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May 20, 2015 - Lake of the Springs TT

This is a very unusual campground. It is right in the middle of the hills. When you come in at the entrance you climb about 500 feet and there is one camping area there. Then you come down about 250 feet and there is another camping area. Down another 250 feet then there is 4 different camping areas. As you can see by the pictures many of the campsites are cut in right by some big rocks. I will be spending a week here. This is my 4th week straight without TV reception. This is my second week of the 4 that I have not had cell service at my rv.

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Nov 12, 2012 - from seattle to portland

Monday at the morning, we ate our breakfast at the two restaurants in the hotel. after it, we visited the washington park (japan garden). after it, we walked in portland because this city is recognized for the population who lived here and the environment of portland. we walked to a little restaurant named Wildwood who served a typical west coast menu. after lunch, we went to pionneer place for shopping. after shopping, we went by bus to the portland aerial tram to visit the city. for diner, we went to the restaurant genoa, an italian...

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Trip Journal

from B.C. to L.A.

Oct 25, 2011 - Lake of the Springs

From Oroville we moved to Lake of the Springs. This is a nice preserve in the Sierra Foothills on a lake fed by underground springs (hence the name). The deer and jack rabbits are very tame, and abundant. A very relaxing place.

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Apr 4, 2011 - 2nd day @ Oregon House California

Let me begin w/ this comment for all of my Oregon friends: Blue Sky / No Rain / Nary a cloud to be seen / 70 degrees @ 4 pm. Did we mention, no rain and lots of sun!!!! On top of that, we are in the high desert which we love. The deer are abundant and w/ out fear. Mid day we had a herd in our site; completely ignoring us and our movements about our camp site. Jack rabbits everywhere. We enjoyed the sun and hiked for about 2 -2 1/2 miles in the afternoon. BBQ'd pork chops and a couple of beers and we were good to go. Overall, just a...

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Apr 3, 2011 - A lay over in Oregon House California

Hi everyone, No Cal map at bottom of page. Apologies for the late entries. We had very poor WiFi reception in the Oregon House Thousand Trails Preserve and we had to wait to make these entries. A little site house keeping. If you go to the bottom of the site page there are three maps listed. Northern California - Oregon - Southern California. You can see where we have driven to each day by looking at the appropriate map. Day one we were in Oregon; day two and three in No Cal and beginning in day four we will be in So Cal for awhile. You...

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Jun 20, 2009 - Lake of the Springs

The journey down from Lake Tahoe had us first climbing the mountains to the west before ascending for a full 40 miles. Fortunately the truck has a ‘Haul Mode’ which programs the gearbox and engine to take the strain on the downhill sections to save the brakes overheating Our current campsite in the foot hills is on a remote lake and is perfect for a couple of days unwinding. Took a canoe on the lake, what a laugh that was!

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Jul 29, 2008 - We're Finally Running Away for Real! Lake of the Springs Soroptimist RV Club Campout

Saturday, July 26 – We’re Finally Running Away from Home Last Wednesday morning was hysterical. Here we were, Jim and I, almost stark naked at 2am in the morning, making the bed in the RV. We’d spent all of Tuesday (and Monday, for that matter) getting the RV ready – Jim with all the widgets and gadgets, me with food and clothing – and by Tuesday night we were both exhausted. We showered and got ready for bed, but found that neither one of us could sleep. So at 10:30pm we turned on the lights and read, figuring we’d get sleepy. Then off...

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