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May 11, 2015 - Cabinet rooms, horse guards, Downing St & Suitcase

It was the routine breakfast at Pret in Angel this morning. We had a very nice guy who served us and took our photo. The mission was then to find a replacement suitcase, and the street market was shut on Mondays. We traipsed around Angel and down to Kings Cross St Pancras with no luck. Any luggage places we found were horrendously expensive ($250+). After a good hour's walking we topped up our Oyster card and headed off to Charing Cross station. On the way we passed a heavily fortified Downing Street where there was a very orderly group of...

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May 10, 2015 - Hampton Court Palace

Mark's friend Richard Juzwin caught up with us after breakfast which we had at the Pret at Waterloo Station. We bought Oyster cards which are very easy to use, like Myki, but much easier to purchase (with helpful staff) and you get £5 refunded when you've finished using them. There were some guys dressed in suits and medals celebrating 70 years since VE Day. We took the Jubilee line to Hampton Court Palace where Henry 8th, Cardinal Wolsely & William 3rd lived. Enormous Palace which catered for 600 people at a time, with a gluttonous array...

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May 9, 2015 - Arriving in London

Melbourne airport is a disgrace. What a shocking impression we give to visitors!! Hong Kong on the other hand is superb....a city in itself with free wifi and charging stations! Our flight was uneventful except for a little girl who was crying because her mum wouldn't let her go outside to play! Watched "unbroken", "the theory of everything" and a German (Auf das Leben) film about an older Jewish lady who forms an unlikely attachment to a young removalist. Had about 2-3 hours of broken sleep altogether and were shattered when we arrived...

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May 6, 2015 - London

6/5/2015 Up late (early afternoon) shower and off to Crouch End for lunch and investigation in the misty rain and wind. Vicki made appointment to have hair done 12:45 on 7/05/15 but not confident it’s the right choice of cutters. Found PO where to post parcels home. Weather improved in afternoon and we did some shopping (milk cereals tea and wine. Back to Tim & Garth’s for cup of tea and Vicki settled in to Orange is the New Black. Tea was at the Railway Tavern – beer and wine – with accompaniment from Irish jug band (banjo/mandolin, guitar...

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Apr 29, 2015 - Day 15. London.

Day 15. 29/4/15. I forgot - 4 pack of yoghurt - 33p. Bargain! Waiting on the station this morning when an announcement came over the loudspeaker 'Attention, attention, would all passengers on the station evacuate immediately'. I was ready to take off at a great rate of knots, when the lady standing next to me said that it was only a drill, and that an announcement had been made about a minute prior saying that there would a test. We were coming down in the lift and missed the first call. Bit scary! We joined the boat for a river cruise to...

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Apr 28, 2015 - Day 14. London

Day 14. 28/4/15. Nice relaxed start to the day - getting to be a habit. Some months ago Ian saw a show on tv about the semi-mythical river Fleet which was culverted and hidden from view due to 19th century railway development, which also resulted in the old St. Pancras churchyard being built on and the need to move graves. In 1865 the job of removing graves and exhuming the interred fell to Thomas Hardy, who at the time was studying architecture, and later became an author. A wheel of tombstones, each spoke made up of 2 rows back to back,...

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Apr 27, 2015 - Day 13. London

Day 13. 27/4/15. No more stress! Yeah! Navigation duties are over! After a huge pub breakfast which neither of us could do justice to, we wandered around the village of Faringdon, which is an old Market Town and our pub was right on The Square. Very Old English, and a lovely village to spend our last night in the country. 10am - London here we come! I've been worried about this for days, but we managed to return hire car to Heathrow Airport without any wrong turns. Amazing! Caught the Tube to Earls Court, walked to our hotel, and the whole...

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Apr 26, 2015 - London #2

Monday: As Annie was driving into central London, she very kindly gave us a lift to Buckingham Palace (to see the Queen? Afraid not!). We walked down Birdcage Walk beside St James Park and joined the queue for Westminster Abbey. With the aid of a very informative audio guide we shuffled our way around with the crowd for a couple of hours. It is a most awe-inspiring experience although after a while it gives the impression of a huge and famous cemetery – Heather could not understand why it was referred to as “a living church” when it is full...

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Apr 20, 2015 - London #1

Friday: Stratford on Avon. After a return visit to Robert Welch to check where to purchase their wares in Australia, we caught the bus to Stratford on Avon. Most of the day was spent ambling around the village admiring the old half timbered buildings but we did make a point of visiting the Church of the Holy Trinity where Shakespeare was christened, married and buried. The day was sunny but quite a bit colder with a biting wind in places. By 3pm we were ready for the bus home and chatted to a couple from Cambridge. The man had been...

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Apr 9, 2015 - Free* Travel and other vacation excitement

In the last 18 months I have been actively pursuing a hobby of what is referred to in our household as "credit card churning". The purpose being to access free or discounted travel to stretch our retirement budget. This trip being a rather spur of the moment decision, has benefited from the accumulation of a number of points/miles in our bank. For those who are unfamilar with this hobby, it requires applying for multiple credit cards (if you want a chuckle, ask John how many are in HIS wallet), meeting minimum spending requirements in order...

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Mar 21, 2015 - The Gerrards

Such a special day yesterday - catching up with most of The Gerrard Family. So good to see everyone. Gina thanks for making us feel so welcome and cant wait to catch up more when we are next back in London. Now just waiting for our Taxi to turn up to take us onto our next journey - wonder if he provides a complimentary drink and snack - See you soon Uncle Phill xxx

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Mar 20, 2015 - Granddaughter's Day

We had moved to the campground near Cambridge to do a round of family visits. One day we went to London to have a granddaughter’s day. It was the first time we had met our new (soon to be adopted) granddaughter Evie who is 10 months old. She was adorable. Didi was enjoying being big sister and was growing up fast. A very enjoyable day.

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