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Apr 22, 2015 - Once again in Galt

After leaving Brenda two days ago, we've driven 497 miles and will be here (Galt Mobile Estates) for just acouple days to rest up before driving (leaving the trailer here) to Eugene, OR. We'll see Dave's brother Gary and family while here. At times like these, we've found it to be a good idea to move doctors appt's and other obligations as we never can tell how long it'll take. So, only a few calls and the way was clear to take care of family business. Once again, a stop that has no associated pictures, sorry about that. We'll get back to...

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Nov 29, 2014 - Galt Mobile Estates, Galt, Calif

This day we drove 280 miles further south on I-5 to Hwy-99 and to the town of Galt just alittle south of Sacramento. Total miles for this trip to Galt from Eugene is 500 miles. True to our usual shcedule for driving we try to stay under 250 miles average. We'll be here for about 4 weeks, visiting with one of Dave's brothers and his family. We'll also use this as a staging spot for driving over the Sierra's to Reno for visiting our 3 son's families.

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Jul 30, 2012 - A Week with the Grandkids and our Final Week in Galt

Sunday we made a meal for the Schmiedt family at the coach as they were bringing Jenna and Trevor for their week with Grandma and Grandpa. We also got a week of clothes, life vests for boating, bikes, fishing poles and other crafty items. Monday we went to 6 Flags in Vallejo for a day of fun watching the animals and enjoying the rides. We got wet on the first ride, Monsoon Falls, which set our days since it was a cool windy day. We went to the Dolphin Show, elephants perform, the cat show, and Judies favorite, the giraffe encounter. Trevor...

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Jul 27, 2012 - 3 Groomsmen, 3 Cities and 1 State

The best part of this trip has been the people. In the next few weeks we will be visiting 3 of Charles' groomsmen. We will be celebrating 18 years of marriage in October and Charles has done a great job of staying connected with all of them. And they all still have the coffee cup we gave as a thank you gift. How fun is that!

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Jul 15, 2012 - Galt, A Visit with Family and Friends

We enjoy staying in the Hill’s driveway which allows us to visit with Kathy and Jerry and, gets us close to Kim and Galen . We celebrated the 4th at the Galt Fireworks display on Saturday night. On Sunday we went to Lake Comanche with Kim and Galen for a boat ride and a little lake fun. We got to swim in the lake and watch the kids ride on the tube behind the boat. We spent a quiet 4th with a dinner at the Schmiedt’s and then, on the 5th, headed out with the Hill’s for a long weekend on the Russian River. We booked 3 nights at the Casina...

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Jan 3, 2012 - Christmas and New Years in Galt

We moved from Redding to the Flag City RV Resort in Lodi to start our visit with Kim, Galen and the grandkids. Flag City RV have raised their rates and with the Good Sam discount it was $300 a week. Their regular rate is $54 per night, a lot more than we normally pay. We signed up for a week and planned on moving somewhere else. The first week we were able to have several meals with Kim and Galen, see the grandchildren’s Christmas program at school, and go to church with Kim and Galen. Kim and Galen gave us a night out in Monterey for our...

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Mar 29, 2011 - Our Stay in Galt and Being Grandparents

Friday was Grandparents day at the school where Trevor and Jenna attend. We were able to take them to school and spend the morning there with the other grandparents. After opening ceremonies we spent about 2 hours with Jenna doing a painting project. Ed got to help a few other boys whose grandparents were not there. We had a lot of fun in the pre-school class with Jenna and the other kids. We then moved on to Trevor’s class to spend the next session with him. Trevor did a hand print with paint for each of us. Have to say, Trevor had five...

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Feb 7, 2011 - Recovering our Trailer and Dogs in Galt and Planning our Travels

Sunday morning we had a relaxing morning at the Hampton Inn and ate breakfast before we left. The Hills called and said they would have lunch for us when we arrived at their house. We had a welcome reunion with Joy and Tobie when we arrived at the Hills. We watched the Superbowl and caught up on our week in Hawaii and their week in Galt. We had a little planning to do since Ed had to be in Bakersfield on Tuesday for a meeting and Judie needed to see the Surgeon in Redding on Tuesday. There was one last remaining stitch that appeared in...

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Jan 28, 2011 - Redding Visit Ends - Prepare for Hawaii

After 2 months in Redding we picked up stakes and headed south. We had a great time visiting friends and had a meal with most of them. Judie is recovering well from her foot surgery with her projected last visit on Tuesday 1/25. Tuesday morning we took the trailer to Cousin Gary’s for some final work and then on to Judie’s last doctor visit. We spent the day doing some final shopping in Redding. After picking up the trailer at 4:30 we decided to go to Rolling Hills Casino in Corning for the night. We parked in the truck area with about 20...

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Jul 4, 2010 - Leaving Sacramento

We left bright and early for our East Coast trip. We flew United Airlines ..... 7 am flight out of Sacramento and arrived in DC at 2:30 EST and switched planes to a pittsburg flight that was only 1 hour long. Jodie and Bill and Liam met us at the airport. Welcome to the start of our summer vacation!

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Jan 1, 2010 - And a Happy New Year to All!!

We're a bit 'sluggish' today. We had a nice dinner with Kathy and Jerry last night, watched the movie 'Julia and Julie' and headed home early (before midnight). We did manage to stay up and kiss at midnight, then to bed. There is a 'bug', maybe a flu, going around here. Galen is absolutely wiped out with it, and Kathy is not feeling great. We hope we are avoiding it, but, time will tell. Maybe our Decmber flu shot will help us. We have had a great time with the grandkids. There is a wildlife bird preserve here and Sandhill Cranes seem to...

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Dec 26, 2009 - What a nice Christmas!!

We have praised and glorified our God, received and given gifts, eaten until we could eat no more, visited until we (well, Judie) could visit no more, and now, we are pooped!! Christmas began with a Christmas Eve service we attended with Kim, Galen and the kids. We praised Him thro very joyous singing in the Community church in Galt. Then, to the Schmiedt's house for a prime rib dinner with Galen's Mom and Step-dad and their good friends. Ed and I were responsible for the squash dish, and it blended well with the salad and Prime Rib. We...

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