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Sep 4, 2019 - Atv

We took the atv right from the cg up to Clear lake which is probably at 12,000 ft. The dirt road up is bumpy and rocky but the atv had no trouble. The scenery is some of the best around with 13,000 ft peaks surrounding the lake. We then drove up to an old mining area back near the cg, another 3 miles up.

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Sep 3, 2019 - South mineral springs

We left Leadville after staying there close to 3 weeks and headed south to Silverton. The road from ouray to silverton is a guardrailess steep drop and the right side. If heights get you, don't drive it! We stopped and camped at the SMS cg which is about 5 miles off the main road. Nice and cool here!

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Jun 15, 2018 - Ouray and Silverton

Ouray and Silverton Day 16—Monday June 11, 2018 Smoke from the “416” fire north of Durango (still burning today—June 24) obscured the Sneffles Range and the upper end of the Uncompaghre Valley around Ouray and Ridgeway for several days after we moved to Centennial RV Park and there was some at the Centennial—we wondered if we’d made a mistake moving. But the smoke at Centennial was light, we could stay inside and our new air purifier kept the air clean—thus it did not affect Brian’s lungs. When Brian got up Monday morning he checked...

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Sep 14, 2017 - Ouray & Silverton

Ouray (elevation 7,810 ft) Affectionately known as the "Switzerland of America," the high-altitude town of Ouray offers soaring mountain peaks and air so clear, every detail of the craggy pinnacles surrounding town can be seen. Because of this environment, Ouray has a citizenry that embraces the outdoors as their most prized possession. History in the area is as intriguing as the surroundings are majestic. The story of Ouray stretches as far back as the Ute Indians who originally inhabited the area and soaked in the town's hot springs, to...

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Trip Journal

2017 RV Adventure

Sep 10, 2017 - Bull moose

Since the weather has been nice and we're in a beautiful campsite,we decided to stay another day. We took the atv up the Rico-Silverton trail to the top where there was an old mine. We hiked on up on an old animal trail for about a half mile. Great trail and at times you could see the small river near it. Once we got back to the camper we drove back towards Silverton so we could get cell service. We found a spot along the road out and got some updates on Irma. While Bill was talking, I spotted a huge moose across the creek. Then an even...

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Sep 9, 2017 - Clear Lake

We took the atv back up to clear lake and this time the snow bank was gone so we could go all the way to the lake. We walked partly around the lake which at 12,000 ft still gets your lungs. We went back into Silverton to get a beer at Avalanche and then on to Golden Block since theirs is better. While there, a photographer from Bulgaria asked to take our photos. Jacko Vassilev said we were so authentic that he had to get our pictures. First time ever and apparently he's legit. Watch for Harper's Weekly.

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Sep 8, 2017 - Engineer Pass

After the rain moved out this morning, we took the camper up to Ereuka which is an old mining town north of Silverton. We unloaded the atv and headed up to 12,000 ft on the dirt road. The road is fairly rough and we can't believe we took a Blazer up there 30 years ago. The skies were threatening so we turned around just short of the pass. Good thing cause it was cold and spitting rain on the way down. Stopped at the Golden Block and had their Blind Lode ipa and the rock crawler pizza which had a white sauce, sausage, green chilies and...

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Sep 7, 2017 - Silverton

We left Grand Mesa after hiking the land of lakes trail to a great view of the Mesa lakes and all the way to the San Juan mtns. We resupplied in Montrose and drove back to the s. Mineral cg outside of Silverton. We got site 18 which has a view of the mountains all around. We started a hike but thunder and light rain turned us back. This was the first rain we've seen in over a month.

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Jul 25, 2017 - Silverton CO 2

We rented a jeep this morning for the whole day. Even though clouds were heavy and the threat of rain was imminent, we mostly lucked out on the weather. The drive to American Basin to Cinnamon Pass required having 4WD and off-road tires! Our Explorer has one but not the other! We learned what a slap gear is! (Ken calls it a slap stick). He did a lot of slapping into low gear. American Basin did not disappoint. Everywhere we turned, we saw new flowers and different color combinations. Many are familiar flowers to us - sedum, coneflowers,...

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Jul 24, 2017 - Silverton CO 1

We drove the motorhome to Silverton this morning. Highway 550 is not the easiest highway - lots of switchbacks and climbs, but Ken is good at this mountain driving. We tried one trip to Clear Lake, but the rain started making the dirt/rock road slippery. So we drove on north, by car, to Ouray, about 25 miles north of Silverton. The drive was beautiful in spite of the rain. Weather here is in the 60s.

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Jul 4, 2017 - Fireworks

We hung around the south mineral cg for another day just so we could see the Silverton fireworks tonight. Bill rode his bike up to the snowbank at clear lake so he got in about 9 miles straight up and down the mtn. I opted for a walk around the cg and up to the waterfall about a half mile above. We drove the camper up to an overlook above Silverton where we think we'll have a great view of the fireworks. It's now 10:30 and the fireworks were awesome. Met a couple from Illinois and talked with them through the fireworks. You could camp...

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Jul 3, 2017 - Ophir pass

We took the atv up over Ophir pass at 11,729. Good going up but the other side was rocky. We drove all the way down near the town of Ophir since they don't allow unlicensed atv.We had hoped to see the town but had to return over the pass. We drove on down to Silverton to have a Heavy Artillery IPA at the Avalanche Brewery. Great beer- heading back to the cg!

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