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Nov 11, 2018 - Last days in Glen Haven

Last days in Glen Haven 11-11-18 Exactly one hundred years ago today World War One ended. Armistice day eventually became Veterans day that we celebrate today. To all veterans everywhere, thank you very very much. Looks like we came back to Glen Haven just in time. California caught fire right after we left and there are snow showers today that is causing traffic problems in and around Denver. I guess we are charmed travelers. Snow is falling in Glen Haven, temperature was 15 degrees so it was good having 4WD this morning while running...

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Nov 9, 2018 - Over the mountain.....one more time

Over the mountain…one more time 11-9-18 Making the final push to the Front Range, (east side of the Rocky Mountains), or Glen Haven to be exact. Left at the reasonable hour of 10:00AM in cool but clear weather. Perfect driving conditions. There was some snow in the high country that wasn’t here a week ago but none on the road. Except for some road work near Vail, (someone had cleared out a guard rail), there were no delays. We arrived in Estes Park just before 5PM. Went to Ed’s Cantina for an early dinner and, wouldn’t you know it, our...

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Oct 27, 2018 - The Rocky Mountain Model Expo

Going to the Rocky Mountain Model Expo 10-27-18 For the last few days, we have been doing fun stuff, socializing with friends, and less fun stuff, working around the cabin. Time now to go to the Rocky Mountain Model Expo! The model expo was held in the Denver Mart located in north Denver. This event features all sorts of modeling activity in the Denver area. It seems that model railroading is VERY big in this area. Model aviation also had a small presence as well as rockets, cars, boats, games, and other hobbies. Was a fun afternoon and a...

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Oct 22, 2018 - Bath drain relocation day

Bath drain relocation day 10-22-18 It’s not all fun and games at the cabin in Glen Haven. There is a lot of work required to keep the place from falling down. One of the jobs that I have been putting off forever was the rerouting of the tub/shower lines to the grey water system. I called the pumper truck to empty the vault recently. After handing over a check for 400 bucks, I became motivated to finally get the job done. This cabin was built on a rocky hillside and only a few feet from the Little Thompson river that runs in front of the...

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Oct 19, 2018 - Visitors then Longmont, CO

Visitors then Longmont 10-19-18 Had a nice visit from Julie’s brother Eric and his wife Laurie. They came to Glen Haven for a couple days from Tennessee on their way to Mt Rushmore in SD then down to Joplin, MO. We played trivia at Rock Cut Brewing Company, went out to eat a few times, and got schooled in card games, (Eric and Laurie are good with the cards). Always fun having Eric and Laurie visit. It has been a while. Julie, Kate, and I all went to Longmont, CO to get new tires for Kate’s vehicle, have lunch, then go thrift store...

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Oct 15, 2018 - A grand tour of Glen Haven, CO

A grand tour of Glen Haven, CO 10-15-18 Julie and Bob continue to “winter” in the Colorado Rockies. After digging out from the last snow storm, we pretty much limited our activities to bringing firewood into the cabin to keep the fire going and watching football games, and visiting with our guest Andrea. On Monday, Cousin Andrea headed back down the mountain to her home in Colorado Springs. Since it was so nice, sunny and clear, Julie said it's time to get out and do something, anything, so we walked to the Post Office to check Kate’s...

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Oct 13, 2018 - Laying low in Glen Haven, CO

Laying low in Glen Haven, CO Julie and I have been laying pretty low since arriving in Glen Haven a few days ago. Probably a combination of a long flight, altitude adjustment, and a couple snow storms. We have done a few maintenance things around the cabin. We went to town, Estes Park, and all the way to Loveland/Fort Collins for supplies. We even took a neighbor’s dog on a walk. While Julie and I are gasping to breathe the thin mountain air, daughter Kate is working two jobs, going on hikes after work, and generally having a good time...

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Oct 9, 2018 - Anchorage to Glen Haven

Anchorage, AK to Glen Haven, CO 10-9-18 Today was a long day of air travel from Anchorage to Glen Haven. We started out early, around 5AM, to get last minute packing done and Sadie over to sister Kim’s house for her long playdate with Wally (Kim’s large Doberman). Kim drove Julie and I to the airport by around 6:30AM so we could make the 8:05AM flight from Anchorage to Seattle. We only had an hour layover in Seattle and boarded the Noonish flight to Denver, CO. We arrived in Denver a bit late, around 6:15 PM, and had to hustle to make our...

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Mar 9, 2018 - Glen Haven, last full day

3-9-18 Last full day in Glen Haven Today was a get ready for a fun-filled day of air travel back to Anchorage. There were chores to do such as re-gasketing the fireplace, (a chore I had never done before, was easier than I thought), put the Yukon away in the garage, and other things. Kate is living in the cabin for at least the summer, so no winterization was needed which was nice. Julie had a guy come up and give an estimate on installing a solar energy system in the cabin. We got a good seminar on the state of the art for solar systems...

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Mar 8, 2018 - Grand Junction to Glen Haven, CO

3-8-18 Grand Junction to Glen Haven, CO Last long day of driving for this trip. We left Grand Junction at 10AM after breakfast and coffee and checking weather in the mountains on I-70 towards Denver. The weather is suppose to be perfect. Sunny, mild temperatures during the day. We stopped only once for a pit stop and coffee refills, otherwise clear sailing over the mountains and into the front range. It was actually 65 degrees in the Denver area. We arrived in Longmont, CO around 3:00PM to pick up supplies for a project Kate had found us...

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Feb 16, 2018 - Getting ready to head south again

2-16-18 Getting set to head south again Last couple days have been spent visiting and getting ready to head south again. Road Trip! The plan is for Julie and I to travel to New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, then back through Utah into Colorado. We are flying out of Denver to Alaska on March 10th. Hitting the road Saturday, 2-17-18. Should be a lot of fun.

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Feb 14, 2018 - Valentine's Day in Loveland, CO.

2-14-18 Valentine’s Day in Loveland For Valentine’s Day, Julie, Kate, and I met with aunt Shirley and cousin Marki at Mimi’s Cafe in Loveland, CO. We always have a great time with these ladies. The town of Loveland has hearts posted on utility poles all over with various messages. Julie thinks that they are up every February. Makes sense that a town called Loveland would do this kind of thing. Kinda neat. One thing for sure, there are no excuses for forgetting Valentine’s Day around here.

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