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Oct 16, 2009 - The Great Adventure is Over, or Is It?!

Lauren and I drove from Denver to Vernon on Friday, October 16. We saw 4 herds of pronghorn, lots of trees turning color, and clear blue skies. On the last leg of the trip, we turn off Interstate 25 at Soccoro, NM, and drove home on Route 60. Al Smoake, Chef David Smoake’s father, recommended a restaurant in Datil, NM, that is known for its home grown and processed beef. Lauren had a steak and I had a hamburger—very good. I unloaded the car that night, and got Lauren settled in her bedroom. My Great Adventure was over and I had logged 7,772...

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Sep 29, 2009 - The Donut Hole

I packed up some cookbooks I wanted to bring from Tucson up to the ranch and loaded them into my 4Runner, which we keep parked in Tucson. I drove across the street to Betty's to pick up some cookies she had baked and wanted me to take with me. Betty makes the BEST cookies!! It took me longer than usual to drive to Vernon because of road construction delays. One flagman came to the car to tell me it would be about a 12-minute wait so I could turn off my engine. We chatted a little about what they were doing up ahead. Then I offered him a...

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Aug 14, 2009 - Starting on my Great Adventure

Today I am starting out on my road trip in my sage green Toyota Highlander 4WD SUV. The car is loaded up with maps, clothes, shoes, recipes, my blowtorch (for creme brulee), and various stuff I might need on the trip. I am first driving to attend the funeral of my good friend Marganna King's father. Her father, Valton Hall, built the Junta Lodge near Ruidoso, New Mexico, so we are staying there. Sue Hutchcroft said I had to have a name for my road trip, so it's Elizabeth's Great Adventure. I planned this trip 2 years before I retired, and...

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Feb 9, 2007 - Tillson Ranch, Vernon, AZ

It was bittersweet leaving Sedona. We were excited to see our friend Elizabeth's ranch and meet her husband, Steve, but were not done with Sedona. We knew we'll be back to Sedona, so onward ho! The drive to the ranch was easy, except for fueling up in Flagstaff. We pulled into a truck stop, but it was for commercial vehicles only. Then we waited for a 14 mile long freight train full of Hyundai shipping containers and found a 76 station with diesel. We barely fit into the lot and the car was partiallly blocking the entrance, but I was...

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