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Oct 5, 2012 - columbia, ca 49er ranch

visited train yard with still working round table. been seen in many tv shows, and movies. engine #3 in petticoat junction, little house on prairie, back to future 3, emperor of the north, and many more. The engine with pistons on side, strange looking, designed for heavy log loads, max speed about 5 mph. The old car gas engine adapted to rail. notice what looks like step on side. not step. gas engine could not run backwards, so they would pick it up and turn it around!!

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Jul 29, 2012 - More Gold Towns

Today we went to Jamestown, CA, another mining town, but its real claim to fame is Railtown 1897 State Historic Park. It is called “The Movie Railroad” because the Sierra Railroad was used in more than 200 motion pictures, television programs and commercials. It was used in High Noon, Back to the Future III, Rawhide and Death Valley Days. We looked in the shops there and just sort of took it easy today. It was a good find for me, because I was totally out of books to read. We went in an antique/junk shop and they had all these books with...

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Jul 27, 2012 - Moving on to Columbia CA

It is time to hit the road again. We have been in this area for 7 days – our longest stay of the trip, but there was a lot to see and I am sure we have missed a lot too. We are moving to the interior of California – away from the coast to Columbia, CA. It is only 150 miles, which you would think wouldn’t take that long, except we had to go over hill and dale and around and up and down on state highways to get to Columbia. We mostly traveled through farmland and empty fields. We were surprised to see a lot of corn growing in this part of the...

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Jul 13, 2010 - Columbia, Ca.

The town of Columbia was another of Ca. old Gold mining Towns, when the gold dried up so did the town. In 1962 it become a state Historical site, and what was left was restored. They have a lot of visitors a year, it was one of the most realist old towns that is left. The buildings were the same. We stayed at the Marble Quarry RV Park, so that should tell you they have marble in this area. A Quarry was located behind the Park. Your counter tops may have come from here.

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Jul 14, 2009 - Trip 11: 49er RV Park, Columbia, CA

This is another hwy 49 park in the gold country. Very cute, lots of history, well maintained, and friendly staff. They are located right outside of the Columbia state Park and we were able to walk to town at night for drinking beer. The spots are group together, which makes them perfect for groups. We chose a spot on the end of a circle that gave us a bit more sitting room. The park was about 2/3 full so we had a blank spot on the side of us. They had a Friday night fire and chili night, so we had dinner then walked to town for a beer. On...

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Jul 6, 2008 - Fantastic Fourth of July

Well, we left Yosemite the same way we entered because of the rockslide on Hwy 140. We had no clue as to where we were going to spend the next week until our planned arrival of July 7 in San Jose. As soon as we got internet connectivity, I started Googling to see where we wanted to stay. We ended up at the 49er RV Park in Columbia, CA. Unbeknownst to us, Columbia is actually a state park – a living museum of a gold rush town. We absolutely fell in love with the whole area along Hwy 49 through gold rush country and the 49er RV Park. The park...

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Mar 3, 2007 - Marble Quarry RV Park in Columbia, CA, with friends

On the outskirts of Hughson we met up with Danny and Mary Espinosa for a weekend visit to Marble Quarry located in the old gold mining town of Columbia. This is a great time of year to visit this nice park. It is quiet and has not yet reached the normal 100 plus summer temperatures. Access is somewhat challenging due to the old roads leading to and going through the old town to the park. The roads are all steep, curved, and narrow, but I managed to get through with no damage to our home on wheels. Marble Quarry is a hilly place but we...

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