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Aug 4, 2017 - Arizona At Last!

On 7/19 we left heaven and then we were in…no, not there, we were in Albuquerque! Still low humidity, which is good, but the temps were in the high 80’s to the 90’s, not so good! I wanted to go back to Questa but Rick says no, we have to get to Flagstaff! We were in Albuquerque to do laundry, get an oil change and have our air bags checked out. Rick thinks they are losing air. We shall see. We were back at Enchanted Trails. Why the highlight? Because the lady on I-maps said Trials! I sure hope it’s not a trial to be staying here, right!...

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May 20, 2017 - AZ-Camp Verde Thousand Trails - Kayakers

Well to say these kayakers were lucky is an understatement. They were going to stop and set up camp right where the sheep crossed. If they had arrived about an hour earlier, they would have had to tear down their camp and get out of the way of the sheep. They said the sheep helped them by trampling down all the vegetation where they will set up camp for the night.

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May 20, 2017 - AZ-Camp Verde Thousand Trails - Trip and Sheep Crossing

The Kaza ranch has been crossing the Verde River here near The Verde Valley Thousand Trails RV park each year around this time we were lucky to arrive on the day they did it. They have around 9000 sheep and they take 2000 of them along the trail they have used for over a 100 years. They need to use the trail from Cordes Junction to Williams each year so they can keep the rights to use the trail. The rest of the sheep about 7000 are truck to their summer home.

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Aug 3, 2016 - Cottonwood, AZ

Wed, 03 Aug: Our last road day—for now... Another early morning due to the hour we gained crossing into Arizona. While both New Mexico and Arizona share the Mountain Time Zone, Arizona does not observe daylight time so we gained an hour. As a result, we were in bed by nine and up before six. We stayed in bed for a bit but then it was time to get with it! Our usual travel day routine; get ourselves ready, fed, go thru the checklists, and head out. This was no exception and Sandi rolled wheels at 0743. We were a short distance from I 40...

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2016 Travels

Mar 9, 2016 - Dead Horse

Today we decide to go back to Cottonwood and Dead Horse State Park. (We were there last year) In order to get there we have to drive through the Prescott National Forest. Very picturesque, natural area with much evergreen forest and many highs and lows. Nice curvy roads and mountain passes up to 7000’ with beautiful vistas. What an awesome Creator we have, who made it all for our enjoyment and in order to see Him in it and His majesty. We drove through the little town of Jerome, an attractive little tourist town high up in the mountains, we...

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Nov 30, 2015 - Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was a whirl of activity for us. We picked up Kristine at the airport very late and headed out the next morning for our camping site at Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood, AZ. It is a very nice State Park and although it was full for the holiday weekend, it is big enough that we didn’t feel crowded. Ed and Kristine took advantage of the biking trails and scouted out birds near the ponds. They spotted herons, ravens, egrets and even a bald eagle. The weather could have been warmer, but the sun was out and that makes...

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Nov 21, 2015 - Last Day in Cottonwood

From Verde Valley Thousand Trails Cottonwood, Arizona Today is our last day here so we wanted to take the drive across the mountain again. We thought the girls would enjoy the snow but cars had packed the snow and the girls didn't seem to like it. We went back down to Jerome and stopped at the Jerome State Park. We coudn't even walk up to the museum because there was a no dogs sign. From the parking lot were great views Jerome, the mountains and the Verde Valley. There is a mine there which was very interesting. I posted a picture of the...

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Nov 20, 2015 - Historic Cottonwood

From Verde Valley Thousand Trails Cottonwood, Arizona We wanted to take the girls today so decided to go to Red Rock State Park which is off I-17 towards Sedona. As we turned off the interstate there was a sign for the park and at the bottom said pets prohibited. Turned around and went back to Cottonwood. We were going to go back to Dead Horse Ranch but there was a city park right before it. There was a huge dog park but also trails. It was actually a disc golf course but no one was playing and saw other people walking their dogs. After the...

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Nov 19, 2015 - Over the mountain to Jerome

From Verde Valley Thousand Trails Cottonwood, Arizona We decided to take the girls and go for a drive today. Everyone said we should see Jerome but 89A was scary especially on the outside lane. We decided to give it a try. The climb to Jerome wasn't too bad. It's 5,200 elevation but is only 16 miles from us. Temperature dropped 10 degrees there too. Jerome clings to the sides of Cleopatra Mountain. More than once blasts from the nearby copper and silver mines shook buildigs, including the town jail, right off the hillside. It was founded...

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Nov 18, 2015 - Sedona Revisited

From Verde Valley Thousand Trails Cottonwood, Arizona We drove back to Sedona and still marveled at its beauty. Entering Main Street they have a History Walk with plaques about the City. The original Marlbaro Man was filmed there and he lived to be 90 which some say is because he never smoked. Another plaque had all the movies that had been filmed there which were over 50. He started the original Broken Arrow tours on horseback. There were several more with all kinds of information on Sedona. The walk starts at the Pink Jeep Tour center and...

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Nov 17, 2015 - Indian Ruins

From Verde Valley Thousand Trails Cottonwood, AZ Another amazing day. We waited until it warmed up and then went to Montezuma Castle which is off I-17 towards Flagstaff. We didn't know what to expect but it's a National Park and has a nice welcome center. They had the flags at half-staff for the Paris victims. It was also a must see by several people. This is a cliff dwelling that was abandoned around 1400. The one you see is 5 stories and 27 rooms. They used ladders to get into the dwellings and would pull them up at night. Five years ago...

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Nov 16, 2015 - Chilling out in Cottonwood

From Verde Valley Thousand Traiils Cottonwwood, Arizona We had a visit from our friends Darrell and Sarah that we met six years ago in Charotte, NC. They are staying in Mesa, AZ and read my journal so they knew we were here. They drove up and we had a great time catching up. After we ate lunch, we took a drive through the old town of Cottonwood and then went to Sedona. We went to the Chapel of the Holy Cross but couldn't go all the way up because they were sandblasting. They still got to see it and the beautiful scenery of Sedona. They have...

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