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Mar 17, 2014 - Los Angeles

We thought we would enjoy the Los Angeles experience as we like the USA anyway. As it happens it turned out to be so good I cannot do it justice in a small blog. Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Down Town Los Angeles just amazing. Can understand why wealthy people want to live in this region, fantastic climate beautiful beaches and houses to die for. We survived a 4.4 earthquake in the motel, the room shook a lot which was a bit scary.

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Mar 12, 2014 - Alessandra Ambrosio wears a VERY tight curve-hugging dress... that Kim Kardashian modeled three months ago

Alessandra Ambrosio appeared stunning as she talked up the new Victoria's Secret swimwear assortment to Extra TV's Mario Lopez on Tuesday. But this is not the very first time the 32-year old model's curve-hugging two piece ensemble continues to be in the limelight. Scroll down for movie... Trendy in cream: Alessandra Ambrosio wore a slinky two-piece ensemble while marketing the new Victoria's Key springtime swimwear selection in LA Deja vu: Both attractiveness's matched the hot outfit with stroppy pumps, but Kim decided to not wear a belt...

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Mar 6, 2014 - LA - The Getty Centre

Well we decided to skip the "Tour the Star's Homes", the Rodeo Drive Shopping, and the walk of fame in Hollywood. Instead we headed to the Getty Centre. The Getty centre is an amazing place. The Centre sits atop a hill connected to the entrance at the bottom of the hill by a three-car, cable-pulled hovertrain funicular. The Museum features pre-20th-century European paintings, drawings, illuminated manuscripts, sculpture, and decorative arts; and 19th- and 20th-century American, Asian, and European photographs.In addition, the Museum’s...

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Mar 5, 2014 - Brisbane to LA

Departure day has finally arrived. Taxi to the airport this morning. Boarded on time to get the good news/bad news from the Flight Captain. There are good tail winds that would get us in early to Los Angeles, but US Immigration wouldn’t let us disembark early. So we sat on the tarmac for half an hour before take off, with the plan to lose some more time on the flight. Those flight computers must work as we arrived in LA right on time. Good flight in over the city with the hollywood sign clear on the hills. Took a little while to get through...

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Feb 24, 2014 - Stop over in L.A.

Our flight to L.A. was non-eventful. We had a 6 hour layover at LAX. However, leaving LA was different. We boarded the plane on time but didn't take off until an hour later. We were told the cargo had to be rearrange the because it was TOO heavy on one side.

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Feb 13, 2014 - The Weather

Due to the weather, I had to move my flight to LA up a day. My flight was bumpy but I lived. The girl that sat next to me actually lives in Marlton and stayed at the same place in Aruba as I did. I landed at 920 LA time, 1220 home time and got to the hotel that was only 2 miles away over an hour later. I checked into my room took, a shower and at 230 am went next door to Subway and got a hoagie and cookies! I left a cookie for housekeeping. Today I woke up, talked to ATT for an hour trying to fix my phone, and ate a breakfast fit for a...

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Feb 9, 2014 - LA Fieldtrip

Nathan, Christina, & Liala went to visit Christina's family over the weekend and left us with their second car. So yesterday we three took a field trip to Los Angeles. Our first stop was a guided tour through Warner Bros Studio. The tour included a ride through many of the streets that represented several towns from various shows; and then walks through the town center, a house, the car museum, clothing museum, prop warehouse, and Studio 25 where an audience can watch the taping of Warner Bros current TV show, "The Big Bang Theory." The...

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Feb 3, 2014 - "dear dairy"......

report from days 2 and 3: i got out of urban LA pretty quickly and into the more upscale suburban areas and then rural, as you can see from the photos. it’s also quite hilly as i move along the foothills of the san bernardino mountains, so the degree of difficulty of the 20-mile walks has gone up. the weather has been about 50-60 degrees and cloudy, with a few sprinkles. (the mountains got a nice dusting of snow which we took a picture of this morning.) i’m learning a few things – mainly, PAY ATTENTION to the route. this morning i was just...

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Feb 1, 2014 - Mexico: Day One

We were up early this morning, packed and ready to get on the ship. :-) We unloaded all of our luggage before parking the car in the parking lot for $12 per day. We checked in and went through customs around 10:00 A.M. We finally got on the ship around noon. We are very pleased with our mini suite. It has a large bath tub, a real luxury after only having a shower in the RV. The sitting room has a sofa and chair as well as a table for room service dining. The balcony is AWESOME! The room also features two brand new smart TV’s. You can watch...

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Feb 1, 2014 - one down, 249 to go......

so i just finished day 1 of my trek and it went pretty well. (if you ask my body, though, it’s saying “are we really going to do this again for the next 249 days in a row?”) and thanks to the several people who sent me well-wishes beforehand. the weather was sunny and 65 degrees, just what i was hoping for. i did 21.5 miles between venice beach and pico rivera, most of it along the, shall we say, “less attractive” sections of the greater los angeles area. my wife’s with me during this first week, and the joke is, she visited the getty while...

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Jan 31, 2014 - Los Angles

Worked for day then met Wil at the airport. Uneventful flight to LA but we had to wait quite awhile for the wheelchair so we are eating at the hotel. A pretty good group is playing but loud. I am tired. We have to get up early to catch our flight to Mexico City.

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Trip Journal

Mexico City

Jan 23, 2014 - intro - what am i doing and why?

thanks for reading my account – and photos i hope to post - of what i think will be a pretty cool adventure. in this first post, i’m going to talk about what i’m doing and why. (and i apologize in advance for my general lack of capitalization; it’s just the way i write. must have missed that day in school!) beginning february 1st, 2014, i’m walking a more-or-less “straight-line” route between los angeles (specifically venice beach) and new york city (specifically coney island). basically i’ve taken the latitude/longitude of each place,...

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