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Jul 13, 2017 - Grand View RV Park - Matanuska Glacier

The trip up from Valdez was uneventful and as usual VERY picturesque. We arrived at our RV park overlooking the Matanuska River and Glacier and took a hike behind the RV park to enjoy an even better view of the river. The next day we all went hiking ON the Matanuska Glacier....wish we had cramp ons!....the road down to it was typical Alaska with lots of pot holes and a bridge over the Matanuska that gave us pause lol Bill took advantage of the local on site cafe to satidfy his coffee craving and we all enjoyed the ambiance.

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Jul 29, 2012 - Grand View RV Park-Enroute to Anchorage

We are on our way to Anchorage. We saw a sign that said 315 miles. Roads rough. About noon a truck went by and threw a rock. Cracked the windshield. Thankfully it is not in the main field of vision. We move so slowly. Frustrating but the road is not good enough to speed up. We finally turned onto Highway #1. We are looking for a campground. This slow romping drive is hard on the driver. It has taken 6 hrs to go 220 miles. There is a beautiful huge glacier to the left of us. Ice takes up the whole valley. We are stopping for the day @...

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Aug 1, 2011 - Glenn HW - The Beautiful Glenn HW

(Ron Writing) Yesterday was a nice quiet day. In the morning we attended worship service at the Eagle River Presbyterian Church. The regular pastor is on vacation but a pastor from Anchorage filled in and had a very good sermon. We also found the congregation to be very friendly and welcoming. This morning we left Eagle River heading north on the Glenn Highway to Palmer where the highway turns mostly east and continues on toward Glennallen and Tok. We were expecting to make it to Glennallen but only made it half way. The drive heading east...

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Aug 26, 2010 - Richardson & Glenn Highways

The clouds spoiled any viewing of the aurora or stars last night. But we did wake up to a full moon shining through the rear windows of our RV. A hot shower, a hot cup of coffee, and breakfast - all the comforts of home. We have treated ourselves to a new breakfast item, that we discovered from our associate minister on our Colorado trip - fried biscuits. A can of cheap biscuits fried in a little butter cooks up nicely - about 2 minutes per side and you have hot biscuits. Add a patty of pre-cooked sausage - yummy. These really beat the...

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Jul 9, 2008 - Palmer & Matanuska Glacier

It was raining Tuesday morning and the forecast was for continued rain throughout the day so we elected to drive to Palmer, about 60 miles to see the demonstration garden at the Palmer Visitor Center. We encountered a six mile stretch of road construction that added about 30 minutes to our trip waiting on the follow-me. Otherwise the highway was in good shape. Its good to know what we're facing when we move to Anchorage on Thursday. It had stopped raining when we got to Palmer and we obtained some nice pictures of flowers but it was too...

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Jul 9, 2008 - Halfway between Seward and Valdez

Move day again. Hard to leave a beautiful place like this. I would like to stay a couple of months here, but we need to move on to catch as much of Alaska as possible. If we ever come up again, we would bring a small RV and stay around the coast. Jenny bought a couple of sweatshirts for herself while I broke down camp. We drove back up the same roads to Palmer so we didn’t stop since we seen it before. Probably should have filled up at Anchorage, but we still had 600 mile left in the tanks. The fuel stations in Anchorage along the Glenn...

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