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Jun 19, 2013 - Car prepped and ready to go!

Hi Everyone, Well there was no internet at Le Mans, so we are catching up now... After we got back from Silverstone, the next three days were spent with family and getting the car ready for the trip. The water bottle was leaking which meant taking the undertray off the car to get to the washer bottle. Once we did this we could remove the bottle and superglue it together. Putting the undertray back on was another story... The car and occupants were now ready to head to Le Mans!!!

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Sep 7, 2008 - Another visit with Grampa

Throughout the day we had been toying with the idea of visiting Canterbury Cathedral while we were in the area (if Dover can be considered the area) but after all the walking and climbing we had done throughout the day, I think the mere thought of climbing up more steps in the cathedral exhausted Gary so instead we headed back to home. It turns out it was a good decision as the cathedral closes at 14:30 on Sundays and we would have arrived there closer to 17:00. Once we got back to Anne and Gary's, Anne and I headed over to Grandpa's house...

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Sep 6, 2008 - Family reunion

I am finally in London - a bit outside of the city, actually - and doing ok with jetlag. The flight here was fine except for the woman next to me with serious overhang. She was incredibly nice, it just made for a very uncomfortable 7 hours to Manchester. For the first few hours of the flight from Calgary I kept waiting for someone to come around with pop and water but they never did. Finally I had to go back looking for some and found out I had to pay for it. £1.50 for a half litre! Good thing I got a seat sale or else I might have to...

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