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Aug 30, 2017 - Blanca, Colorado

We are working our way toward eastern Colorado. But as we were planning that portion of the trip, we found a national park that we had not heard of before: Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve, so naturally we had to stop there on our way. Humans have been in this area for about 11,000 years. They were Stone Age people hunting mammoths and prehistoric bison with large stone spears and dart points now identified as Clovis and Folsom points. Modern American Indians (Utes, Jicarilla Apache, and Navajo) considered the area sacred and a...

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Aug 30, 2011 - camped over Blanca, CO

August 30, 2011 camped over Blanca, CO Went to Great Sand Dunes National Park and saw the sand dunes, we then drove a little bit on a road to Medona Creek, however you could only go so far the road was washed out in a lot of spots from flash flood, it was a rough rough road. We drove into the town of Alamosa, CO, went to Wal Mart still looking for Buddy some flip flops, I guess guys don’t wear them up here or they have sold them all because there aren’t any, then headed back to the RV. Weather was really cool this morning in the low 50’s...

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Aug 29, 2011 - travel day

August 29, 2011 travel day Traveled 163 miles today up Hwy 24 to 25S to 160W ending up at Blanca RV Park, not a great RV park, however it is Passport America and only $10 a night, full hookup with wifi. Tonight dinner was grilled cheese sandwich. Weather was cool this morning low 60’s got up to low 80’s.

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Jul 10, 2010 - Great Sand Dunes

Day 30 Blanca RV Park, Blanca, CO We went back to Great Sand Dunes National Park as we had planned. We got there around 9:30 AM. We checked out the campgrounds there to see what we thought. They are nice and are like other National Park Campgrounds. We didn’t see that they had hook-ups, so we would have had to dry camp here. We went to the visitor Center next and watched a short film on the park. Then we spent some time reading the info that they had. There was a back porch and I stepped out for a great view of the dunes. This morning had...

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Jul 9, 2010 - Blanca

Day 29 Blanca RV Park, Blanca, Colorado Today we headed for Colorado around 10 AM. It was just a 2 hour trip. The area of New Mexico we traveled through was a wide flat valley with the bigger mountains mostly to our east. It was sandy for the most part with a lot of sagebrush. We even saw a small herd of antelope just a few miles before crossing into Colorado. We’ll as it usually seems to happen, after we crossed into Colorado, it still looked like New Mexico ;-) We drove through the small picturesque town of San Luis not far from the New...

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