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Nov 18, 2010 - TTN Soledad Canyon, Acton California

We knew we had a long drive, much longer than usual, ahead of us for this move. Rebecca drove most of the distance, of the 304 miles she piloted about 200 of them. According to our Garmin the first 50 miles were VERY slow, averaging 30.3 miles per hour. That was because we took hwy 25 straight south out of Hollister to hwy 198 to Coalinga. Boy, are those roads narrow, winding and fun to drive! We'd do it again. Here again we'd do almost any road rather than drive too much on interstates. Once in the preserve at Soledad Canyon we quickly...

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May 23, 2010 - Preparation Mode

We're getting things together to start our summer journey. We'll be going from So Cal to Colorado Springs for hip and knee replacement surgery for our pup Rufus. Poor lil fella. After recuperation, we're moving on to San Antonio, TX where David will attend the world-wide convention of Alcoholics Anonymous. I'll stay at the RV and nurse the patient. After TX, who knows?! More to come...

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May 17, 2009 - Ventura & Malibu

Beaten by the heat we decided to seek some respite by hopping into the truck (pick up, van, car etc..) and take a trip down to the coast where the temps were forecast to be around a very comfy 24 degrees. We set off at 11 and our temp at the campsite in the hills behind LA was 34 degrees and set to peek at 36! The plan was to pick up I5 headed north out of LA and then pick up the Ventura Highway down to the coast some 60 miles distant. We would then follow the Pacific Coastal Highway up through Malibu, onto Santa Monica and back to LA to...

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Jun 29, 2008 - Through the blistering desert

We drove through Palmdale then made a few picture-taking stops in the Mohave desert. A Joshua Tree which only grows above 3,000 feet, had to be viewed up close-up and personal. Coming upon a cantina in the high desert we had to experience this, too.

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Apr 13, 2008 - Palmdale, CA

We've started north. Finally spring has come and we are ready!! WE are initially heading towards San Francisco with a stopover in Palmdale. We were going to spend 2 nights here, but I really don't like desert. So, we will spend one night and head out again.

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Mar 5, 2008 - MOVING NORTH #2

The day started at 7:30. WE packed up the inside of the RV,brought in the four slide outs, disconnected the sewer & water line, shut off the electricity and put the shore cord in the truck. Lina got all the blocks ready as I backed up the truck to connect up the fifth wheel--pin engaged--brake & light plug engaged --front pads retracted-- safety disconnect secured -- back pads up-- ON the road again. We travelled the 215 north to the 138 west. Elevation 4000 feet --high desert area. Signs of spring were visible -the Joshua Trees were...

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Feb 25, 2008 - Palmdale, CA

Since it's getting warmer here in southern CA, we are able to expand our distances a bit. Kev and I are really getting "hitch-itch" now. Once again our plans have changed. We were going to go up the west coast this year, but have decided, at least for now, to head northeast. We really love New England. I think I'll try to find another 10 1/2 lb. lobster for $77. Wish me luck. We've stopped here in Palmdale, our old stomping grounds in the 1990's, on our way to Las Vegas. We don't like to drive 300 miles in a day anymore. What's the hurry...

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Dec 1, 2007 - First, an explanation on why we stay where we stay

Ken and I belong to three different 'membership' camping organizations; Coast to Coast, RPI and Thousand Trails. We pay a yearly fee and can camp at any of the member parks for little or no nightly fee. All three of these organizations require you to be 'out of the system' for seven days between stays. Planning our itinerary becomes a little bit like doing a puzzle. We decide which direction to travel, pull out the maps and start looking for membership campgrounds along the route. We try to pick the campgrounds we stay at working around the...

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Jul 27, 2006 - Soledad Canyon Thousand Trails resort

We left Sheryl's and went south young man, maybe a little older, to a campground a little south of Palmdale Calif. Planning on staying a couple of weeks and then on to Silent Valley. The first two photos are of Sheryl and Bo's home in Madera. They were taken before a new roof was installed. It is a lovely, classy home. Now there are two homes in the family I really like. Mom's in Okmulgee Oklahoma and Sheryls in Madera California. The third photo is of the home our son, Gary and his wife Lorie are moving into in Palmdale California. They...

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Jul 11, 2006 - Built for Distance, not for comfort

An early morning in the Northern Californian Mountains. We were up at 7:30, on the road by 9:15 for our highest mileage day of the trip. 517 miles straight down the I-5. Now when I say straight, I mean straight. If you think Highway 2 between Calgary and Edmonton is straight, imaging that for 850km. One curve in Sacramento and that was it. The Big Blue Dog (truck) proved his worth again hauling ass up the 4000ft elevation just before Castaic. I couldn't have imaged this trip with the ½ ton, if it wasn't throwing pistons through the hood, I...

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Feb 16, 2006 - JFK

JFK Airport 2.15.06 Travel or shall I say air travel more specifically. Small fit into bag sized dogs. I hate them. I hate in and out of the airport; over sized rats; almost but not as bad as cats - because well they do have some personality, like it or not. Airport expenses or more clearly stated the price hike of EVERYTHING. A bottle of water for something like three dollars for less than a liter; like the movie theater but worse because the security getting in and out is such a pain in the ass. And God forbid you are in an airport that...

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Trip Journal

Newman's Journey

Nov 6, 2005 - Life Goes On, and We Go With It

The past few weeks have been busy and eventful, if not terribly scenic. We left Angels Camp and Mary Field and drove to Oakhurst to visit our friends John and Anne Corrigan. They have just completed renovating a home they purchased; we had seen it just after they bought it, and were amazed at the differences. There are still some finishing touches, mostly outside the house itself, but the place is a showpiece. We parked our rig near the front of the house (John is in the process of adding an RV site with hookups, but it wasn't finished yet)...

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