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Apr 14, 2008 - Morgan Hill, CA

Morgan Hill is about 60 miles south of San Francisco. It is beautiful here - rolling green hills. Our daughter Amber came to visit us for a few days. It was wonderful having her with us. She is such a loving, compassionate lady. It does get a bit crowded with Kev, me, Amber and our 2 granddaughters in 300 square feet. I think that's why she only stayed a few days - LOL. She is going into the Navy in June to become an Air Traffic Controller. At least someone wants to follow in Dad's footsteps. We visited San Francisco twice. It is really a...

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Feb 27, 2008 - Morgan Hill, CA

Last Tuesday, we drove from Paso Robles, CA to Morgan Hill, CA. This stretch of route 101 was beautiful with all of the surrounding hills so green from the winter rains. It was a funny feeling arriving back at the Coyote Valley RV Resort; less than a year ago, this was our very first stop ever, and we arrived at that time with no clue about how to function in our motorhome. This time, having been in 75-80 rv parks over 200+ nights, we arrived with complete confidence. Just as it was last spring, this is such a nice, comfortable, convenient...

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Feb 15, 2008 - California Coast To Morgan Hill

Day 66 - We left Rancho Oso & made our way across to the coast. It was an interesting & scenic drive up to Pebble Beach. We didn't go into Pebble Beach as there was a $9 charge to drive the scenic coast road & we had already driven a good distance today & it was late in the afternoon so we turned inland towards San jose & Morgan Hill. Day 67 & 68 - Went into San Francisco for the weekend, see San Francisco link Day 69 Monday - Found a problem with a leak in the power steering fluid yesterday so decided to run into town to get it checked...

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Feb 13, 2008 - Pacheo Pass/Morgan Hill

We left Jackson on February 12th and headed south with a final destination of Morgan Hill. Mel had an appointment to take the Sweet Chariot to Don's RV in Ceres for some small repair work. Nothing major, we are still working out some kinks as is expected on all new RV's. Our switch on the fireplace needed adjusted. We also had a problem with the seal on our toilet. Our rig is still under warranty and we want the dealer to handle any problems. We also altered one of the cabinets in the living room and Mel ordered some doors from the...

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Jan 19, 2008 - Morgan Hill TT Preserve, Morgan Hill, CA

Nice to be down where the sun shines most of the days. We are here at Morgan Hill through tomorrow Sunday then it is down to Rancho Oso near Santa Barbara / Solvang in the Santa Inez valley. The trip down through the bay area was really nice. Had a great day driving across the bay as it was bright, clear and beautiful. Also it was great because I took the right bridge this time. Seemed like lots of traffic, but I guess that is only because I am not use to it anymore. Just got in with all of the trucks and busses and tooled along. We arrived...

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Nov 9, 2007 - Working out the kinks - Coyote Valley RV Resort

This time we got all of the hookups worked out including electrical, water, sewer and even cable TV. The place was great, they had a warm pool, water was 88 degrees and the girls loved that. We played some soccer, horseshoes and frisbee. One of the managers there named Mike was quite helpful, nice guy. His Mother is from the Pfeiffer family which is well known in the Almaden area. Stayed in space 60, good access to the pool and facilities.

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Aug 28, 2007 - Morgan Hill, CA

We enjoyed a 5-day weekend (Thursday-Monday nights) in the Bay Area. We stayed at the Coyote Valley RV Resort in Morgan Hill ... the same place that we spent two weeks in May/June figuring out how to use all of our motorhome's buttons, gadgets, etc. This time, having stayed in 20-some different places for a total of 60-some nights, we are very comfortable doing many of the things that we had no clue about when we arrived here on May 25. On Thursday, we stopped at the Napa offices of Bedford Investments for a quick visit and lunch (great,...

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Aug 10, 2007 - Morgan Hill, CA

We are in Morgan Hill for the night. We came here to install a screen room at Camping World, but ended up returning it. I guess our Carbon Monoxide output is on the side with the door and screen, so we decided against it. We are in a nice new park with a beautiful mountain view. Looking forward to a good night sleep. Joe worked all night last night and I was up early with Buddy-lou.

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Jun 26, 2007 - Morgan Hill, CA

We spent Saturday at Rio Viento (Spanish for windy river ... it's a windsurfing mecca) RV Park on the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta. We had a great time visiting with Joanie and her family/friends. But one night of that crazy wind was enough, so we moved on to Morgan Hill on Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday, we played 18 holes of golf each day at the Coyote Valley Golf Resort next to the rv park that has become our home-away-from-home.

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Jun 13, 2007 - Last days in Morgan Hill

Ginny is counting the days to retirement (6.5). Greg, fondly known as "Happy Harry the Homemaker," is cleaning the garage, selling the house and readying the RV for the trip. The house closes 6/27, we have one last outing at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Sinaloa and then we hit the road 6/29. We'll meet up with our friends Charlie & Maureen Jackson in Reno, NV and we'll caravan to Colorado Springs, CO for their daughter, Marie's wedding. From there we'll be heading eastbound via northern routes to New England, south to FL, and then west...

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May 25, 2007 - Our First Taste of RVing

This morning, just before noon on Friday of Memorial Day weekend, we arrived at Coyote Valley RV Resort in Morgan Hill, CA. At the registration desk, I told them my name and that I had a reservation for the next 14 days. Then, I explained that today was going to be our first day ever staying in this or any RV; I asked for any and all assistance that they could offer. The employees have been great: they held our hands through the setup/hookup steps, assisted with our communication with the manufacturer's service technician as we worked out...

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