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Mar 23, 2020 - Boise ID

Heading to the Hi Valley RV park,a very nice place that we have stayed at in the past. It will be another long day and approximately 100 miles shorter than yesterdays run. After looking for cereal, eggs, potatos,onions,pancake mix and more,we finally struck gold here at Albertsons after a week of looking in empty stores down south.WOO HOO. Not knowing exactly what we are facing back home we bought over $100 worth of groceries today. But this has come at a high price because of the dive our Canadian dollar suffered this last week. I just...

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Sep 21, 2019 - Last week in Idaho

Time is getting short here in Idaho. Great bike paths along the Boise River that we had fun cruising. Also biked to another special event at a local park with Julie and little Ori. He loved the bounce room and the slides. They visited our "tiny house on wheels" again and got to push all the fan buttons in the rig, then hit the pool to cool off. Had some great asian eats at Ling and Louie's Restaurant with friends Dave and Amy and saw the movie Downton Abbey. Last stop was the local Farmers Market to load up on goodies for the road. Next...

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Sep 11, 2019 - More Idaho

This has been a split week. Mary went to visit her friend; Verdell, in Brookings Oregon and I stayed in Boise. She got to go through the Redwoods and visit the beach. I got to ride bikes with the kids, go to an Art Festival and host grandson; Ori at our bus. He was fascinated with our "tiny house on wheels". Anything that spins... So our washer / dryer and our many fans got a workout. As did our slides, blinds and Awning. And, when he felt he needed to get his wiggles out, he got on our vibrating machine. Once Mary returned, w hit the...

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Aug 31, 2019 - Boise

At Ambassador RV in Caldwell Idaho. Hanging out with daughter; Julie, Son in- law Andrew and grandson Ori. Visited a nature park, and got to have brunch and game time. Ori is such a happy boy and seems interested in all things that spin: fans, dryers. Washing machines... He is so funny. Rafted down the Boise River. It's a fun time through the middle of downtown, but it's so clear and you dont even know there is a city nearby. Small rapids but mostly moving at 2 miles an hour. Water was freezing but had a great time.

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Jul 5, 2019 - Boise/Meridian, Idaho

Today it was suppose to be an easy 4.5 hour drive to Idaho, but four miles of I-15 was closed and I did not receive the memo. We spent an hour going 4 MPH until we reached the spot where everyone was being diverted off I-15 through some small town and then spent another hour making our way winding through a small town. All this added two hours to our drive. We ended up at a VERY small town that only had one motel, most likely built in the 1950’s. We stayed there because we were dead tired and just so we could appreciate the other motels we...

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Feb 10, 2019 - Boise

Sunday, Feb. 10th: We were up by 3:30 to leave for the airport by 4:00 to catch the first leg of our flight to Costa Rica. We left Boise in the midst of winter even through it should have been almost spring. At that time in the morning there were no tire tracks in the 2” of new snow on the way to the airport until we got to the freeway. What a send off!

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Sep 22, 2018 - All About the Wedding

It’s all about the wedding! We arrived in Boise to blue skies (just a little smoky haze in the air) and temps in the 90s. Excitement was also in the air as there was only 10 days before the wedding weekend. Kristine had everything under control so there wasn’t much else to do but we went shopping anyway, had our nails done, and picked up a few last minute things. My family flew in from Michigan and drove from Arizona and all arrived on Thursday. Corinne and her friend, Carlee, flew in from California on Thursday also. At the last minute, at...

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Aug 8, 2018 - Play day

Boise, ID The temperature today is expected to be 103°. Time to get outta town! Boise is in a valley so there are several mountains from which to choose. We headed up to Bogus Basin with a summit elevation of 7,582’. Bogus Basin has an interesting history. It is where swindlers, known as "spelterers", would make bogus gold dust by heating lead filings with a bit of real gold dust and pawn it off to the unsuspecting shop owners in Boise. Nowadays profit comes from running a Recreation Park there. There are lots of diversions: pan for gold...

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Aug 7, 2018 - A Capitol Day

Boise, ID After such a full day yesterday, today was much less active. Zoo Boise is a surprisingly small zoo for such a large metropolitan area. It is fairly well shaded, has a big emphasis on conservation, and is quite well-enjoyed by families with young children. It did not take long to go through the zoo since they do not have elephants, rhinos, hippos, male lions (they have lionesses), tigers, bears (other than the sloth bear), North American wolves, or large primates. Nonetheless, it was pleasant. We finished the day with a stop at the...

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Aug 6, 2018 - "Old Pen"

Boise, ID Until 1973,the Idaho Botanical Garden site was part of the Old Idaho State Penitentiary grounds. The garden is not particularly large but they used their space well. There are 12 separate and varied gardens including a Meditation Garden with mature trees planted in the '30s and '40s by minimum security prisoners at the Old Penitentiary. An unusual garden is the Lewis and Clark Native Plant Garden with 145 plant species collected during the expedition and cute little quail running around. Since it was next door, we also toured the...

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Aug 5, 2018 - Moving on

Boise, ID This was a travel day with not much on the agenda. We did encounter a shoe tree along the highway. Naturally we stopped so Accountant Jim could count the shoes. It was difficult to be sure but we think there were 182. A little research on shoe trees (they seem to spring up spontaneously) revealed that clever signs are often left at the sites: “A bunch of old soles just hanging around” and “A bearing tree. No cherries or peaches, just a few pairs.” Cute. As we approached Ontario, Oregon, we were not sure what crops were being...

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May 3, 2018 - Final-ly

Well, just like that...we are done! Today flew by and is still not done (or I suppose I should say yesterday flew by because it is now 12:30 am). I think every presenter went over their allocated time all week and today they were determined to fit everything in. We were supposed to have the entire afternoon for our final practicum but even with lunch shortened to 30 minutes, we started the exercise two hours late. Besides that, we were using some brand new software that none of us had experienced so that threw some kinks into things....

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