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Jan 9, 2019 - Off We Go

Day 1 - We’re off! The first leg is a coach trip down to Heathrow. We left at midday & got to our overnight hotel near Heathrow airport about 6.30pm. Nice & clean & only a short bus ride from the airport, our pensioners bus passes are a blessing. We had our first American meal after we had settled in, we walked down the road to a nearby McDonalds, a good start.

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Southwest USA - 2019

Dec 16, 2018 - London

On Friday, we got up at 3:30 am (2:30 am London time) and got an Uber to the airport. It’s about a 50 minute drive and our driver kept falling asleep. David kept yelling at him to keep him away and he drifted across the lanes. Good times. We got there alive and went through all kinds of contortions to get through passport control and security. German airports are not fun, folks. Avoid if possible. Got to London, the bag David borrowed from me was smashed on the corner, so we spent some time getting a new bag and then Paddington Expressed to...

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Oct 26, 2018 - London, England, UK to Seattle WA, USA. (HOME!!!) [end of trip, last entry]

The alarm went off at 5:00a.m., this morning. Instead of Marina leaving first, like as always been the norm .. it is my turn to leave ahead of her. I was down at reception at 5:50a.m..... looking over my charges, and closing the account, after all the tallies, like mini bar and breakfast had been added. It was then the the concierge interrupted my departure toward the entrance of the hotel: “Mrs. Knepper..... I am so sorry to tell you, but your driver may be 15-20 minutes late!”, he said informatively. “What? No this can not be. I have to...

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Oct 25, 2018 - RITZ London, Last day in London: [mani/pedi, harrods pizza, grandmother's house on St. James]

Last day in London........ Good morning to our last breakfast together for this vacation. Our time in London has been a lot of fun, with shopping, dinners and shows, and just trying to walk around. Today, Marina is going to have her berries and coffee, while I endulge myself with a manicure and pedicure. (pic) (pic) After finishing her breakfast, and I was on my pedicure, Marina went to bank to take care of some business before returning to Rennes, and then a couple weeks after that, back to Milena (Cannes) for 10 days or so. When Marina...

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Oct 24, 2018 - RITZ London. [burlington arcade, walking down Piccadilly]. PROGY AND BESS

After breakfast we went up to Burlington Arcade just one more time. Those windows, those jewels — what can I say. Heaven and fascinatingly beautiful. After strolling thru the arcade, we walked down Piccadilly. As we were coming back to the hotel, Marina blurted out: “Oh,this is St. James Place. My grandmother was born at home here, at #29!” We just had to take a look. The marble cascade was still there, but #29 St. James Place is now a very up market pharmacy. As it was getting late, we headed back to the hotel, and met in the tea room for...

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Oct 23, 2018 - RITZ London. [Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly Arcade]. STRICKLY BALLROOM

We decided that we prefer breakfast in our room, as opposed to the main dining room. So today we added avacado toast to our regular order. (pic) (pic) We lazed around our room this morning — it felt really good not to have any specific place we wanted to go by a specific time. Before we knew it — it was time for lunch. Rather than going out and trying to find some place to eat , we lazily had lunch in the room. (pic) After lunch we went down Piccadilly to Fortnam and Mason. This is the classiest, up-market department store. I have loved...

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Oct 22, 2018 - RITZ London: [walking down old and new Bond Streets]. TINA

Good morning. Today Marina and I went downstairs to the main dining room to enjoy their over-extensively stocked array of an English buffet breakfast. Marina excitedly jumped up and went for the salmon delicacy, and returned to the table in time to have her coffee and orange juice being put at her place. (pic) Me? I wanted to do the breakfast buffet, with the addition of something I saw on the main menu. “Avacado toast on sourdough”...... thanks to Mary Jo... this has become a real favorite way for me to begin my day. When the avocado...

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Oct 22, 2018 - The last leg

Home again! We spent a lovely few days in Singapore with Lan's parents. We mostly were recovering from our jet lag, but also managed to fit in seeing The Wife (excellent performance from Glenn Close) and a lovely lunch at the French Taratata Bistrot (which is oddly in Chinatown). But it’s always good to be back, especially after a long trip, and we’re looking forward to catching up with our friends and regale them with our travel tales! Thanks for coming along with us on our trip!

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Oct 20, 2018 - RITZ London: [Burlington Arcade] “GUYS AND DOLLS” concert

Our breakfast for two. This is what I call an “expanded selfie”, if you look in the mirror, I am definitely here. (pic) Our breakfasts in London are very relaxing. We are not in a hurry to do or complete anything. The only project we have going for our day is Burlington Arcade. (pic) After finishing our breakfast, we put on our coats, and were going to amble up Piccadilly to Burlington Arcade. I was surprised that I made the 3 + blocks and began the “Burlington stroll”, without any extra effort. I do so love this arcade, and spend a lot of...

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Oct 19, 2018 - RITZ London #321 [in the room day] “ALLADIN”

Gee, I forgot to show you my travel map yesterday, so I am showing it to you now. (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) ———————————————- Today was Marina’s first full day of vacation since May. Both of us had decided, that one full day in the room doing nothing but luxuriating with a massage for Marina and a manicure for me. But first of all, our room service breakfast. (pic) The rest of the day we just hung around our room, reading and watching movies, until it was time to go to the theatre. Our car and driver picked us up at 6:45p and by 7:00p we...

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Oct 18, 2018 - Vieux Port, Cannes, FR to London, England, UK. [RITZ London, room #321]

This breakfast seemed to taste the very best — filled with memories of another wonderful year of adventures. Unfortunately along with Marina’s perfect egg white omelette, fresh squeezed orange juice and chocolate croissant — all this can not be duplicated by anyone else, or in any other part of the world — except on the world of Milena. (pic) Doors, drawers and cabinets have all been gone thru, and bags are almost ready to go. Marina still has to put a few more things in Jacques bag. Although the way she is going — for everything she puts...

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