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Aug 9, 2018 - I Think our Biorhythms are Down!

I Think Our Biorhythms Are Down! Today is moving day. We have had a great week with Dean and Kelly! But, we don’t want to wear out our welcome, so we are moving to one of our Coast to Coast campgrounds, which is (somewhat) conveniently located in Monument. There was no rush since we were only going only a few miles away. So we had coffee with Cory, then said goodbye to her and Amos, and got started getting the trailer ready. Everything went smoothly right up until Don got under the trailer to open the fresh water tank to drain. Uh oh! I...

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Aug 8, 2018 - Breakfast with the Nephews

We had breakfast with Chris and Eric this morning; they are Dean’s brothers. It was fun to see them, and we got our Gunther Toody’s chicken fried chicken fix, our favorite breakfast there. Afterwards we drove down to Camping World and Wyndish RV to price a couple of parts for the trailer. They were inundated with people getting replacement parts after the hail storm. And every RV in both lots was severely damaged, with almost all the vent covers broken. I met one gentleman from Tennessee who swore he would never come back to Colorado....

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Aug 7, 2018 - Bad Weather Day

We watched the storm clouds as they formed over the mountains today. We were really hoping we would not have the winds we had been having, and really hoping for no hail, as that is not a good thing when you live in a trailer. We got lucky, having only some wind and a little rain. But the southern end of Colorado Springs was just hammered with baseball sized hail. It hit our zoo, causing injuries to some of the animals and the loss of several more. And every car in the parking lot (400 or so) was totaled, with huge dents and all the glass...

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Aug 4, 2018 - Reunion Day

Today is the day of the reunion. We were not sure they were going to have it since so few had made reservations, but assumed it was a go. We left early to have breakfast with son Steve at Gunther Toodys, where we got our chicken fried chicken breakfast fix. Had a good visit with Steve, then we drove over to get fuel, then to a fire station to visit with nephew Chris. Had a good visit with him and finalized plans to park at his place in a few weeks. I wanted to go to JoAnns Fabrics, so that was our next stop. Don waited in the car while I...

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Aug 3, 2018 - Errands

Today was a day for errands, starting with the bank in Calhan. I have found that banks are not willing to hand out check registers unless you are a member of the bank. This is a problem for me as we use the debit card for almost everything and I need to keep track. So we go through more than the allotted one we receive with new checks. I asked for half a dozen with the stipulation that it goes into 2019. First they said they did not have them, then they found them, so I have my supply! Next we went visiting. We ran into one person we did...

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Aug 2, 2018 - Back Where it all Started

We left Rapid City a little later than our usual time yesterday. We got totally out of sync with our usual routine. I blamed Don because he did not turn on the hot water heater, so was really late washing the dishes. Which meant of course that I was late getting the inside organized and he was late with the outside. But at last we got out of there and on the road. We decided to take highway 71 as it was a straight shot into Colorado and we would not have to suffer going down I25, which is really crowded anymore. We also avoided going...

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Jun 30, 2017 - Paint Mines Interpretive Park

What a difference 35 or 40 miles makes in geography, geology and color! Today we drove approximately that far east from the Air Force Academy onto the plains of Southeastern Colorado to a place called Paint Mines Interpretive Park. This site is near Calhan, Colorado. The name Calhan was originally supposed to be Calahan, (named after some guy that had the contracts to lay railroad tracks from Colorado/Kansas border to Colorado Springs. But, the post office made an error in November 1888 and dropped the letter "a" and tada (drum roll,...

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Sep 4, 2005 - Denver

Home at last... _________________________________________________________________________________ The Plan: After a day spent in Minneapolis decompressing, telling stories, and giving the dogs big hugs...load up the Blazer and head home. The Reality: Stay tuned... _________________________________________________________________________________ Contact & Flight Info: None. _________________________________________________________________________________

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