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Jan 11, 2020 - Off To London First

Day 1 - Sat. 10th Jan Well it’s not a straight away start today, we are going to go down to London to meet up with Mary & all her family for a surprise birthday party for her eldest son, Daniel. He lives & works in London & his girlfriend has arranged the party in a cafe in Balham, South London. As we were heading off to Spain & Portugal via the Channel Tunnel it was ideal for us to drop in so I booked a night at the Caravan & Motorhome Club site at Crystal Palace. The day started with a trip down to the Lowestoft Car Hire depot with Mary...

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Sep 24, 2019 - Last day in London

Today is our last day of what has been a truly grand adventure. We started the day by heading back to the Globe theater.  We went on a tour of the Globe that was led by a Welsh girl named Ffion who was  absolutely brilliant! The current Globe was a project of Sam Wanamaker which was completed in 1997. Unfortunately Sam died before it was completed. It is built using as much info as possible to make it identical to the original Globe that had burnt down during a performance in the 1600's. The fire was started by a canon that was being used...

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Sep 15, 2019 - Cambridge & London

We started today with a nice breakfast from a Bakery/Cafe in Cambridge which was followed by a nice relaxing punt. We  had a private boat down the River Cam past a lot of beautiful buildings. There was a mix of housing, colleges and churches. All buildings with river frontage have heritage protection. We went under Issac Newtons Mathematical bridge. There is a story that it was held together with no nuts and bolts, then one day some students pulled it apart to work out how he had done it. Unfortunately to get it back together they had to...

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Sep 2, 2019 - Buckingham Palace

We were lucky enough to get a tour inside Buckingham Palace today. Unfortunately there are no cameras allowed inside the Palace, but we went into The Quadrangle, The Grand Staircase, The Throne Room, The Green Drawing Room, and many more. We saw a lot of beautiful old art, historic thrones, and lots of other historic Royal pieces. It was a truly amazing experience. Logan thought it was "really cool", and Xavier said "it was awesome". We had lunch at the Palace, and each enjoyed a beautiful raspberry macaroon after lunch. We then went into...

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Sep 1, 2019 - The Tower of London

Today is Fathers Day in Australia, so we started with the kids making breakfast for Phil & Jonathan. We visited The Tower of London. We started here by looking at The Crown Jewels as there was no queue (which apparently is very uncommon). The display is extremely impressive. The age of some items is mind boggling. We went on one of the Beef Eaters tours. Beef Eaters are the guards who look after the Tower of London, and the Queens Jewels. Our Beef Eater was Christopher who is the Raven Master. Legend says that the Kingdom of England will...

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Aug 31, 2019 - Finsbury Park, Harrods & Natural History Museum

We had a bit of a later start today. We went to the local park (Finsbury Park) and the kids spent a bit of time on the playing in the autumn leaves, and on the play grounds. Next to Finsbury Park is a Lidl Supermarket that we went to check out (very Aldi). We bought some bits for a picnic lunch to eat in the park. When we finished our picnic, we headed into town. We had a look at the Equestrian Statue of the Duke of Wellington, Wellington Arch, Australian War Memorial, and the Royal Artillery Memorial. From here we walked through...

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Aug 30, 2019 - Warner Bros. Studio London; The making of Harry Potter

Today we visited the Warner Bros. Studio London; The making of Harry Potter. We expected to spend a few hours here, but ended up here for almost 7. The amount of props, sets and information was awesome. We also all got to enjoy a Butter Beer with our lunch. We visited many sets such as The Great Hall, and The Gryffindor common room and boys dorm, the moving staircases, Hagrid’s Hut, Harry’s cupboard under the stairs and many more. We were also lucky enough to see the new (added 3 months ago) reproduced Gringotts which is using all of the...

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Aug 29, 2019 - A walking tour with Jonnie!

Today we had a walking tour with a brilliant guide that we had been recommended (Thanks Luke & Becky). We met up with Jonnie our tour guide next to Tower Hill Station. If you are coming to London, and would like a walking tour, then we would recommend Jonnie! Jonnie was incredibly knowledgeable and has a passion for history was evident. Jonnie showed us part of an ancient Roman wall from the second century. Jonnie explained the layout of the two towns of London (Londinium). Jonnie then took us to the Tower Hill execution sites and showed us...

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Aug 28, 2019 - Some History.

We spent another day walking around more sites of London. We started with a visit to the British Museum where we saw some amazing historical pieces like the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon Marbles, An Easter Island Moai, Egyptian Mummies, and The Holy Thorn Reliquary which is an ornate piece that houses a thorn from Christ’s Crown of thorns. After leaving the Museum we had a picnic lunch in Russell Square Gardens, then we continued our history theme with a visit to the Abbey Road studios, and the Abbey Road crossing used on the cover of the...

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Aug 27, 2019 - Brief stop in London

We three landed In London and took the train to our hotel in the Lancaster Gate area. We walked around in the area and Hyde park, had dinner and are going to bed. The only difficulty is it is very hot and humid and the hotel doesn’t have air on. Not such a typical problem in London.

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Aug 27, 2019 - We Walked..

Well today we had a huge day of walking around London! We started with a trip on the Underground to Leicester Square. Then we walked! We started off at the Shakespeare monument in Leicester Square, had a look through all 4 levels of M&M world and walked down Regent St admiring the old buildings. It feels like you are walking through a movie set. It feels extremely surreal to be here, and the movie set feeling doesn’t help that feeling at all. We walked through to The Mall, while walking down here we waved at the Apple Maps car, in 3...

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Aug 26, 2019 - Flying in and a bit of wandering around.

Quite a long "first day" flew out of Melbourne at 4 PM on Sunday and arrived after 14 hours in Abu Dhabi at around midnight local time. We have a 3 hour gap that blew out a bit. The airport at Abu Dhabi was packed, even though it was between 12 and 3 AM on a Monday morning. The 7 hour flight to Heathrow was smooth and we made up some time. After clearing customs etc (about 15 minutes) we found our way on the trains to our flat. We had a few things to do here, but we soon headed out to Kings Cross Station for a look, then experiencing the...

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