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Aug 12, 2017 - August 12, 2017 – Florence and Tuscumbia, Alabama

August 12, 2017 – Florence and Tuscumbia, Alabama Today I ran over to Florence to visit the Indian Mound and Museum. This Mound is the highest domiciliary mound in the Tennessee Valley. It was probably built by the prehistoric people of the Woodland Culture. It was not used for living but as a ceremonial mound. There are no burials and no evidence of anyone living on it. It is 43’ tall and was originally surrounded by an earthen wall. Its base is 310’ by 230’, and the top is 145’ by 40’. The four corners are located at due north, south,...

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Sep 8, 2016 - Helen Keller & Frank Lloyd Wright

Mike stayed home today while I went exploring and it was a good thing, Tiffin called just after I left and Mike went into a bay at noon. They did a few things today and he is to be back at 7:00 in the morning. I headed off to Tuscumbia to the Helen Keller house. This is the house where she was born and lived until going off to school. As all of you know her life story I am not going to repeat it here. The main house is 85% of the way it was when she was here. The cottage is 100%. Next I was off to the Frank Lloyd Wright home. Unfortunately...

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May 1, 2014 - one more time, headed to N.M.

The roads on the island were covered with water on Tuesday. Our appointment for Bonnie's nails to be trimmed did not occur. The only restaurant open was waffle house. Praise God the grocery store was very close by, while the road in front was flooded, the side entrance was open. Trying to grocery shop for what to eat in a motel room was interesting. The motel filled up due to the rain with people fleeing their homes with dogs. Wednesday we were able to get down to check on the rig. Insurance went thru, CW had one roll left of appropriate...

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Jul 28, 2012 - Florence, Alabama

We traveled our familiar route through Memphis, the corner of Mississippi, and upper Alabama to our stop at MacFarland Park on the Tennessee River in Florence, Alabama. This is a nice city park in a very pretty spot on the river where we would definitely stay again when traveling in this area. We were so glad for Skype so we could be a part of our grandson, Martin’s, first birthday party today!

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Jul 27, 2012 - Traveled to Florence, AL

We traveled from Memphis to Florence, AL as a stop over so we can visit the Tiffin Plant (our RVs manufacturer) which is located in Red Bay, AL about 40 miles south of here. Our friends Mickey & Janet and Larry & Sandra are also here. Mickey and Janet are here to help celebrate his brothers birthday. Mickey, Larry are originally from Florence and Sandra from Huntsville, AL and all three attended what is now known as University of North Alabama (UNA). So we are hearing some great stories about their younger growing up days. They will also...

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Feb 12, 2012 - Florence, Alabama

We couldn't get the slide repair finished until Saturday morning. As we watched the weather forecast, Friday night, we learned it was warmer in Albuquerque than Alabama. It wasn't the first time we've found ourselves in the wrong part of the country in a cold snap. Saturday morning, after the completion of the slide repair, we had to hook up the trailer in a raw, cold wind and it was miserable. We drove to Florence to a beautiful RV park right on the Tennessee River. Sunday was another cold day, but there was no wind. In the afternoon, we...

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Oct 27, 2011 - Lynchburg to Florence

On my way to Florence, I stopped in Huntsville Alabama to tour the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. After visiting I realized that this place is really an educational facility for children - Space Camp is located here. There are day programs for school children ( and there were plenty of them today!) where they can participate in all kinds of simulations -pulling G Forces, landing on the moon (looked like a rough ride from the outside), space shot off a pad, etc. There are warnings all over the place for people with neck and back problems,...

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Oct 4, 2011 - Tullahoma to Florence, Alabama

The little map on the home page drew a straight line from Tullahoma to Florence, Alabama, but actually we went up TN Alt41 to Franklin, near Nashville, so we could get on the Natchez Trace close to the northern terminus which is mm 444. We actually got on at mm 438. Since we rarely get an early start and the speed limit on the Trace is 50 (most of the time) we only made it to Florence/Muscle Shoals the first night, a 20-mile side trip from mm 340, and looked for a hotel in the dark. There was nothing exciting enough for a picture on this...

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Jan 29, 2011 - A day out in Florence

We just had to get away for the day from Tiffin and Red Bay so we headed north to Florence, Alabama as we had heard there was a Frank Lloyd-Wright house we could visit. Florence is situated on the north side of the Tennessee River. Our first stop was in the downtown not only for a coffee break but to get directions to the Frank Lloyd-Wright Rosenbaum House. We had a little wander round the downtown and then headed to the park by the Tennessee River to eat our picnic lunch in the sunshine and to have walk by the river. We then made our way...

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Nov 20, 2007 - Florence, Alabama

ALABAMA and the TENNESSEE RIVER Tuesday, November 20 We had a nice visit with John and Carolyn before they left, then we too departed in a whirlwind of leaves. We drove back to the Trace headed south again, our destination being Tupelo, Mississippi, but in typical fashion we changed our minds as we went along and by the time we reached the Alabama state line we'd decided to spend Thanksgiving in Florence and headed there instead. That gave us plenty of time to stop along the way, which we surely did. Our first stop was at a site called...

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