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Oct 25, 2014 - Day 50

Hi there guys, Well another great day as we left our overnight base in Oregon and travelled to the Lava Beds National Monument for a quick look at the park before crossing the border into California to begin our journey back to Anaheim in preparation for our departure on Thursday. With not a whole lot to see along the way, Gaz and myself took turns in driving straight through to our overnight base of Oakland in order for us to check into our motel before heading into San Francisco via the new Bay Bridge in time to take in game 4 of the...

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Jul 28, 2013 - Departure

Holy Toledo! People have repeatedly told me how brave we must be to move to Cambodia. It really didn't register with me. However, after the last four weeks I get it! Still not overly distraught or worried about moving across the world, quitting jobs, leaving friends and family, returning to the classroom, throwing ourselves into a new and a different culture,  snakes, heat, tropical diseases or even landlines. What takes bravery, stamina, strength, conviction, and enormous focus is getting out of town! During the  last few months we have...

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Jul 13, 2013 - Visiting the Riveras

We had the BEST day yet this year with our special Auntie Mich, Uncle Jonas, Elsa, Ava and William. The day began with playing in their backyard, climbing trees and rolling on the grass. Then we headed to Pixar for the annual Motorama where we were greeted by the Monsters University gate. Car favorites were VW camper vans old and new, the Disneyland Autotopia race car, and the specially finished Smart Car, just for visitors to draw on. We ate delicious hot dogs, soft serve ice cream and kettle corn too. Plus, we got a special tour of Uncle...

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Jun 7, 2013 - Getting ready

We have a departure date - July 27, Adrienne's birthday. She's not too happy but it did buy all of us a bit more time for all that's important than the midweek departure would have. Important being relative; for the kids it's more time with their friends, for me it's more time with friends AND more time to get through the endless to-do list. I would like to answer one of the most common questions being asked of me "Are you ready to go yet?" A well meaning question I know, but to me the answer is obvious. Getting out of town ain't easy -...

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Sep 10, 2012 - Day 24; Monday Night Football kickoff with the Oakland Raiders

No journal entry yet, from the guys... They are very tired, but having lots of fun! The guy's entry: Day 24. Monday 9/10. We get up around 8:30. We are on a gravel lot separated by white lines from other spaces. (Image #377A) But it was quiet and safe! We talk to the camp host and find out we have to move by noon to the site next to us because the one we were on was reserved for the 10th. We do minimal tear down-just enough to hook up and move. We are slow to pack up and leave about 1PM for the 7:15PM Monday Night football game. We have...

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Jul 27, 2012 - Camping at Vallejo

Well I finally got internet access. We are having a great time. Today we are taking a breather. The first campground,(the one we booked that was 6.5 miles from Oakland) took almost 30 minutes to get there pulling the trailer. Many switchbacks on a narrow road. There were no hookups, however; the campground was beautiful with huge trees and the smell of pine. We decided to move because of the road going back and forth. We are now in a Good Sam park just north of San Francisco. Wednesday we went to visit with Ann Marie and went for supper at...

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Jun 10, 2012 - Dan's Entry: Our big adventure begins

Today we started our epic family odyssey. Cole, Sam and I left at 7:30am from Oakland. Jill and Cosmo left later from Sacramento. After only two stopovers we arrived in Norfolk. Local time was around 6:00pm and we quickly got our luggage and the rental vehicle. Thanks to the efforts of cousin Mike we got taken care of! It is a brand new Chrysler Town and Country. All the extras, including an DVD player, bluetooth and Sirius/XM radio! Cousin Rhonda, cousin Becky, second cousin Trey and Becky's boyfriend met us for dinner and we all tried...

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Jun 10, 2012 - Jill's Entry: Actual Trip Day One

A loving goodbye to Danyal, Nora and Flash and we are off! Wow, air travel in America circa 2112: No food, no movie, no legroom. But hey, here we are in a great resort. Today so far: laundry, dish washing...wait a minute, this sounds familiar! After general housekeeping. much-deserved sleep in and serious planning, we are off to Jamestown! Can't wait.

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Jun 10, 2012 - Cole's entry: Yawn

*Yawn* I'm really tired, because of the jet lag. Eastern Time is 3 hours ahead of Pacific, so I fell asleep at 10 p.m. our time, though here it would be 1 a.m! On the plane, it was fun, although most of my battery-charged devices went dead, as did Sam's. We landed, took off again, landed, took off... So we started in Oaktown (Shoutout to the RDS class of 2013!) and flew to Lost Wages (for those who don't know what that nickname stands for, it's Las Vegas) where we landed, and let other people leave and others board. Then we took off again,...

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Jun 10, 2012 - Cosmo Entry: Flying out

yesterday our airplane took off from Sacramento, CA to Dallas, TX, a 2 hour and 30 minute flight. Landing in Dallas with a one-hour layover, had enough time to grab a late lunch. After the layover, we got on to another airplane and finally got wi-fi for the ride to Norfolk, VA. We hit the ground at 10:30pm VA time, and got picked up at 11:00pm by Uncle Dan, Cole, and Sam in a nice rented minivan. From there we drove to the condo in Williamsburgh and unloaded our belongings (very quietly). It was 1:00am before we found our beds and fell asleep.

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Jun 10, 2012 - Sam's Entry: Camo Man

So the first day. Hmm. Well I've been on a plane only 3 times in my life, including today, so that was exciting! The take off from Oakland was fun. I looked at the window and was so excited. Whoa, we were going super fast. First, the front wheels were off the ground then the back. But, you probably knew that. When we got to Norfolk, I saw a lot of camo. Navy camo and army camo. I must have seen ten people wearing camo, and than I saw my pants. For my shirt, I wore a San Francisco Giants shirt, but I was wearing camo pants. "Cole," I asked,...

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Jun 4, 2012 - California Here We Come......Again

It was 90 degrees yesterday in Nebraska when our air conditioning finally pooped out. We had bought a bottle of recharge but had not used it yet. Yes, now seemed like a good time. On Saturday morning we picked up a load of Fedex packages in Newark, NJ. I'm still am amazing at watching airplanes take off. "Jim, Jim look at that! Isn't it amazing!". He, however, grew on a Air Force bases and reminds me he saw plans taking off/arriving all the time; and is not nearly as impressed as I am I go into hysterics. We were bound for Oakland,...

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