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May 22, 2006 - Chiricahua National Monument

I was told not to miss this place by everyone I talked to here about what to visit. The day was very windy and I still didn't feel like taking off the kayak and bike, so I made sure they were tightly fastened and off I went. Along the way, I followed a sign for "Cochise Stronghold" to see what was up with that. The road turned into dirt and was a washboard, but I ventured on. Eventually I came upon a marker saying something about these mountains (Dragoon Mountains) were where Cochise alluded the army and is probably buried somewhere in...

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Oct 23, 2005 - Chiricahua National Park, Arizona

Chiricahua National Park is simply one of the coolest places I've ever been. It is a National Park in Southeastern Arizona near Wilcox, AZ. The remains of Fort Apache are near here. The terrain is very rough and rugged. This is the place where Mangus Coloradas, Cochise, Geronimo and other Apache leaders would take the US Cavalry in order to lose them, then they would hurry aross the valley to the next mountain range, where they kept their families in safety. Another interesting thing is the different ecological zones that meet here. There...

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