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Sep 27, 2016 - London

I spent 5 hours at the British Museum today and barely scratched the surface! I saw parts of the Parthenon, Egyptian mummies (lots of them), had a tour of the Age of Enlightenment, visited ancient civilizations, and Roman Britain. What a phenomenal museum! Kevin went to the Imperial War Museum to catch up on what he had missed the first time. These two beautiful train stations are right beside each other down the street from our hotel.

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Oct 8, 2015 - October 7 - 8 2015

2015-Oct-07-London It's still raining...We had a slow start to the day...Chris slept late because he was awake from midnight to 4 am reading a book. Tim went out and found a Starbucks and a newspaper...and so it went. So let's say the day started with meeting Kimber for lunch in a pub called 'Coach and Horses'. After lunch, we met a tour guide who was going to walk us around the St. James area and Green Park and tell us about the history. I've asked our gang for some help recalling what we learned and with all of our memory cells pooled...

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Oct 7, 2015 - London October 5-6

London- October 5th Our holiday started on a positive note because we had a few hours of sleep on the flight from Edmonton to London! On the drive in from the airport, I like to observe the other cars and people on the roads, but today was a rainy warm day and the windows of the taxi were fogged up. I wiped it with my hand a couple of times but it immediately fogged up again so I gave up and closed my eyes. We arrived at our hotel and as I stepped out of the taxi, Kimber came walking up with an umbrella...perfect timing. The three of us...

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Oct 6, 2015 - The Pug Yard Blues

Wow, we have come to the end of our England adventures. Tomorrow it is off to the airport and hopefully back home. We voyaged out to Windsor today and did a little touring about. The castle is immense, with lots of rooms for assorted ancillary personnel as well as for the royal households who think that they should live there as well, for some reason. I was distracted by a sign for the "Pug Yard", which had me envisioning flocks of rampaging Pugs needing their own frolicking area, although I suspect that there is some other, more mundane...

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Oct 5, 2015 - Rainy day in London

Well, we have had our first rainy day since we arrived (although it is quite a gentle, piddly rain if you ask me). Fortunately, we spent most of it indoors ambling around Victorian London, or so it seemed. We spent the morning at the Natural History Museum. The guide book stated that it was in a Victorian building, so I was envisioning some old Victorian mansion. Instead it is a block long, Victorian monument to the Natural Sciences. The building itself was simply amazing; looking a bit like a castle, but instead of gargoyles there were...

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Oct 1, 2015 - Eurostar from St Pancras International

After an amazing night at St Pancras (note to self: NOT St Pancreas!!!) we set off for the Eurostar with ease. Great, no queues and straight through passport control with no pat down 𿘕 Used to happen all the time when I was young!!!! Train was fairly comfortable but a word of warning the toilets were completely unusable and the train staff didn't give a hoot (excuse the pun!!) however we were so excited to be on our way that nothing was going to spoil the journey 𿚽𿘷

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Sep 25, 2015 - Footloose and Footsore

Today we became tourist fiends, and have the sore feet (and knees and backs) to prove it. At least the Precious (striiv to the uninitiated) was happy; nearly 20,000 steps! We voyaged into the main hub of old London; seeing Westminster Abbey which was the same amazing mixture of awesomely beautiful and cluttered like the back of someone's attic that I remembered. Very humbling at any rate. Afterwards, we toured the Winston Churchill War Rooms, which I had never seen before and highly recommend. Very interactive combination of seeing the...

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Sep 24, 2015 - Heading Home

Not a very exciting day! We went down for breakfast then finished our packing, checked out and sat in the lobby for a while reading and doing puzzles. Went to the restaurant we have favoured for dinner and had lunch. We were at the other end of the pavement and were surprised at how extensive it is. Even being inside last night had not revealed how large an establishment it is. We returned to the hotel and waited for the shuttle to pick us up. He was a little late and made two pick ups on the way to the airport. The driving was horrific and...

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France & Rome

Sep 24, 2015 - Hampton Court and Portraits, Portraits, Portraits.

What a fun day!! We went out to Hampton Court Palace; the haunt of Henry VIII, Cardinal Wolsey, several of Henry's wives, etc. It is wonderfully preserved as a Tudor palace; and we happily roamed around from site to site; the kitchens were vast cauldrons of beef simmered awaiting placement into thousands of pies (I kept hearing the lyrics from Sweeney Todd...); huge spits of beef, fish, fowl, etc., were prepared each day. The apartments of Henry VIII were lovely, with incredible wooden ceilings, tapestries and stained glass. The chapel was...

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Sep 9, 2015 - Cruising the Thames

After about 5 hours at the Imperial War Museum, we walked towards the river and found it only a few blocks away. We found the dock beneath the London Eye, and booked a cruise on the Thames. We were early so got to watch the buskers. A young girl singing very nicely, a London bobby and some other human statues, and one guy who was just setting up. He put on Mambo No 5 loudly and Kevin started dancing. Pretty soon they were dancing together! It was a riot. The cruise was great, seeing landmarks from a different perspective. The girls who...

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Sep 8, 2015 - Imperial War Musem

This place is hard on your feet. The exhibits are so absorbing that 2 hours later I realized I had lost Kevin and my feet were killing me. WWI, WWII, Secret War, Exraordinary Heroes, Holocaust, A Woman's War - impossible to see them in one day. It is truly an amazing place for history or war buffs. We've been here about 4 hours and I've had enough for one day. There are tourists from everywhere, and alot of the staff are international as well. Plenty of kids running around doing their assignments, and many in classes getting lectures.

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Sep 8, 2015 - Not doing much day in London

Sept. 8-Not doing much day Today we just wandered around Wellington Monument, then onto Oxford Circus, Regent Street and Carnaby Street. We spent a little time in Selfridge’s. We had lunch on the rooftop. Carnaby Street was interesting-lots of little shops. But we were shopping for possible clothes for Egypt, and all the shops were offering winter clothes. We took the Underground to Sloane Street Station, which was a little farther and West and South of our place. That gave us a fresh perspective on our neighborhood. We found many more...

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