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Oct 9, 2014 - Salem to Crescent City

Day 13: We original were not going to stop in Crescent City but after seeing their was nothing in the other place close by we decide to go for it. Took a little bit to find a place and in the morning we found we may have been able to stay at some cleaner places we ended up stopping at the Shoreline RV Park. It was in a really good location but the place needed money spent on it really bad, out of three toilets (this is in the men's side) only one was usable the other two had the doors nailed and screwed shut and it was the same with the...

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Sep 19, 2014 - Oregon coast

Today it was travel north to the lower Oregon coast. We saw the middle to northern coast two years ago, but this part of the coast is just as dramatic and beautiful. The sea stacks are very distinctive -- one of the reasons I love this part of the coast. We traveled as far as the town of Gold Beach and back down, stopping at nearly every state park and overlook. Oregon has done an amazing job of not only preserving their beaches but establishing one park after another along the coast that are free for day use and reasonable for camping....

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Sep 18, 2014 - Magnificent redwoods

If I had a dime for every time either one of us said "WOW" today, we should have enough to fill up the 80 gallon gas tank at least once. We started the morning at the beach in the town of Crescent City. It was a beautiful morning with some fog still hugging the coast and blue sky with pretty little puffy clouds above. Battery Point lighthouse, built in 1856, sits on a point just off the town jetty. We drove around town for a bit trying to orient ourselves. Since it's a pretty small town, it didn't take long. Luckily we happened on to...

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Sep 17, 2014 - The Coast at last!

On the way out of Mt. Shasta this morning, the clouds above the mountain were really interesting. Some of the clouds looked like the flying saucer invasion had begun. If you look at a map, it looks as though the distance from Mt. Shasta to Crescent City is fairly short. However, it took us over 200 miles up into Oregon and back down to get here over some very winding and narrow roads. The first 120 miles or so were shrouded in smoke, at times so thick you couldn't see half a mile. Then we hit sprinkles and then rain for the last 40 miles or...

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Aug 11, 2014 - The Redwoods RV Resort, Crescent City, CA review

Very pretty area, nestled in the big trees. We stayed in space ??? , probably one of the worst spots for a big Moho. Site was not very long, so we had to go up on the grass, which made us un level. 30 amp power, which was fine because we don't need air conditioner, water pressure was good and easy hook up for sewer. Dish would not work because of the trees, but their cable was fine. Strange spot, because our patio side was up against a bush and our fire pit was on our drivers side. This park has a strange layout of spots, probably because...

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Aug 10, 2014 - Church in Crescent City

We went to the Corner Stone Church in Crescent City. Nice little church. The day we went, the Pastor was having a going away ceremony. He and his family were from So Cal and had been the Pastor for over three years, but now were off to another assignment. Praise and worship was good, very upbeat. Church was small and cozy. Meet a few people. NO, Max did not go, he stayed home and guarded the Moho.

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Aug 10, 2014 - Trees of Mystery

We spend the last half of the day at Trees of Mystery. This was our second time there. We both love this place, Gods beauty and strength is show everywhere. The weather was perfect for this, low 60's and a little foggy. We left Max in the car in his kennel, he did not like it. Well behaved dogs can go on the trail, so that left Max out. There is a nice dog area where Max got to walk around and do his do. We also got to see part of a wedding that was taking place at the Cathedral tree. Took the gondola ride and Norma got motion sick. All in...

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Aug 9, 2014 - Crescent City, CA

We drove the 199 from Grants Pass to Crescent City. Very beautiful drive, a little hard in the Moho. Our destination was The Redwood RV Resort in Crescent City. The entrance is very hard to see, we passed it, had to unhook the Jeep, make a u-turn and go back. Weather was sunny and 70, just how we like it. We got the Moho set up, not a good spot, but we managed. We ate, and spent the evening at a nice cozy relaxing fire.

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Jul 5, 2014 - low key day in best redwoods

We slept in today..made hot breakfast Got to our #1 redwood park at far north end ...jediah smith state park Home to the best grove and the best drive ....the old dirt road..Howland Hill Road ..one of the most amazing drives ever We saw the best grove we've seen ...stout grove and then drove down the infamous road. The ranger was nice enough to give hint of location of #5 biggest volume tree ever....the location of the giant Titan grove is kept secret since discovered in 1998..this requires more backcountry Headed back to crescent...

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Jun 13, 2014 - Crescent City, CA

We are staying at the Redwoods RV Resort. It's a beautiful park set in the Redwood Forest. The kids found other kids to play with and were kept busy. We are about 10 miles from the beach. The kids wanted to go and didn't realize just how cold it was. They still manage to have fun. They were writing their names in the sand. Each time it got bigger and bigger. Too bad we couldn't see it from the air. Tomorrow we are going to take a tram ride through the Redwoods.

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Jun 10, 2014 - Fortuna, CA.

We are staying the next 3 nights at the Riverwalk RV Park in Fortuna, California. It is a very nice park with trees and grass. They have a heated pool that the kids were in 30 minutes after we got here. The plan is to spend one day to drive through the Avenue of the Giants to see the gigantic redwoods, and another to get laundry done, some grocery shopping and someone to fix the big chip in our windshield. We have found the cooler weather. High in the lower 60's. We had to run the heat this morning. Stay tuned for redwood pictures. We get...

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Apr 1, 2014 - Crescent City, California

We drove up to Crescent City, CA and went to Battery Point Lighthouse. This lighthouse has been an active lighthouse for over 150 years with the residence for the innkeeper on site. Legend has it there is a resident ghost haunting the lighthouse and it has been a filming location for several tv shows and movies. I don't think I could ever tire of going inside these lighthouses. They have such a charm and feeling of history. We went through Redwood State Park next through Jedediah Forest. Another gorgeous site filled with a magical forest....

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