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Aug 26, 2013 - London with friends

Monday Left Eeklo and returned to Brussels with a colleague David Klaasen as we both booked on the same Eurostar train to London St Pancras. The connection at Ghent St Pieters for Brussels Midi was a 2 minute window of opportunity and to see me running down the stairs with a 23 kg suitcase and laptop bag slung over my shoulder defies imagination. And I was overtaken by two younger and more enthusiastic train hoppers as they pushed me out of my rhythm. I was perceptive enough to assume that they were going through the same time challenge as...

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Apr 21, 2011 - The largest parking lot in the world!

Wednesday 20th April. Julian and I had lunch at the Anchor Pub and had a pleasant time watching the narrow boats go by in the blazing sun. Later on, Gill and I set out to meet her brother Jon and his wife Bernice at their home in North London and then go out for dinner. So we left at 4.30pm for a journey that has normally taken us around 50 minutes or so. The short version is UGH!! The slightly longer one is - the M25, sometimes known locally as the largest parking lot in the world, actually lived up to its nickname. I won’t go into the...

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Apr 19, 2011 - Country meandering!

Tuesday 19th April. As Gill was busy today I decided to go for a little drive and explore locally. So I did what we often do together when exploring. That is, drive a little way and then go left or right, without any particular logic and see where I end up. My first stop was Newlands Corner, the highest spot locally. Took some pictures of the view and then moved on driving down narrower and narrower country roads. Eventually I ended up in a village where I went into the pub and got a drink then asked “I know it is a dumb question, but where...

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Apr 18, 2011 - Puttering along!

Saturday 16th April. Went for dinner with Richard and Richelle. Sunday 15th we went to an Amateur Radio swap meet at Kempton Park race course. Only spent an hour there as it was full of the usual junk that one finds at swap meets. However, on the way back to the car a couple of guys stopped us and wanted to know if I was the person who had visited their club (Southgate Amateur Radio Club) last Wednesday. Anyway, we went back into the stadium up to the restaurant and spent the next two hours chatting about how to attract younger people into...

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Apr 16, 2011 - A walk in the park

Friday 15th April. Went for a walk in Homewood Park where there is a Mansion built in 1726 in the Palladian style. The building was restored in 1997. Also took some photos of the lowering clouds which seem more typical of the weather at this time of year. On returning home took some photos, through a window, of Gill asleep on the sofa. If you look carefully you can see the reflection off of the window and it looks like Gill is either buried under the driveway or the car has run over her!!

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Apr 15, 2011 - Meeting friends

Wednesday 13th April. Weather has now gone back to its normal chilly cloudy days for this time of year. This evening I went to the local Southgate amateur radio club which has been in existence for 75 years. A pleasant evening meeting the locals and talk radio. Thursday 14th April. Today we left Naomi and Ian to go back to our friends Gilly and Julian in Pyrford. However, on the way down we were to meet a couple of Gill’s old friends, Brenda and Enid. Given my reluctance to drive in central London, mainly to retain my sanity, we elected to...

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Apr 12, 2011 - The plastic cow!

Tuesday 12th April. Today Gill, Naomi and I drove out to Hadley Forest, a National Trust park, north east of London near Stanstead airport. It was very sunny but chilly at the same time. It appeared my camera was bust when I tried to use it. So no pictures and off to read the manual to see if I can fix the camera. Much to my surprise managed to fix it in under 5 minutes! However, as a bonus Gill just sent me a picture Gilly took on the weekend when she, my Gill and Naomi were out together. There they were driving along the road and came...

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Apr 11, 2011 - Family and lazing around!

Sunday 10th April. We (Naomi and Ian and the two of us) went over to see my Uncle Frank and Aunty Susie. Also there, were my cousin David and his wife Sue and their son Jonathan. Later on we were all joined by my cousin Elaine and her husband Terry. Good time was had by all sitting out in the sunny garden and enjoying the various cakes and other delicious foods that Aunty Susie had prepared. Monday 11th April. Another sunny day and a walk across the park to buy the daily newspaper. During the day met with a friend of Naomi’s who was very...

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Apr 9, 2011 - Sunny Southgate and Naomi and Ian

Friday 8th April. Today we left our friends Gilly and Julian and drove up my sister Naomi. Naomi and Ian have moved into the ‘ancestral home’ and are now in the process of renovating the house. Saturday 9th April. Managed to get three walks in today. First across Arnos Park to the shops to buy a couple of newspapers. The second, with Naomi to walk the dogs around Arnos Park (it was 56 years ago that I first walked around the park!!) and the third up to the Cherry Tree to buy an orange lollipop. The Cherry trees along Morton Way have just...

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