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Jul 17, 2006 - 7-17-06

Just a quick note to let you know we made it to Denver. We were warmly greeted by Dwight and Patty Kline who have offered to house us for a few days. A surprise phone call made for a terrific day when Matt Nystrom called to ask where we were. He and Ben (from Threefold) had played at a church in Sacramento and were heading to Nashville to make their new CD. They were about 100 miles east of Rawlins and heading our way. We managed to meet up in Cheyenne to have lunch and encourage each other in our quests. It was definitely God's way of...

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Jul 16, 2006 - Wedding of Ryan and Brandy Desbien

So sorry, but no photos of the family gathering and wedding!!!! Believe it or not, I (Bob) forgot the camera when we went to the ceremony, and didn't get a single picture. So, words will have to do. Bob's brother Larry, and wife Janice, gave their son Ryan a great wedding experience (along with the bride's family, of course.) A beautiful setting, great wedding feast, and party. We also spent time with Bob's sister, Angela and husband Jeff, and 4 year-old daughter Desiree. Bob's dad and step-mother Bev travelled from Topeka, and dressed up...

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Jul 2, 2006 - Travel to Boulder

Left Breckenridge this morning and arrived at Chris & Gretchen's house (Kevin's brother and sister-in-law) mid-afternoon. The road is so steep coming out of the mountains that I had to drive the jeep down, and Kevin drove the motorhome. Without the weight of the jeep behind the RV, he was able to make it all the way down without the brakes overheating! Good job! Chris & Gretchen's house is well-suited to the RV. They have a long, double-car, gravel driveway. The motorhome fit into one side of it perfectly. We were able to connect water and...

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Jun 25, 2006 - Moab, Utah to Golden, Co.

Good morning everyone, it is a little after 5:00 am on Sunday morning. We completed our final day of work here at the Portal RV Park in Moab, Utah and are ready to move on. I woke up about 3:30 am rolled around for awhile and got up about 4:30 am to begin my day. I guess I'm a little excited about hitting the road again, three months in one place is a little long for me. Even Yvette is ready to move on. We will be driving to Golden, Co. today and will be staying at the Dakota Ridge RV Resort. We will be there for four nights and then will...

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May 12, 2006 - A day in Denver

Just a quick note, for the record, on Dans Denver visit. It all started at a rediculously early hour on a Friday morning, for the flight from Vegas. Feeling tired and sorry for himself, the mandatory 2 hours through US airline security (becoming vey sick of this!) was well worth it, with some spectacular views of the Colorado Rockies on the approach to Denver. The city itself only has 3 million people, but has a tiny centre and plenty of very green suburbs. As for the interview, all went well, although there were plenty of surprised...

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May 7, 2006 - Finally back home again!

Sunday, May 7, 2006 We awoke early in nearly total darkness thanks to the alarm. Even the birds were not into their full pre-dawn chatter. Sunrise comes very late when one is this far west in a time-zone and it is Daylight Savings! The pack-up and trailer collapsing went without a hitch and we were picking up the motel birders and gassing up in Canyon about 8:30. The goal is to be home in time to attend a play at DU in which Marilyn's daughter, Vanessa is performing. Some trip stats and summaries: 1. Miles driven, both with the trailer,...

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May 5, 2006 - Mile High

We awoke to a low overcast day with light rain. That lasted just about all day. We mentioned that Kansas did not have much scenery, it really has none when the visibility is restricted. The low ceiling obstructed the view as we went into and through Denver. We spent the night at Dakota Ridge RV Park in Golden. Dakota is the name of our oldest grandaughter so we picked up a postcard and took a picture of the sign. This park is the most expensive park we have ever stayed at, and the concrete pad was not even level.

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Apr 7, 2006 - The Games We Play

When traveling to remote areas, or places without TV, games with the "entire" family are commonplace. The thumb war tradition goes back to, well, Garrett's birth. He came out with a thumb in the air, ready to take on his dad. Since that day thumb wars have escalated to thumb war championships, which have broken out in destinations around the world. At George's favorite location, Cooper Island Beach Club (BVI), the championship was on. Two thumbs dueled it out for the ultimate championship title. Garrett agreed to play, but with the...

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Apr 5, 2006 - We're going on "vacation"

We're leaving this evening (after Dave finishes officiating a track meet in Sierra Vista) and driving back to Denver for 10 days. We'll be back here in Arizona late Sunday, April 16 to resume our real vacation. Our trip home is a scheduled trip to handle some family business, medical appointments and help out with some track meets. This will also give all of you a "vacation" from our vacation. We won't send out any website updates unless something very exciting happens on the trip home or back or while we're at home. Best wishes to all of...

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Mar 25, 2006 - Non-Rev Travel

Before you being this journey with us, we have to let you in on a little insider information. The Hurni family is attempting to circumnavigate the planet by closely following the equator, or more importantly, following the sun to tropical destinations, equator be damned. The biggest hitch in doing this is traveling as non-revs. For those of you unfamiliar with airline lingo, this means "non paying passengers". As non-revs, there are a few cardinal rules we must follow. Rule #1. Have a backup plan, or, for the truly anal, a backup to the...

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Dec 9, 2005 - Denver - Peru bound

Well, we're flying out tomorrow morning at 6am. I don't usually see the dark of Morn unless we're going boarding. Never been much of a morning person. We hope you all have a fabulous Christmas. Enjoy the time with your families. Unfortunately we will be away from ours, who so graciously support our travel habits. (Moms and Dads) we'll send out an update as soon as we can to let you know we've made it there. We land in Lima around 6pm (there time). Which I just found out is the same time zone as NY. Huh...who knew....We'll try and update the...

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Nov 14, 2005 - Denver at last!

Wow, what a ride! We finally made it to Denver after about 12 hours. Plus we drove through a blizzard in the Rockies. All you Land Rover doubters beware, the Beast (a.k.a. El Torro) trudged her way through it all. Made it into Denver at about 1 A.M. Spent Sun. - Wed. there. Got to see Bernie and Kayce but that's about it for the O'Brien clan. We did bump into Jeff Sailor for a tour of downtown and Nat Tognetti (Aberle) for a qucik breakfast before we headed out. Her daughter Sophia is gorgeous, and evidently Nat has another one on the way!...

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