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Sep 20, 2018 - Snowdonia

Then headed over to Wales. Conwy is an old town, with the obligatory castle. Stayed overnight in an overflow carpark by the yacht club, in suburbia. Then visited Llanberris and took the train up the mountain. Takes an hour to get up there as it is very steep and you need to wait at times in a couple of places where there are two tracks, for trains going the opposite way. A lot of people walking up and/or down. Freezing at the top and was all clouded over, but cleared a short distance from the top. Chirk was an interesting little town. We...

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May 9, 2016 - Wales - Holyhood

Had a busy but unexciting day today. Returned to Dublin at 7 30 am and made a brief trip into the city for lunch then to the ferry terminal for a fast ferry to Holyhead Wales. Strangely I can't find Holyhead on this map. The closest I could find was Snowdonia. Arrived in Holyhead in time to pick up another Kia Seed, some dinner and then to bed to catch up on sleep lost last night on the plane. Better day tomorrow. Temperature are still up in high teens but the light rain, mist and low clouds are still spoiling the scenery.

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Aug 16, 2015 - Ffestiniog & Mt. Snowdon

Day 7: August 16th - Ffestiniog Another day of re-learning English, like ‘give way’ and ‘take away’ which mean yield and take out, respectively. And did you know license tags on cars in Britain are white in front and yellow in the rear? Our driver, David, explained that’s so you know which direction the car is heading - towards you or away from you. I asked him, what if he’s in reverse? Wales is primarily Presbyterian, probably a statement of independence to the British and their Anglican church. Today is Sunday, which use to be dry, but...

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Aug 20, 2014 - Snowdonia, Anglesey & Zip World

This trip was a surprise for Neil. We set off for Wales on Saturday 16th August, first stop was Conwy, where we had a walk along the front and looked at the magnificent castle, which we will return to and have a look around. Next stop, when we eventually found it was Giddy Aunts Tea Rooms and oh what a feast! Lovely sandwiches and enormous cream teas with scones and clotted cream - yummy! Off again, Neil still doesn't know where we are going! Next stop is Anglesey and a walk to Church Island with fabulous views across the Menai Straits. Our...

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Jun 22, 2013 - Porthmadog

off to the station; it's only for the narrow gauge steam trains, looking back to Beddlegert. This sign is at the station. Three posters were designed in 1939 one read "your courage your, cheerfulness, your resolution will bring us victory". the other had a similar focus. This one was rejected, but found in a box of papers by a bookseller in the early 2000's. He copied it and put it in his window. Everyone wanted a copy so he reproduced it and it has now become 'iconic' I get the red dragon bit of the story, but why the dragons in the...

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Jun 21, 2013 - copper mine

the Sygun Copper mine hasn't operated since around 2003. I guess there have been so many TV shows on all sorts of early mining that the appalling conditions and pay are pretty well known. So showing these photos is more a record of where I've been. Doesn't need much comment. Some you will definitely to click to screen size Copper and Iron pyrites do NOT produce the beauty of those from limestone my aching legs AGAIN but better than this! this was a self guided tour. When you got to a point you pushed a button and the commentary...

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Jun 21, 2013 - Beddgelert

Accommodation is the Royal Goat an imposing looking building. It started life as the Beddgelert Inn built for hikers/climbers going up Mt Snowden. But with the mountain goat outside, everyone called it the Goat inn. Then Royalty stayed here, and so now its the ROYAL Goat Inn. Mountains all around. At first I thought the mauvey hue was heather (Dont know the boundaries of where heather grows!! I think not here!)turns out its rhodendrums. They look beautiful, and are everywhere. but its a bit like Patterson's curse. look magnificent but...

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Jun 20, 2013 - Llanberis

Chalk board message for today: chance of showers maybe maybe not. Took a bus to llanberis (the ll sound is made by putting your tongue as you do for ‘L’ and then breathing out hard. Sounds a bit like youre choking!) As soon as the bus stopped in the town the smell was there; steam and smoke. Love it. This is a prosperous and very clean looking town. They probably repaint frequently! Two steam trains operate in the town, one around the lake and the other famous one going up Snowden. This is another place that had had Slate mines. Large...

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Jun 20, 2013 - Up Snowden

Off to the main reason for coming here. The steam train ride up Mt Snowdon (in the Snowdonia national park (that’s sorted out!) The little engine pushes the one carriage up the mountain and precedes it back down (holding carriage back). The noise of the ratchet often overrode the usual chuff chuff train noise, but in really steep sections the chuffing really gets going. A one hour amazing trip. and one hour down again Fantastic scenery. Oohs ahhs and jumping round to get photos. No windows open to lean out. On the way back down no...

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Jun 19, 2013 - sunny day

today was warm so for the first time I wore my sandals. Wearing my boots, bought for when it was rainy and slippery haven't been so good when the weather has been warmish. Hate hot feet! Today I decided to walk to places that I still wanted to see. First stop Maritime Museum. Closed. No signs about open shit or hours of operation. Later in the day I was told it was run by volunteers. The driving force had died, and the rest couldn't keep it going. So off to the next stop on the other side of town up some fairly steep hills. I had gone a...

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Jun 19, 2013 - Blackboy Inn Caernarfon

Quite by accident I have great accommodation. I had three requirements: central; Wi Fi and not too expensive. (this is my upper end!)what I got is history and personality! Built in the 1700's in the then busy port, it operated in the Red light district. The Welsh name of the Street translates as "Four and Sixpence Street" which was the price for a Sailor to get a room, a bottle of gin and the services of a woman for the night! The English name of the Street, which appears on the street signs under the welsh, is 'Northgate St". And there...

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Jun 18, 2013 - The castle

Lots to find out about in the castle in spite of a vast empty interior. built in 1200's by Edward 1st. the castle wasn't finished as after the first ** years Edward was fighting with the Scots the Irish and the French as well as keeping the Welsh down. Money was tight! The interior..all the halls and rooms were built of timber, so they've long since disappeared building the castles (this and a ring of others)was political, as I guess was having the queen have a baby there (later Edward 11). the guide didn't even mention this but given...

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