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Aug 21, 2016 - Day 13 The Psychology of Travel

Oh, the psychology of travel! Driving the lonely two-lane byways which curve along river courses leaves little time to think about anything but how splendid the scenery. Open the sun roof, turn up the music and enjoy. Interstate driving with trailer in tow is another thing. I spent hours today chugging up and down the Cascades in the slow lane with hoards of trucks and fellow towers, turning off the air on every hill to get more power, turning up NPR to quell the boredom. We became a community in motion, continually passing one another,...

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Going for the Gold

Apr 23, 2016 - Day2

Woke up to a beautiful morning, at least until Kirk discovered that both his bike tires had been stolen in the night. Grrr, they were the ONLY thing that wasn't locked up. Lesson learned. We were able to surprise the Brus' for Moose's baseball game. There was a freezing cold wind but what fun to watch him play and to see them. A quick lunch after and back on the road. Made it to Barstow around 3.

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Apr 22, 2016 - On the Road!

First retirement trip underway! Left home approximately 9:45am. Partly cloudy skies after a good soaking. Like Kirk said, this isn't just our usual weekend getaway this time. The dream begins today, which just happens to be Earth Day. After a nice lunch with Hunter at the airport restaurant in Lodi, we headed back down the freeway. Lesson of the day: Stay on the pavement after a hard rain. While looking for a place to run Mickey we pulled off into a dirt lot that was quite a bit softer than expected. But thanks to our awesome truck and 4...

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Apr 4, 2016 - The Warranty and Loan Paperwork Blues

We took the trailer in for repairs under warranty. Of course the intermittent problem with the water pump wasn't doing it's thing. Hopefully all repairs and checks will be done in good time so we will be ready to head out shortly after the 15th. Today we got a call from the bank that handled our loan for the trailer, requiring a VIN verification. Wait - NOW? Why not shortly after they got the loan papers, all signed and in order? There is an urgent rush on this of course, due to the fact that you only have a certain amount of time to submit...

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Mar 31, 2016 - Planning

Retirement countdown: 14 DAYS, 15 HOURS 52 MINUTES. But who's counting? Preparing for our first post-retirement adventure! First stop - Barstow, CA to spend a good chunk of time with Mom Jefferson. Using Barstow as home base, we are planning some short trips to explore. Las Vegas and surrounding area, Mojave National Preserve, maybe Death Valley. Of course hopefully we will sneak in a visit or two with the Brus' clan :)

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Apr 5, 2015 - Final Pack

Made it through the final packing of the luggage. We even ended up with a little space left over. Oh My God! WHAT HAVE WE FORGOTTEN!! At this point we just make sure that the essentials are in. Passport, tickets, Money....etc..............etc...........etc.....

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Mar 29, 2015 - Just Rolling along............................

11:00 Downtown Chico,CA-We arrive ready for our trial run (practice session) on the streets and trails of Chico. We are here to ride bicycles!!!!!!!!!!! I know whats the big deal! Well it has been a lot of years since Pam and I have ridden bikes, especially on the city streets (with real cars). I read somewhere that the Netherlands has about 18 million people and 18 million bikes. The whole place is flat so bikes are perfect. Well anyway we made it. No spills just a bit of a pain in the spot you would expect. We both agree that if we take...

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Mar 27, 2015 - Fate strikes again

Life always seems to have its surprises. As you all know we are in a drought. So, the last thing we expected was a leak in our roof. The leak is bad enough but try and find a contractor that will even consider working on roof repairs. Oh well it never rains in Paris!

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Mar 25, 2015 - It is possible to OVER PREPARE!

With only 12 days until we depart we are feeling pretty good about the details. All the reservations for accommodations and travel have been done and confirmed. We have done a practice run on packing and managed to get everything in. We constantly have to remind ourselves that they sell that in Europe (what ever it is we are attempting to stuff in the last corner of the suitcase). We are sure we can drop a couple of pounds off the final packing. Pam has decided to cut down on weight by not bring any of her diamonds (not that she has that...

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May 6, 2013 - Almond Tree RV Park

Stopped to visit a few days with friends Di and Kathy. Di spend most of Tue. helping Elizabeth with some computer problems. Later we went to their house for dinner, pork roast that Di cooked on the Traeger Grill it was very good. Next day we all did a little site seeing and lunch including some frozen yogurt then a little rest. Then we went back to their house and Kathy put together dinner for us while we set around and talked.

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Sep 8, 2012 - Day 22; tour Chico, Rib Party at Campsite, World of Outlaw's Show

Saturday 9/8. We get up around 9am. We walk around the camp ground and then check out the Chico flea market, which is taking place on site. We head back to camp and while Bill is off scouting, he finds that the track is serving free lunch- chili, corn, and ribs (images #323 and #324). We get well fed and then decide to head out of camp around 3PM and investigate downtown. We stop at the Bidwell Mansion, home of the early settler and designer of the Chico city layout. We see the house and cool old carriages on display in the garage (images...

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Sep 7, 2012 - Day 21; Camping at "The Track", tailgating with the locals....

Friday, 9/7. We get up a little late. We are thinking about a hike on our way out of camp but we read that the trail to the summit of Lassen Peak is closed part way up. We are also Tired! So we leisurely pack up camp and then head with our camper back to the track where we intend to camp out and tailgate. We take a different route, heading on rte 44 west to Redding and then take Interstate 5 south to Red Bluff. We pick up Rte 99 South and pass thru miles and miles of agriculture (image #316). We stop at a fruit stand and get plums, pluots...

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