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Apr 11, 2014 - The Road to Hana, 2

After we had ridden a while and my bottom started to hurt (there is just not enough padding or seat on the back of a Harley), we stopped at a place called The Garden of Eden. This arboretum cultivates select native Hawaiian and Polynesian introduced plants. All the plants are labeled and displayed along beautifully maintained natural trails on a hillside. Since the climate in this part of the island is so conducive to subtropical growth, they also have trees and shrubs from other South Pacific islands and continental rain forests. We...

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Apr 11, 2014 - The Road to Hana, 3

This section is all about waterfalls. Because of the constant elevation changes along the Road to Hana and the plentiful amounts of rainfall on this part of the island, waterfalls are everywhere. Some of them are right along the side the road but others require a hike to see them. Since we were wearing our motorcycle gear, we weren't really set up for hiking so we settled for seeing waterfalls from the road. Now, that may seem easy enough, but here is the kicker. Most all of these waterfalls sneak up on you as you are driving around this...

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Apr 11, 2014 - The Road to Hana, 4

Time for another butt break. This time Steve pulled into Coconut Glen's ice cream stand. This cute little stand served homemade vegan ice cream made from coconut milk and also they sold homemade coconut candy. I tried a sample of the candy - not for me. But we each had some of the ice cream and it was really good. The owners lived on the property - a cute young, hippie sort of couple. The tip jar had a label on it saying it was for the VW fund. Back on the bike again once I could feel sensation in my buttocks again.

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