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Oct 13, 2018 - A day on the road

My friend Art suggested the museum of Western Art in Cartersville, and indeed it was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours to start the day. Remington originals, a Civil War room, and a decent tuna sandwich were key. I had intended to avoid Atlanta all together, but as it was a Saturday I thought traffic couldn't be that bad. I soon found myself traveling about a mile in 90 minutes as four lanes of traffic were obliged to exit all at once due to an accident that blocked a bridge. Thank God NPR's "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" was on. Once...

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Apr 11, 2016 - 4/11/16- Day 1 Woodstock-Gainesville,Fl

4/11/16- Day 1 Spring break is a wrap, all the doggies have gone home, let the vacay begin!! The Lilypaddy Mobile left the ol homestead around 9 am. It was utterly strange, there was no traffic, none!!! We didn't slow down the entire way! The Highway Fairy must have been sprinkling her special magical fairy dust! The drive was so beautiful. All the trees have their fresh leaves, and they just sparkle. So many shades of green, it just takes your breath away. We stopped at a cute country store outside of Macon to stretch our legs. We had a...

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Aug 26, 2015 - We have arrived!

Well, we have arrived in Seattle. We stopped by our new apartment in Shoreline first before continuing on to my in-laws home in Seattle. We can't officially move into our apartment until tomorrow but the complex looks really nice and we got to tour a demo apartment. Should be a nice place to live. The drive from Idaho to Seattle was nice. The scenery changed once again from the Rocky Mountains of Idaho to more grasslands and desert of eastern Washington and then returned again to the mountains. I very much enjoyed traveling over Snoqualmie...

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Aug 25, 2015 - Idaho, close to the border of Washington State

Well we're getting closer. We are currently staying in Idaho, near Coeur d'Alene, close to the border of Washington State. Today's journey consisted of traveling on I 90 as it winded through the Rocky Mountains. C'était très magnifique! Driving on a winding road encased in mountains full of evergreen trees brought back many fond memories of hiking in the Grand Tetons and other places with my parents, especially with my dad since he and I would often go ahead by ourselves while my mom and little brother brought up the rear. I love hiking in...

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Aug 24, 2015 - Made it to the Rocky Mountain Front

Today we left Sundance, Wyoming and got back on I 90 heading towards Seattle. On route we saw portions of the Big Horn Mountains, as well as some plains with grassland and grazing cows. We saw an actual, real-life cowboy on his horse gently herding the cows. He even had a dog with him to help him. Josiah of course missed it because his head was in his game. As we got closer to Bozeman, Montana we began to see the Rocky Mountain Front. It was a spectacular view as we drove on a winding road through the mountains, which extended on both...

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Aug 23, 2015 - Mount Rushmore

Today, instead of driving we decided to stay in South Dakota for most of the day. We spent the morning at Mount Rushmore, then had lunch at the Breezy Point picnic area, followed by exploring the Black Hills Caverns. I think Josiah had a lot of fun, especially in the caverns. The scenery has changed a bit more and is more mountainous. I'm really loving the weather here today. It was cool in the shade but not in the sun and there was clear blue sky. The winds have died down to just a slight breeze. A very nice day. We're staying the night...

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Aug 22, 2015 - A windy day in South Dakota

It's been an exhausting day today, mainly because we had to drive in 30-40 mile per hour winds! Unfortunately, I couldn't put a video on here because the internet here wasn't good enough to allow a video to upload. I was,however, able to upload some videos of the wind to my Facebook page. During our drive today we had another abrupt scenery change at Chamberlain from the corn fields of the eastern part of South Dakota to the many, many fields of sunflowers as we headed west on I 90. It was very pretty. I wasn't aware that South Dakota grew...

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Aug 21, 2015 - Welcome to South Dakota

We are now in Plankinton, South Dakota, which is a one horse town that consists of a hotel and a gas station. We have internet in the motel but we aren't getting any cell signal here so we can't call anyone. We are quite literally in the middle of nowhere! On our journey today we saw more corn fields and discovered the reason that Iowa gets a lot of its energy from windmills...it's freaking windy in Iowa! Tomorrow we check out the Badlands and Wall Drug on the way to our next hotel near Mt. Rushmore. Til then!

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Aug 20, 2015 - Percival, Iowa

Day 3 of our trip was a long one, the longest yet. We drove around 474 miles from Mt. Vernon, Illinois, through Missouri to Percival, Iowa. Along the way we passed the famous St. Louis arch and many many fields of various crops, primarily wheat and corn. Tomorrow we plan to drive to Chamberlain, South Dakota. We will stay in South Dakota for a couple of days in order to visit the famous Wall Drug, the Badlands, and Mount Rushmore. Then we will continue our journey west on I 90 for several days until we get to Seattle.

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Aug 19, 2015 - Staying the night at Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Another long day of driving, about 430 miles. We got to see a lot of scenery on our journey from Cartersville, GA through western Tennessee and the western tip of Kentucky, and finally ending up at Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Thus far I have enjoyed seeing the scenery change from the woody area of North Florida and South Georgia to the mountains of North Georgia and Tennessee to the wheat fields and farms of Kentucky and Illinois. Tomorrow we head further west. Not sure yet where exactly we will stop tomorrow. Will update again then.

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Aug 17, 2015 - Moving day

Well, the day of our departure is almost upon us. The moving truck has been loaded and the house is almost empty except for the things that will ride in the Prius. We'll be sleeping on air mattresses tonight. We are all super tired now. We plan to head out of Gainesville tomorrow morning. Our first stop for the night will be Cartersville, GA. I'll post again when we get there.

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Aug 9, 2015 - This is our probable route.

So we will officially be leaving Gainesville on August 18th. We will not arrive in Seattle until August 27th. Right now we are in full "packing and getting the house ready to be a rental" mode. I'll post more when we actually get on the road. I've included a photo of our likely route.

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