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Apr 30, 2011 - Blytheville, AR

Well, we left Heber Springs on what was supposed to be a shorter drive of around 160 miles. We drove along a nice county road through some pretty countryside. After all the rain we had this past week, everything was green and beautiful. And it was all good for about 35-40 miles when we had to unhook the Jeep, turn around, hook the Jeep back up and backtrack because our chosen path was closed due to flooding! So our short day turned into a rather long one due to the extra 70-80 miles we had to drive! On our new route over to I-55 in West...

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May 31, 2008 - On our way

Hello ya'll We are finally on our way to South Dakota! We started out this moring early. And those of ya'll who know Gary know that he is NOT human until after several large coffee's. I made coffee before we left and took the hugh thermos (thanks to DiDi) so that somewhere over the first 2 hours he would act right. The weather has been really good. Nice and sunny and not to hot. We cruised right along until we hit Birmingham Ala, and then those long hills!! Started getting hot around 4 p.m. And I mean really hot. The weather is still nice,...

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Mar 11, 2007 - At Home in Brighton

We're home for a while. Lots of yard work to do... mulching... grass is mostly weeds... but it will turn green in a couple of weeks... that works for me. We'll be doing some close-in RVing for a couple of months. So, our updates will be more infrequent. Yeah... who said that???? Don

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Apr 8, 2006 - Roots

Alex Haley was a retired Coast Guardsman before he became a famous author. In the Coast Guard he advanced to Chief(E-7) with his specialty being journalisim. When he died, Chris was stationed in Memphis, TN. Mr Haley choose to be buried at his boyhood home in Henning, TN, not too far North of Memphis. Group Lower Mississippi River was tasked with the military honors at the funeral. We knew that a lot of attention would be directed towards the ceremony. We also knew that military honors were not something we did everyday. In spite of lack...

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May 2, 2005 - Memphis, Day 1

Today we woke up and Gayle's aunt Vickie made us a true southern breakfast - imagine our surprise to find a 1-pound pork loin on the table (which she instructed Jenn to divide into 4 parts - and she was thinking we'd each have a little slice...) - in addition, we had eggs with cheese, bagels, fruit salad and potatoes along with homemade strawberry juice. Needless to say we didn't need lunch! It was fantastic, and her aunt's hospitality was simply over-the-top! On our way to the highway, we opted to make a quick stop for pedicures. We've...

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