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Oct 13, 2006 - Monument Valley

From a modern western perspective it is quite difficult to get a grip of the different Native American tribes and cultures. At first they all blur into one, but slowly, by osmosis the subtle distinctions begin to become clear and the subject suddenly starts to become more interesting - especially having the opportunity to visit their ancient dwellings en route. The Navajo were historically a nomadic tribe with a culture and social structure quite different to their more pastoral neighbours, the Hopi. The Spanish introduced horses, corn and...

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Jul 21, 2006 - Monument Valley - John Wayne and Mittens

K: We were in definite western film country now (my dad brought me up on them) and it was amazing to see landscape so recognisable. We stopped to take a photo before we entered the Najavo nation as it was such a iconic view, it`s a shame there was no Eagles on the radio at the time. We took our hire car around the reservation rather than on the open top jeep - we love air con too much to give it up and got a few photos. After that we went and set up the tent, we had a view of the mittens litterally out are fron door which was fantastic. I...

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