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Jul 22, 2017 - Dry Tortugas

Up at 6am and off to catch the National Park ferry called the Yankee Freedom to Dry Tortugas, a collection of 7 islands, 70 miles off the coast of Key West, in the Gulf of Mexico. The boat is quite large, holding 175 on board. It is a 2 1/2 hour cruise out to Garden Key so we make ourselves comfortable on the back deck, under the shade, and sit back and enjoy the ride. Breakfast is provided and then we are given some information in the days activities ahead. It's about 90 F but it's so pleasant out on the water. The first glimpse we have of...

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May 3, 2016 - Dry Tortugas

Tuesday we went to Dry Tortugas National Park. The park is about 70 miles offshore from Key West and you can only get there by boat or seaplane. We took the Yankee Freedom ferry, which we boarded at 7am in Key West. The boat is a full service ferry and they served breakfast as we enjoyed a 2 1/2 hour ride out to the park. The park is made up of seven small islands and inhabited by one. The main attraction is on Garden Key, the only island open to the public. Fort Jefferson, which was started in 1846 and went on for 30 years. It is the...

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Feb 11, 2016 - Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is one of the only National Parks that can't be reach by car. There are only two ways to get there: boat or seaplane. I booked a trip on the once-per-day ferry. Dry Tortugas Key is the westernmost of the Keys. The word "Dry" was used because there was no water found on the Key. It was named "Tortugas" because Ponce de Leon caught over 100 sea turtles there in 1513. The word "key" comes from the Spanish word "cayó", meaning "small island". The island is still dry. There's no water available anywhere on the island....

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Feb 27, 2014 - Fabulous trip to the Dry Tortugas

On Sunday, February 23, we (J&B and Southerly) left the Galleon Marina in Key West Bight around 1100 and headed west toward the Dry Tortugas. The weather was predicted to be light winds with blue skies for most of the next week, so it was a good weather window for the trip. We had a short day of motoring (about 20 nm) because the winds were really light but we made good time because the ocean was flat. We anchored on the west side of the Marquesas Atoll by the middle of the afternoon. There is no harbor, we just pick a spot in the lee of...

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Feb 23, 2014 - Going west to Marquesas Atoll and Dry Tortugas

We’ll be moving on today. Our time in Key West has been fun and busy. As I mentioned in the last post, we were on a mooring for the first few nights. Since the wind was blowing enough to stir up some waves, being on a mooring meant that we had a long and slow ride into shore and back. That limited our trips ashore. Our first day was a “play” day. We dinghied in to the dinghy dock, both J&B and ourselves, and walked into town. Our first stop was at Schooner’s for lunch, a rum drink and some Mike McCloud music…a great start to the afternoon....

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May 10, 2012 - Wait A Minute...How Did They Get the RV There?!?!

Our trip to the Dry Tortugas yesterday, we felt, deserved a journal entry of its own….we had originally debated about even taking this trip; it was a bit costly but our military discount helped a lot and it took up an entire day but it was well worth it!! And no, we didn't take the RV!! The Dry Tortugas National Park lies at the farthest end of the Florida Keys, closer to Cuba than the American mainland!! In order to reach this destination you need to travel over 68 miles of open ocean to visit. We traveled on the Yankee Freedom II, a...

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Jan 16, 2011 - Gators, Fortresses & Chocolate Dipped Key Lime Pie

Hi - After returning from Jamaica I spent a few days on Florida's southernmost tip. My first stop was Everglades National Park - the largest wilderness area east of the Mississippi. I've come to see Florida differently since I moved here. There's a significant amount of variety. Just a few inches above sea level can mean a totally different ecosystem. The Keys are always fun. Key West is a bit more upscale than my first visit here in the 1960's. And the best part is that now you can get frozen key lime pie on a stick, dipped in dark...

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May 10, 2010 - Dry Tortugas National Park

On May 9th, we traveled to the Dry Tortugas National Park on a Fast Catamaran from Key West. The weather was great and I survived the trip each way without suffering sea sickness. The Dry Tortugas are a set of 7 small, flat, islands composed of coral reefs and sand without fresh water located some 70 miles west of Key West. The name “Tortugas”, from Spanish for turtle, reflects the abundance of sea turtles that nest on the islands. Loggerhead, Green, Leatherbacks and Hawksbill turtles are often seen in the waters around the islands. The...

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Dec 6, 2008 - Dry Tortugas Nat'l Park, FL

We didn't exactly stay overnight at Dry Tortugas National Park, but we did spend the day here. I just had to put this place on our trip journal because it was so cool, and it's the furthest place from Alaska that we've traveled. We had a great time here, the boat ride was wonderful (its 70 miles from Key West!) and the Fort itself was very interesting. There's also some really nice snorkeling here that we did take advantage of. Overall, we had a great time here and are really glad we were able to visit here.

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May 19, 2008 - To the Edge of the World with Ponce de Leon

24 36.6 North 82 09.3 West Dry Tortugas, Florida Keys, USA Where to start? These keys were actually discovered by Ponce de Leon immediately after Columbus, depending on who you believe, either discovered the Bahamas or North America. The series of non-descript sand-based islands, approximately 65 nm west of Key West, resembled nothing more than the back of the large Loggerhead as it lazily floats on the salty waters of the area. It was easy for him to come up with the name Tortugas for this chain and it was just as easy for him to name...

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Feb 20, 2008 - Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is on an island 70 miles from Key West, closer to Cuba than the American mainland. These islands were discovered by Ponce de Leon twenty years after Christopher Columbus arrived in the new world. We decided to boat out there to look for the fountain of youth and see the picturesque fort that make this place a national park. De Leon named this island tortugas, the Spanish word for turtles, because of all the yummy turtles he found here. Seamen were always hungry for fresh meat and the turtles were especially...

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Jan 12, 2006 - Survived New Years

Even with a confusing array of addresses; Lewes, DE - Cudjoe Key, FL - Livingston, TX, Santa Claus found us again on Christmas. Since we weigh and measure everything that comes into the RV, our Christmas Tree was all of 18 inches high. But hey - it's the thought that counts and an evergreen in 80 degrees suffers anyway. But we had our roasted chicken, stuffing and everything else that goes with it to make you groan and beg to not leave any leftovers. For dessert, it was our year to take in and give a home to THE circulating fruitcake....

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