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Apr 12, 2013 - Madera Canyon, AZ

Yesterday we found a little campground (total of 13 spaces) in Madera Canyon and settled in in spite of no hookups and no phone service. It is absolutely beautiful: much higher elevation which means there are trees. Not the tall trees we see at home, but lots of them. Also some great hiking trails. Today we walked down one to the Santa Rita Lodge where they have lots of bird feeders hung out and benches to sit on while watching the birds. They sold sandwiches at the lodge which sounded much better than the granola bars we were carrying. Not...

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Feb 8, 2008 - Day 6: The quest for life birds

Today was a life-bird quest, and we’ll spare everyone the suspense and admit to a success rate of one out of three. We drove the back roads (and I mean really BACK roads) to Madeira Canyon and the possibility of extreme luck bagging us two lifers on one hike. We started up the Old Baldy Trail about 9:30 in search of the rare (to the US) Crescent-chested Warbler. This one was our success, as after 45 minutes of pressing uphill, we came upon a group of birders who had already located the bird. Sorry that I could not get a picture of this...

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