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Jul 30, 2005 - Sedona, Arizona - Wild Wild West!

On the way to Sedona we stopped off to see a few cactus. These things are huge. We drove to Sedona where we spent a few hours. This is a great little town and there are several high profile celebrities with houses here including Madonna who has apparently never been there. It has unique red rock mountains and it is a county rule for the town that any structure that is built has to be painted in any of 23 shades of red or brown and no structure can be higher than two stories. Even Maccas couldn't have its yellow arches. It is quite good...

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Ben Does The World!

Sep 18, 2004 - Sedona

Sedona in the morning was sweet, I was a bit sunburnt and for the first time wished it wasn't so hot and sunny. An unbelievable concept two weeks earlier sitting in the rain and cold in my Melbourne apartment. We checked out the Holy Church, perched on a rock in a spectacular valley. A simple design which incorporates a cross into the building. The designer had a bit of help from Frank Lloyd Wright. As we turned to leave there was a staircase to a gift shop, which somehow seems a little contrary to the whole religiousness even to a heathen...

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Apr 7, 1998 - Sedona, Arizona

Today we drove from Phoenix with Jerry, Kim, Vickie, Jared and Brandon to visit Sedona. It was a beautiful drive. What surprised us all was it started to snow when we arrived. We were walking to a Mexican restaurant and the largest snowflakes I have ever seen started to fall. It was amazing! We had a wonderful lunch and laughed so hard at Brandon. He kept dipping chips into the very hot salsa, he almost cried when he felt the heat, then he wanted more and more. He is only three and it was so funny to watch. I wish I had taken a picture of...

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