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Aug 1, 2017 - On the way home

We're on the way home.....left Monday morning and we're in Tucumcari, New Mexico tonight. We have a few motor home problems that will require repair before going home so we are headed to Red Bay, Alabama, to the Tiffin location. After repairs, we'll be back in Tampa

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Jul 15, 2017 - More cedar breaks

As I sit by the canyon, wildflowers everywhere! So why are the bees trying to pollinate my hair? This has been a busy an interesting time the last well or so. I'll include a few vignettes here. The temperature is quite a bit lower at 10,000 feet altitude and the rainy season seems to be earlier This year. We've had hail and snow a couple of times. The residue is usually along the side of the road or nestled under the trees and doesn't stay long once the Sun is out but, really? This is July! We've driven the highway up to Cedar Breaks from...

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Jul 11, 2017 - Cedar Breaks

I haven't posted in a while as internet service is very spotty up at 10,000 feet. This will be short as Im on my phone and excuse crazy words, I'm using Swype and screen is too small for proofreading. Everyone up here had been wonderful to us. When we arrived and set up camp we were told there had been a porcupine issue A few weeks ago. A porcupine had chewed brake lines one two vehicles so they had to be towed to Cedar City. Can you imagine if wee had to have the motor home towed? We quickly drive down for repellant and moth balls and the...

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Jul 6, 2017 - Red Pueblo and Cedar Breaks

Last year I read a book on my Kindle (thank you, Pat) called Trouble in Red Canyon by Liz Adair. It all took place in the locations around Kanab. We had passed through this area but not stayed here so even though it was interesting, I never made it to the museum that was the star location in the book. This year There was time and we drove over the border into Arizona and pulled into the parking lot for the Red Pueblo Museum. The temperature was about 105 and the area barren a former rest stop that had been closed and taken over by a non...

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Jul 4, 2017 - Fredonia and Kanab

A week off and 65 miles south over a mountain range, we arrived at Fredonia, Arizonia. This is a one night stop as the campground we wanted was full and we could get in on the 4th. We are just over the Utah border and the desert spreads out between us and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Day time is hot and evening is cool. Sunset beautiful and stars bright and filling the sky. Morning brings an opening in the Kanab campground so we move a few miles north back to Utah and a campground with trees and shade and a pool. Happy fourth of July!...

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Jun 30, 2017 - Brian Head Fire and Traveling

This last week or so has been a little different for us. There is currently a fire nearby and smoke has been heavy or light depending on which way the wind blows. We decided to take a small trip for a few nights to get to some clear air and went south to Mesquite, Nevada. We had been told that there was a wonderful casino hotel resort there so we headed out. The drive down was good with some interesting scenery especially as we traveled through the Virgin River Canyon. It was a surprise when we first approached the canyon so the photos...

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Jun 23, 2017 - Smokey

Smokey...look at this two ways...Smokey skies and the Smokey hot air balloon. The Brian Head fire has kept everyone on edge watching the winds for direction and road closures. There are about 600 fire fighters, helicopters, and planes who have been there since the fire started last Saturday. On the last status report I saw the anticipated containment date is July 5. It is not far by miles from us in Panguitch but we have been reassured, hopefully correct, that it is on the West side of the mountain range. It was moving toward us until a...

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Jun 19, 2017 - Days go by and just some remembering

Prairie Dogs...one of the animals that are studied up here are the prairie dogs but I had never seen one last year or this year. There are forestry workers who set traps to catch them and take samples (I guess blood) for testing, then release the animals. We frequently see them washing out the cage-type traps. Now, the surprising part of this story is that Carol was walking Gracie just a short distance from the motor home and looking across the field sees prairie dogs popping up out of their Homes and scurrying around. I really thought she...

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Jun 14, 2017 - Freezing in Bryce

This day at Bryce was a perfectly cold cold cold Florida winter day! The wind was blowing icy and strong. If anyone was on a trail, God help them. We went to some overlooks and walked the edge on sidewalks and big strong railings. Paria Point and Bryce Point were our destinations, beautiful as you can see in The photos. These had been closed when we were here Last year so it was my first view of them. Don't laugh when you see these photos of Carol and me! At least we weren't as cold as the tourists who had packed for what they thought was a...

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Jun 11, 2017 - Photos and weather

This is our third day working and one more to go. The weather has been extremely variable the last few days and to come. We had overcast but very warm. Then bright and blue sky but windy. The last two days we've had wind guests up to 35 miles per hour. Today the temperature is dropping rapidly and this afternoon and evening the weather forecast is calling for wind gusts up to 55 mph. At least it is not sustained winds. The temperature tomorrow should be really low with a high in the low 60s and a low in the mid 30s. Then a rapid warm...

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Jun 6, 2017 - Three Days Off

Our first day off and we planned a ride up to Kodachrome State Park. This is one of our favorite places and we were looking forward to a nature walk/hike. On the way out of town we made a few stops and in Tropic visited friends from last year who run a motel and espresso shop. Because we didn't get started until late this morning, by the time we arrived at Kodachrome, the heat got to us and we ended up having a great picnic in the shade with a wonderful breeze. In the sun we knew the ground would be too hot for paws....I walked a short way...

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Jun 4, 2017 - First days in Panguitch

It is hard to believe that we have been in Panguitch for a Week now. There has been little of major consequence but a lot of settling in and beginning work. To start with the mundane, the weather has been beautiful. The days are sunny, warm and usually breezy. As soon as the sun starts to go down, so does the temperature. We set the heater to come on during the night and I snuggle under two blankets. We've heard that there are still spots of snow at 10,000 feet at Cedar Breaks and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. One day sitting outside...

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