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May 2, 2016 - Day 10: Last day in London

Our last day in London... I think everyone is over it. It's cool but it's like any other big city in the world. This morning we went to watch the change of guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace. We also went to the Natural History Museum. The museum actually had about 20 minutes wait to get in. The place is huge! It was very crowded. Had a great day but everyone was tired to made an early day of it so we could go back, do some laundry, and pack. It's on to Paris tomorrow.

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May 1, 2016 - Day 9: Family visit

Today was our off day. Just took the day to sleep in and lounge around the "flat". Afzel chachu and his wif with Kashi chachu and his 2 daughters came to visit us. We went out for dinner at Indian Tandoori infront of King Cross Station. Chachi kept calling everyone "darling" LOL 𯘂𯘂𯘂 Kashi chachu drove us to the Globe Theater to watch Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. We were more than an hour late to the play. Once we actually got there the play made no sense whatsoever. Had no idea what was going on. We left at the interval. It...

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Apr 30, 2016 - Day 8: Exploring London, Part 2

Took the day to explore some more of London. Went to the Tower bridge, Tower of London, saw the crowned jewels. Went to Hampton court palace. The gardens were beautiful! Everyone was so tired so came straight back to the apartment from the palace. I think I have officially exhausted everyone. Just like that week one of my vacation is over. It's time to take an off day... Maybe a partial off day tomorrow...

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Apr 29, 2016 - Day 7: Exploring London

Seriously, why are pictures not allowed anywhere! Started exploring London with St. Paul's cathedral but off course there are no photagraphy allowed. Didn't expect to spend so much time there but ended up joining a tour group and the guide was really interesting. Climbed to the top of the dome. The views are pretty amazing! Went to Westminster Abbey next and off course no photagraphy still very annoying. Zarish and I joined the priest in a small prayer at the Abbey, mom joined us but when the priest started reading the prayer mom freaked a...

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Apr 21, 2016 - London again

Took our 1st Tube ride today to Hyde Park. Buses just too slow. Gardens were beautiful, love seeing all those cold climate flowers e.g. Tulips, jonquils, daffodils. We had planned on watching the changing of the guards today but a local told us that there would be a 21 gun salute for the Queens birthday today close to where we were. What could we do?? Anyway with the pomp and ceremony that only the Pommies can do we were lucky enough to witness this event. After a bite to eat in Mayfair and a wander down Piccadilly we felt (as I'm sure many...

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Apr 20, 2016 - London

Uneventful flight from Hong Kong if you don't count the police coming onboard before we disembarked???? We've got a really nice studio on the south side of the Thames close to the Tower Bridge. Took the easy way out today and jumped on the hop on hop off bus. Needed to recover from all the walking in Hong Kong and the flight. Saw many of the well known sites but it took ages as the traffic was horrendous. Seems like I missed the news that it is the Queen's birthday tomorrow. Found our local pub this arvo which was full of old gentlemen who...

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Feb 29, 2016 - Flying Home To The UK

The taxi picked us up at 7.30am & duly delivered us to the airport departure area where we once again went slowly through the immigration process. Good job we had plenty of time as it was terribly slow. After a ten hour flight & five movies later we landed at Istanbul airport where we waited on the ground for nearly an hour before we disembarked. Some problem with fog & parking berths. By then we only had half an hour before our onward flight to London was due to leave so it was a rush then to get to our departure gate. We made it with...

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Feb 1, 2016 - How to travel England unplugged

This blog is for the Indian travellers who dream of visiting the city of London on their own. I visited England with my family. The trip was planned by ourselves from scratch. With no tour packages, no travel guides, the four of us (all adults) were just on our own. We started proper planning two months ahead of our travel in July 2015. We first booked an apartment in London Borough of Hackney on AirBNB by making the full payment in advance. While you do this, you need to make sure that the cancellation policy of the owner is Flexible or...

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Feb 1, 2016 - Slowly getting there!

Our flight to London was a breeze, thanks to Dougie insisting he's flying us Business Class! Doug you are the best - and you are right that the LHR Air Canada lounge was AWESOME!! (Hey Wendi, my seat had more legroom under the console than we have ever had under TMB's desk!! Lol!) Now onto Johannesburg, then Cape Town. So far so good!! I am SO excited!

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Jan 27, 2016 - Stephane's London Trip

Few days ago, I went to London for official trip. Actually, my company was conducting a merge with a retailing company of London to launch our services at there. However, after the completion of official, I visited many places in London. However, this was not my first trip to London but this was very first time when I enjoyed a lot here. The name of my hotel was “summer hotel” that was located in the centre of London city. Firstly, I visited the London Eye because my friend offered me that he would to pay all expenses of our visit to London...

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Jan 7, 2016 - Not Enough Time in London

Or maybe it was enough time. I mean I saw many of the "big" things, like the Westminster Abbey (sorry Tiffany Nelson, I didn't have enough time to actually pay to go in! Yikes), Big Ben (who I heard chime oh so beautifully), Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guards (WAY WAY too many selfie sticks and tourists, hardly got a peek when they were actually at the Palace), Hyde Park and Green Park, and of course.....Shakespeare's Globe theatre. That would've been a huge let down since it's not the ACTUAL Globe if it weren't for the fact...

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Jan 2, 2016 - Return To London

Goal was to on the road by 8. We were on the road by 8:15 and pulled up to our hotel by 11:20. Everyone just kind of split up in different directions. I guess with a 7 hour plane ride facing us tomorrow morning, everyone wanted some downtime. Home tomorrow. Sweet Home Chicago . . . Life Is Good!

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