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May 15, 2015 - Home to Fountain Hills

We had originally planned to spend a few days on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, which was opening on May 15th. The weather, however, was forecast to be bad there, with daily highs in the low 40ies and both rain and snow expected. Being the desert rats that we've now become, we decided to bag the North Rim and head for home. We arrived back in Scottsdale in the midst of a major thunderstorm, pulling the RV through rush hour traffic in a blinding rain. It was good to make it home to the sanity of our back patio with its view of AZ's...

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Apr 27, 2015 - Bound for Utah

So we are on the road again, this time undertaking a three-week trip to Utah. After last years debacle of a cross country venture, we've decided to fly home to Maine this summer. Thus, we hope to get a little local use out of our RV. Leaving Fountain Hills, we headed north on Interstate #17 towards Flagstaff and were surprised to see how much snow is still in place on the San Francisco Mountains. They are first viewed as one descends into the Verde Valley, which hosts Sedona and John McCain's ranch at Cornville. Mount Humphrey (home of one...

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Nov 3, 2014 - Home

We made it! Home to AZ without a major breakdown. Our last night in Texas was spent at Balmorhea, where a very deep and natural hot spring (the San Solomon Spring) is popular with swimmers and divers. It stays at a constant 76 degrees year round. After a stormy drive across southern New Mexico yesterday, and a night spent at an RV park about 6 feet from some very active railroad tracks, we pulled into Fountain Hills in the afternoon today. All is well here. The yard is in nearly full bloom, the citrus trees are loaded with grapefruit,...

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Oct 30, 2014 - The Fountain in the desert

We arrived on Monday will be leaving on Sat. My cousins live here so it is always great to visit with them. We really like the park here and it is a great location and nice views. We hear the coyotes and were backed right on the Verde River. There are wild horses that roam around the area, this morning there were about 4 of them that we could see from our rig. We haven't seen our resident roadrunner as of yet. Last time we were here he was just hanging around. Weather has just be beautiful. In the morning I get to do my walk around the park...

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May 14, 2014 - Delayed

Once again, we are learning that things don't always go according to plan. We expected to leave for the East last Monday, and we had made reservations stretching from southeastern Arizona to the beaches of Florida. Unfortunately, after 8 days in the RV repair shop, the slide-out on our fifth wheel jammed while we were packing it and wouldn't move in or out. So, having now cancelled all reservations between AZ and the Florida Panhandle, here we sit in Fountain Hills, waiting for parts to arrive from Indiana. And just to make things a little...

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Trip Journal

New England Bound

Mar 16, 2014 - north of town

We are camped in a municipal park about twenty miles away from our last campground as the crow flies. The crow had nothing to do with our route and the drive took an hour. We drove through Fountain Hills, which was having an artisan market so we decided to stop by. Interspersed with the artisan booths, there were vendors offering wine tasting. You bought a sampling glass and tickets at the entrance and sipped as you walked. We had never seen this before. It seemed to encourage people to stay longer and make their wallets a bit easier to...

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Nov 8, 2013 - Fountain Hills Art Fair

Picked Jane up after exercise class and drove to Fountain Hills - a lovely community near Scottsdale - for an enormous street art fair. They put on two per year - the next one will be in February. There was so much I could have bought if only these conditions applied: 1) I had a granddaughter and 2) I owned a large house. It was fun to browse even though it got a bit hot by 3 pm. Our beautiful 70's weather will be missing for a week or so - they are predicting 86 and the usual abundant sunshine for about that long. We met two very...

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Oct 23, 2013 - Fountain Hills, AZ

Still heading west, we had an evening to spend with friends. John and Pam live in Fountain Hills, Arizona and recently moved into a new home. We got to enjoy the breathtaking view, the glorious fall weather on the patio and their stunning new home. After 10 weeks living within the 450 sq. ft. of our motorhome, it was overwhelming to stretch out within their home. What luxury! We had a delicious meal, al fresco, at their golf course country club. It was a fun evening catching up and making promises for a longer visit in the future.

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May 17, 2013 - Departure from AZ

It has been a hectic day, trying to get our house here closed up for the summer. Things were complicated by the City deciding to repave our street yesterday and today, precluding us from bringing the RV to our door, and requiring everything to be transported across town to the RV storage lot. This meant many trips back and forth carting "stuff." Some of the "stuff" along with us on this trip are about 15 bags of grapefruit from our citrus tree, all to be shared with family and friends in Seattle and Portland. They are packed in ice in 3...

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Apr 12, 2013 - Mesa and Cave Creek visits

We had a few things we wanted to do here. We wanted to check out the Mesa Flea Market which we had visited many years ago and tried last year but the rain stopped us! This market is huge with new stuff. We were looking for the dash cover for the truck which we found. We got there about 10 left at 1:00. Walk around found some minor stuff to buy. The photo attached was of this booth that sold only these doggie sun glasses! All types and styles! Today is about 89. Yesterday we headed to Cave Creek to check it out again. The magazine True West...

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Apr 10, 2013 - Arizona

We arrived yesterday about 2 pm. It was a 5hr drive from Indio. The winds were blowing but not that bad. Were are about 2 miles from Fountain Hills, AZ at Eagle View RV resort at Fort McDowell which is on a Yavapai Nation (Indian reservation). Of course there is a casino not to far. Went over last night to see my cousin's wife as she works there. Our site here is backed up to the Verde River. We also have view of Red Mountain (Mt. McDowell). It is cool here suppose to warm up during the week in low 80's. I guess we miss the mess on Monday's...

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Jan 29, 2013 - Yosemite Bound

As a birthday present awarded last summer, Anne gave me five days of cooking classes offered by The Food Network. The classes were held in Yosemite National Park during January. Top chefs from around the country offered weekly sessions organized around a cooking theme. Our week was Mediterranean Cuisine. Friends from Maine, Fran and Bob Clukey, joined us for the event, as well as for a week's stay in Fountain Hills. Getting to Yosemite in late January is not always easy, since snows in the Sierra-Nevadas can be quite daunting (i.e., CHAINS...

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