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Sep 29, 2012 - Colorado Springs, Sept 2012

We left Longmont early on Sunday morning with the hope that we'd get through Denver without engaging in much traffic. We were successful. We arrived at our campground, Colorado Heights, in Monument about 10:30, were set up by 12 and met our friends, Linda and Harold at 1:00. From their home we drove to a picnic sponsored by a local Christian Radio station. We enjoyed our time at the picnic and then returned to their home to catch up. One of the most amazing, if that is the proper description, was the Waldo Canyon Fire which destroyed nearly...

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Sep 9, 2011 - Eastern Colorado

We are 251 miles south of the NE/CO border in Lamar, CO. Love eastern CO high plains. Saw lots of cattle, sunflowers, milo and corn. Some of the corn in the north part of the state was hail damaged before it tasseled out. It looks funny with no leaves but still green and has set ears. We followed US 385 the whole way. About the time we crossed the CO border the road lost its shoulders. But there was very little traffic so it was a good day. We stopped for gas and lunch near Burlington, CO, but the cafe was closed and the clerk surly. She...

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Summer 2011 Travels

Oct 26, 2010 - Eastern Colorado

On to Lamar, CO in the southeastern part of the state, we chose to skirt the Denver area altogether as they were to get snow (and after all we're trying to stay AWAY from bad weather). We ended up staying 2 days in Lamar as there were terribly high winds, some rain and nothing on the plains in eastern Colorado to slow it down. We holed up in the motor home catching up on house things and staying out of the weather.

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Jul 14, 2010 - Lamar, Colorado

7-14-2010 Lamar, Colorado Leaving the campground earlier than yesterday (8:00 AM), we started off with blue skies, 15 to 20 MPH winds, and 84 degrees. We started with good news/bad news. The bad news was the wind was fairly strong, but the good news was it was a steady wind and NOT the 50 MPH winds we experienced the last time we crossed Kansas. AND just like last time, crossing into Colorado the winds backed off granting us a relaxing ending to the day’s journey. Once again books on CD helps melt the miles away under the rigs tires. We...

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Jul 25, 2009 - Boondock at Walmart

Time to hit the road. I have spent most of the past week planning our trip into Kansas. I had purchased a free campgrounds CD from Nick Russell ages ago and I think it will pay for itself on this trip. Originally, the plan was to spend the night at John Martin State Park but I didn't realize it was miles off the road, so we headed on to Lamar, Co and stayed at Walmart. We had a nice evening and early to bed. Until next time........

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Feb 16, 2008 - Lamar Laments

It's an adventure, alright. The trip was pretty routine until we got into downtown Lamar, CO. As we entered town, I noticed that the truck wasn't acting quite right, but then it got better. We coasted into town, and that's when it happened: the engine died right there on main street. No warning. No errors. No warmth. After a few failed attempts to restart, I decided to call on my well paid, never used, emergency resources: Good Sam, Insurance and AAA. Strike One: I don't have the right Good Sam options. Strike Two: I don't have the right...

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Jul 4, 2007 - Lamar, CO

We crossed into Colorado and stopped at Lamar, CO. This was a really nice stop. First, there was the Madonna of the Trail Monument which is one of 12 in the country. In 1928 this statue was placed in Lamar as a dedication to the spirit of the pioneer women in the United States. They are intended to provide a symbol of courage & faith of the women whose strength & love aided in the great journey. Also near this monument was the welcome center where the couple there gave us much helpful advice. They had a topo map of Colorado and boy, are we...

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