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Feb 22, 2015 - Wandering Honolulu

We woke to find a barge beside the ship busy refuelling us. It was large and seemed an elaborate process. We had a leisurely breakfast in the Neptune Room then set off to have a look around downtown Honolulu. It is much more attractive than either of us anticipated. We went to a bank to replenish our funds at an ATM then went over to Walmart to get a couple of things we should have got yesterday. We also got cough syrup for Christine who has been suffering from a cold for the last few days which has developed into a nasty cough. We walked...

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Feb 21, 2015 - Bus and Royal Palace

We were up fairly early this morning and had breakfast before setting off for the dock where we were to meet our tour. We thought we were early, but we boarded the bus straight away and it took off before the assembly time, never mind the official departure time. We drove along the waterfront to Waikiki with a commentary all the way. We passed the famous beach, crowded as promised, being a Saturday and continued on to the road round Diamond Head where we stopped to admire the surf and sand from above. We went on to Hunauma Bay where we...

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Jan 23, 2015 - We do January 23rd Twice --

On January 23rd we leave Nadi around 1pm and with time zone changes plus almost 9 hours of flying, we actually arrive in Honolulu at 00:15 - which is 12:15 in the morning on JANUARY 23 -- so we redo that day -- it made hotel and plane reservations ones which you checked your date and time several times to make sure you got it right --- both at Nadi and at Honolulu. We don't get to our hotel via SpeediShuttle until almost 2am since we will have to go through customs then stop at all the shuttle stops. We are at a not great place - Aqua Palms...

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Nov 17, 2014 - Meeting up with dear friends

We had a lovely visit today with our friends Sandy and Tony L. who use to live in Fairbanks. We had many great days of fellowship with them at church for over a decade when we both attended Denali Bible Chapel. It was another sunny, 80 degree day in HNL and this morning we listened to a very interestinng presentation at the Wyndam Club. We are headed out tomorrow to fly to Nadi, Fiji so will be on the plane either 8 or 10 hours -- can't quite tell about the time zone changes. We cross the international dateline sometime tomorrow and so we...

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Nov 16, 2014 - Beautiful Day in Honolulu

Beautiful day in Honolulu! Around 80 degrees most of the day and great walking weather. We were up early and out walking by 7:15 and walked all over the area. Around noon we took a trolley to the mall to get out of the hottest part of the day and then had a late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory sitting in the outdoor area. Finished the day off with another long walk and sitting on a bench on the beach as the sun set. Steps: 26,634 Miles: 11.31 - tired feet but we will sleep soundly tonight.

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Aug 28, 2014 - Trip to the Islands!

We arrived on the Big Island from Las Vegas last Sunday. After my sister arrived on her plane we headed up to Kohala where she'd rented us a private home. As you can tell from the pictures, we were in the lap of luxury! I loved meditation time on the veranda and the pool in the hot afternoon! Connie took us to Hapuna Beach, touted as the best beach in the USA! We ate at Merriman's, where Jeff said we had the best waitress and food ever! Then we went to Volcanoes National Park. Although it was only 120 miles from our place, it took well...

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Aug 24, 2014 - Two trips back to back!

We dreaded coming to the end of our fishing vacation but the knowledge that we had Hawaii in our future kept us from too much grief! Jeff and my nephew-in-law, Eric Bard, fished the Taylor River for a week outside of Gunnison and every now and then even caught one! Jeff got to where he was running 10 miles every other day. I managed to walk even though we had two bear sightings in Colorado! The last bear we saw was outside Altmont. He crossed the road in front of our truck and then swam/walked across the Taylor River while we watched. He...

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Jun 12, 2014 - And the holiday is over

So today is our lady day before we leave Hawaii for home. We are all looking forward to coming home as much as we have had the best time of our lives here. Today we had a fairly relaxing day, a bit of swimming, a bit of shopping but the highlight of today was tonight we went to a Luau. It was so much fun, starting with a fantastic tour guide who kept us entertained I the bus for the half hour or so it took to get there. The setting was on the beach with a big stage. The food was an all you can eat buffet of traditional Hawaiian food like...

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Jun 11, 2014 - Fast, loud and very cool!

Today we drove around the island to check out some of the other beaches and sights. We hired the coolest car we could get, a black convertible Camaro, Tracey's dream car. The boys decided that he can't have one cause there's not enough leg room for them. It was so cool driving around with the roof down, the boys loved it. We headed off towards the east side of the island and up along the coast to the Northern beaches. Wow, what a beautiful place this is, the beaches are amazing with beautiful white sand and clear blue water. We also drove...

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Jun 10, 2014 - Snorkeling in paradise

Yesterday was a great day, we went to Hanauma Bay for snorkeling. Wow, what a beautiful place. After a very interesting trip there with a tour guide who could barely speak English and really had no idea what she was doing, it was really well worth the $14.95 per person for this trip!! The water there was absolutely crystal clear and the amount of ish we saw was incredible. They didn't seem to mind people being there and didn't swim away when you went near to have a look. The colours of the fish were just stunning. Jack commented while...

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Jun 9, 2014 - Aloha

After a long day of travelling yesterday we made it to Honolulu late last night. Today we decided to have a relaxing day and spent most of it in the many pools in our hotel and at the beach. The hotel is awesome. Absolutely huge with 5 pools and right on the beach. We are in an absolute tropical paradise, and I must say I was expecting it it be very humid like Darwin but the weather is gorgeous. Late this afternoon we ventured into town to check the place out a bit. It is very much like Bali in that there are markets and you barter with the...

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Apr 29, 2014 - Fly to Honolulu

Morning came early. We got going and were ready for our 6:30 shuttle pick-up with time to spare. I always tell the dispatch to ask the driver to just call us when they get to the RV Park; this is an effort on my part to save them from driving around the park aimlessly trying to find our site. This driver didn't get the message. Joe spotted him and flagged him down. He loaded our luggage and had us at United in no time. We were fortunate in that we can do TSA Pre; this means you don't have to take your shoes off or take your laptop out of...

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