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Nov 5, 2004 - San Diego

We are currently in San Diego (we arrived on Saturday, 10/30). We are finding it surprisingly challenging to get good/cheap web access here, so this will be a quick update, to be replaced later with a more detailed account. We stayed an extra day beyond our plan in Oxnard to do some boat and other projects, and then left on 10/30 for an overnight to San Diego. We had originally planned some other stops, but we needed to pick up our Baja crew, Bryan Huseboe (the best man in our wedding). We also were anxious to get to San Diego and then get...

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Nov 3, 2004 - T-Minus 26 days.......

Don't let it kill you baby, don't let it get to you Don't let 'em kill you baby, don't let 'em get to you I'll be your breathin' heart, I'll be your cryin' fool Don't let this go to far, don't let it get to you. The waiting is the hardest part. -Tom Petty: "the Waiting" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- November 13th....The Job ends. November 30th....The trip begins. I'm going to borrow a line from my friend John Ellis: LIVE with A Purpose. And Enthusiastically work toward that...

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Oct 22, 2004 - San Diego

Lensimme mantereen halki San Diegoon Neuroscience konferenssiin, johon osallistui 30 000 ihmistä ympäri maailman! San Diego on miellyttävä iso kaupunki, turvallinen ja aurinkoinen! Täällä saa nauttia auringonpaisteesta vuoden ympäri! Ravintolat ovat todella hyviä, hemmottelimme itseamme syömällä joka ilta ulkona. Iltamenotkin vaikuttivat grooveilta, jokaisen makuun jotakin. Pieni eläintieteilijä minussa tietenkin nautti suunnattomasti San Diegon eläintarhasta, joka onkin rankattu yhdeksi maailman parhaista! En ole aiemmin nähnytkään...

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Oct 8, 2004 - day 8 arrive san diego ca

we arrived in san diego today, some 2750 miles - stayed at jasons until sunday to move in our new home... we unpacked the u-haul van with the help of luigi/marty & jason - then thr fun begun for barbara to unpack stuff... OUR DAY 8 TO SAN DIEGO PHOTOS OUR MOVE IN PHOTOS OUR NEW HOME PHOTOS

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Sep 18, 2004 - San Diego Zoo

We left Palm Springs and made it to San Diego zoo in time for opening. We started the day by going on a guided bus tour around the zoo before heading off on foot to explore the rest of the park. The real highlight of the day was the polar bear enclosure where we watched them swimming underwater for about an hour. We must of hit mating season which the male polar bear seemed all in favour of, the female however did not seem so bothered. Other highlights of the day were the hippos, the monkeys and the giant turtles (mating). We left the zoo...

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Sep 14, 2004 - Sandy Ego

As we hit San Diego La became very excited to be back in her town of margeritas and lobster burritos. We headed straight to Pacific beach and checked into the banna bungalow and found ourselves innundated by 18 YO british backpackers. Being 3 in the afternoon on Saturday the beach and boardwalk was swarming with drunken frat boys strutting for the girls who live for their attention. After a glorious 2 hours of riding waves we headed back to the hostel to partake in our share of "jungle juice" and keg beer - all you can drink for $5. A...

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Sep 14, 2004 - Road Trip! Vegas --> San Diego

Today we checked out of The Luxor (after a fat buffet breakfast!) and headed south into the desert! To get to San Diego you have to take the I-15 all the way from Vegas. It's a long hot and straight road that goes on for about 350 miles. It crosses through Mojave Preserve and falls just south of Death Valley, so it's not a road to mess about with! The temperature was at least 100F (36C) all the way with clear blue skys! We left Vegas with a full tank of petrol and 2 gallons of chilled water - so we were up for it! The I-15 is very straight...

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Aug 20, 2004 - uitgeslapen

H'e Guys! I heb het gehaald, all the way to San Diego !!! Eergister begonnen met bussen richting het noorden, van Todos Santos (waar ik een heerlijk dagje aan the pacific heb gelegen, kijkend naar surfdudes en pelikanen) naar Loreto (net of jullie weten waar het ligt) Anyway, i had zo gedacht dat ik lekker een nachtje in Loreto kon blijven en misschien nog wel kon gaan snorkelen. maar ik had donderdagavond afgesproken met Linda. Eenmaal op het busstation bleek het 19 uur naar Tijuana te zijn, 19 uur! Van die 19 uur heb ik 5 uur geslapen,...

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Aug 4, 2004 - San Diego, California

Well, we are almost there! Most of our posessions have been sold and packed up. It is truly sad leaving all the great friends we have in San Diego behind but I hope that many of them will come meet up with us along the way. Our plan is to leave tomorrow morning and head towards Denver. Stay tuned for more updates...

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Jul 18, 2004 - San Diego - Dag 2 - Beach, Zoo en SeaWorld (revisited)

Na een goede nacht in een andere kamer met 2 twee-persoonsbedden, gaan we voor een ontbijtje naar een stukje strand van San Diego dat Sunshine Cliff Beach heet. Surfers schijnen daar verwaarlijke capriolen uit te halen tussen de palen van de pier. Op weg er naar toe komen we langs grote grasvelden, waar overal voetbal (soccer) wordt gespeeld. Het gebeurt dus wel, hoewel het er voor amerikaanse begrippen wel amateuristisch uitziet. Bij het strand aangekomen blijkt het geen ideaal surfweer te zijn. Er zijn niet veel golven. Maar we kunnen...

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Jul 17, 2004 - California - San Diego - SeaWorld

We beginnen met een ontbijt in het hotel. Buffetje voor drie en een French Toast plus een portie aardbeien voor Merel. We pakken onze koffers weer in, zodat het hotel personeel ons gedurende de dag kan verhuizen naar een kamer met twee 2-persoonsbedden. De hotelshuttle brengt ons naar SeaWorld. De creditkaart koopt ons toegang tot dit park en Universal Studios voor overmorgen in LA. Effe $356 aftikken. Oeps. OK we mogen 14 dagen zo vaak terugkomen als we willen. De 'achter de schermen' toer die ons ook wel leuk lijkt kost nog even extra....

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Jun 14, 2004 - Bon Voyage Party

Our Bon Voyage Party is set to happen on June 19 at 7 pm. It is a chance to tell our friends about the incredible trip we are about to take. We will have food and drink from all the countries we are about to visit. We hope everyone can make it! June 21--Yes everyone made it and a great time was had by all. Thank-you everyone for coming and sending us off with such enthusiasm and good cheer. Stay tuned in and write us often!

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