, 2014 - Fisherman's Corner North, IL

Fri, 06 Jun: Today marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day. It is difficult for us to appreciate the bravery of those who were the vanguard of Europe's liberation. This is especially true with today's political environment. One must ponder what would have been had today's "leaders" been in place during the early forties. We visited Normandy and it is sobering to see those rows and rows of graves. If you ever have an opportunity to visit Normandy, do so. Anyway, today was a travel day. We decided that we'd head to the Mississippi and spend some...

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Sep 13, 2012 - better

Cold and wet Alaska weather has come to the midwest. When we arrived at HWH the manufacturer of our jacks, the jacks were working perfectly. We were grateful that the technician did not think we were lunatics. He consulted with the engineer - that's why we came to the factory - and quickly determined that one of the switches had become quirky and replaced it and another just in case. He billed us for half an hour of work to install them and we were on our way. Speedco, the Jiffy Lube of the truck world, was a short drive down the road. A...

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Jun 11, 2011 - Hampton, IL

Back on the river in a Corp of Engineer's camp ground. We are 30 ft from the Mississippi River and 150 yards from one of the locks that all barge traffic has to travel through. We have miles of bike trails along the river and plan on using the boat in the river. Last night we went out for dinner. We ended up in LeClaire, Iowa on the West Shore of the Mississippi. We went to "Faithful Pilot Cafe &airts". If you ever have seen the history channel and watched The Pickers, this is the town where they live and their shop. Mike has dinner in...

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Sep 14, 2009 - the day that got away

The failure of our four year old house batteries as we boondocked at the Dubuque casino hinted that it was time to replace them. (The RV also has a separate set of batteries to start the engine. These have already been replaced.) So we headed to the Sam's Club in Davenport to make this exciting purchase. On the way we passed a golf course. Had to stop and make a tee time for tomorrow. We wanted to stop at the visitor information center in downtown Moline, but didn't see a place to park. When we found a spot we were right next to huge...

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Sep 13, 2009 - barely in Illinois

Once upon a time after attending his senior prom, Ken and his class mates boarded a train and took a post prom trip to Chestnut Mountain in Galena. He doesn't remember much about the trip, but did recall his parents volunteered to chaperone, which doubtless cramped his style. We picked up a brochure for eco trips by boat in La Crosse and saw that one of the spots you could catch the boat was at Chestnut Mountain. Why not take the trip there and see if any old memories could be raised. Chestnut Mountain could only be called a mountain in...

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