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Jul 3, 2005 - Denver

Come to Denver the city of 300 plus days of sunshine a year! Beautifully warm, not too hot here at the moment, some thunder showers but just means a shore coffee break or museum call. Also known for its sports, football, soccer, basketball, baseball and anything else you play. We did not see any of these, but exercised holding on (or not) on roller coasters instead! Elitch gardens is a six flag park within walking distance from downtown Denver. Has a famous woody called Twister II (rebuilt to original plans). But also has some great ideas...

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May 24, 2005 - Saturday's Adventures

Sunday, May 22, 2005 So much happening in one day... yesterday, Saturday But let's start with Friday. We overnited beside a wonderfully babbling brook at Chalk Creek campground, a private campground, somewhere between Ouray and Denver (Nathrop, CO). Very nice place but $$$! Then came up to Denver through some beautiful country. Wide valleys, some with snow covered peaks all around; high passes, narrow canyons. Lots of ranch animals, cattle, horses, and something really shaggy... yaks? Can llamas be that shaggy??? Even some buffalo. Listened...

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May 11, 2005 - Surprise Stopover in Denver to see Family

My niece Emily is singing in the May Day festivities at her school as well as a piano recital so my Mom is going to be there. Initially I had wanted to participate but could not make this work. Staring into an 11 hour layover in LA I decided to check into my options. A one way ticket to Charlotte was reasonably priced and so I decided to take it. Then I found the best route was through Denver. Given the perfect storm of family visiting and a fun event and they I don't see them enough I decided to surprise everyone. The highlight of my...

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May 4, 2005 - Fruita to Denver (Golden), CO (240)

Today's drive was breathtaking. Literally! We went thru Vail, CO and over the 10,600' pass. The weather was clear but brisk for most of the trip. It was snowing lightly at Vail Pass. After Vail Pass we went through the Eisenhower Tunnel at over 11,150'. The last time we made this trip the Bus overheated, so this time we unhitched the truck and drove the passes separately. It worked perfectly. We arrived at our campground quite early, so I took the opportunity to update the website and do a little housecleaning. We went for our traditional...

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May 3, 2005 - Denver, Colaraaaaado

Denver - very hot and very bright, it is a real relief to be in the Public Library using the internet. Phew what a scorcher. It's a nice place, quieter and smaller than Chicago, but I have still done what I traditionally do when I first arrive.......That's it get lost on public transport. I got here early in the morning (about 7 am- and it was cool but bright and very nice, which surprised me because it was supposed to be snowing- perhaps there is a different word for snow in America). Found a hostel easily and then had a shower and did all...

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Dec 13, 2004 - Denver

We arrived in Denver on Sunday after a long trip from SLC (what a way to spend your birthday), got dressed up and hit downtown Denver for a birthday jol. We weren't in town as tourists but merely to celebrate my birthday, recover and dash. Needless to say, we succeeded beyond expectations in the celebration category and did okay in the recovery category which was basically Monday. So I'm afraid there is not much more I can tell you about what we did in Denver. Onwards to Chicago!! PS We have decided to skip Mt Rushmore, South Dakota as it...

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Zimbo's in America

Dec 12, 2004 - The return home, part 2

We made it home safely last night. Our departure from Guatemala city was at 1pm and went through Houston. The lines for immigration and customs were very long. I always get nervous because Krista and I have to go into separate lines since I'm not a citizen. By the time we got out of that whole mess, we only had 15min before our connecting flight was scheduled to leave. They ended up delaying the flight however because others were also stuck in customs. Today has been a day of unpacking, doing groceries, and readjustment for Krista. We are...

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Nov 25, 2004 - Alain departs

I leave Denver in the mid-afternoon on Thanksgiving Day. I fly through Houston to Guatemala city and arrive in the evening hoping to find Krista waiting for me at the airport. I've heard all her stories about how difficult and dangerous it is to get around the city, so I'm hoping to leave it as soon as possible. But we have work to do before then. The next day (Fri, Nov 26) I give a presentation to the agricultural department at the university where Krista works, and Krista will be teaching her last class. On Saturday, Krista meets with...

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Nov 17, 2004 - Denver - Thailand bound

Flight leaves today at 8:30 am. Very excited. Thailand bound. Bri and I. Soon to join us is Our Friend Ryan Johnston (denver) and his pals Bob and Moe (San Diego) Not sure how computer service will be there, but we'll try and stay in touch. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

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Oct 13, 2004 - JFK to Denver, Colorado

DAY 8 (Wed 13th Oct) Up at 4 am to catch the 7am flight to Denver. I used to be good at early mornings, but not so much now. En route, I looked back at my time in New York. It's a fascinating place, with a tremendously vital pulse, but as with most cities, the inhabitants are focussed on their own lives, and don't have so much time for visitors. I was fascinated by the place, but my heart lies in open spaces and a slower pace of life. Getting out of the airport at Denver I certainly got my open spaces. We were to the east of the city, which...

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Sep 11, 2004 - Driving to Colorado

Today we set our navigation system for Golden, Colorado (11 miles from Denver). The trip was about 250 miles - 5.5 hours to drive. The temp. this a.m. was low 70's. As we drove, the Colorado River crisscrossed our path and we saw river rafters and kayaks floating down stream. There was a beautiful bike path that ran alongside the river. What a beautiful sunny day(it reached the mid 80's) to enjoy all those outdoor activities. The mountains were breathtaking and every now and then we drove into a tunnel that traveled through the...

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Aug 7, 2004 - Denver, Colorado

We arrived in Denver after two days of driving through California, Utah, and Colorado. Our first stop was Vegas which seemed to be just around the corner compared to how far we still have to go. Utah is a gorgeous state and the desert and canyons are beautiful. It was nice to finally get to Denver so we could get out of the car for a while. We stayed at Ben's sister's house and spent some time hanging out with her and her family. Next stop Virginia!

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