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Oct 20, 2018 - RITZ London: [Burlington Arcade] “GUYS AND DOLLS” concert

Our breakfast for two. This is what I call an “expanded selfie”, if you look in the mirror, I am definitely here. (pic)

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Oct 19, 2018 - RITZ London #321 [in the room day] “ALLADIN”

Gee, I forgot to show you my travel map yesterday, so I am showing it to you now. (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) ———————————————- Today was Marina’s first full day of vacation since May. Both of us had decided, that one full day in the room doing nothing but luxuriating with a massage for Marina and a manicure for me. But first of all, our room service breakfast. (pic) The rest of the day we just hung around our room, reading and watching movies, until it was time to go to the theatre. Our car and driver picked us up at 6:45p and by 7:00p we...

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Oct 18, 2018 - Vieux Port, Cannes, FR to London, England, UK. [RITZ London, room #321]

This breakfast seemed to taste the very best — filled with memories of another wonderful year of adventures. Unfortunately along with Marina’s perfect egg white omelette, fresh squeezed orange juice and chocolate croissant — all this can not be duplicated by anyone else, or in any other part of the world — except on the world of Milena. (pic) Doors, drawers and cabinets have all been gone thru, and bags are almost ready to go. Marina still has to put a few more things in Jacques bag. Although the way she is going — for everything she puts...

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Sep 22, 2018 - On the road again

We have come to the end of our cycling tour of the Cotswolds! Although we only managed to cycle on three of the days, we still enjoyed the trip immensely. This region is what many people think of when they talk about the “English countryside”, with it's little twisty laneways, green fields and pretty, immaculate villages, and it's clearly a favourite with tourists. We also generally found the people to be very friendly and helpful, which made the visit all the more pleasant. We were given big hugs by our host on our departure, and a taxi...

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Sep 17, 2018 - Final Update

My apologies for the significant delay in posting journal updates over the last week. Our connection to WiFi has been limited or none at all. After our outstanding stay at Kapama, we headed on to Johannesburg, SA (aka Joberg) for two nights. Our private guide picked up us for a visit to the Apartheid Museum which included a special Nelson Mandela exhibition. Both were fantastic! Learned so much about the period of apartheid and the dedication and commitment by Nelson Mandela to end it. From there our guide took us to Soweto (Southwestern...

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Sep 13, 2018 - From Brompton factory to Roman London

We had a day of contrasts today, starting off looking at the latest technologies and manufacturing methods at the Brompton folding bicycle factory, and ending with a visit to one of the most important Roman archaeological finds in London of the 20th century. Our day began with a tube journey out to Greenford in the west, past Wembley and Ealing, to visit the Brompton factory. It’s a long way out, and increasingly we passed through what looked more like villages than suburbs of London. Greenford itself is ancient, dating back to at least 848...

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Sep 12, 2018 - Museum Day!

The forecast was for a cool rainy day today, so we decided to do some indoors activities; that is, head to some museums. But first we decided to treat ourselves to a proper breakfast. Jane found a lovely little café around the corner from us in Judd Street, called Half Cup. It has a very similar vibe to Melbourne cafés and we stuffed ourselves with their traditional English breakfast, which was delicious. We decided to revisit the British Museum because of course it’s so huge that each visit can only cover a small corner of its collections....

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Sep 11, 2018 - The Grand Union Canal

Today we hired a couple of bicycles so that we could explore a little further afield. Of course what we really wanted to do was to hire Bromptons, but various issues thwarted us, and we had to settle for regular bikes from On Your Bike, a shop right next to Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market. So we headed back to London Bridge to pick up the rather sturdy hybrids, which felt wierd to ride after being used to Bromptons. We headed west along the south bank of the Thames and crossed Blackfriars Bridge, heading north towards Regents Park....

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Sep 10, 2018 - Bank and Borough

Our first full day in London! And while the sun wasn't exactly shining, it was mild, which made for pleasant walking weather. With the aid of our lovely melatonin pills, we were both able to get some much needed sleep, and so woke refreshed and ready to tackle a few administrative matters and have our first look at London in seven years. Firstly we obtained the essential local SIM cards, which happily will work in Europe too (at least until March next year). Then we hopped on the Tube to get to Bank, which is, not unexpectedly, just near...

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Sep 9, 2018 - Acetone and seat recliners

Today is a travel day. We had a leisurely breakfast with Lan's parents before heading out to the airport for our midday flight. We decided to both opt for aisle seats on our Singapore Airlines flight, which meant we had different neighbours. Jane had the unfortunate "instant seat recliner" in front of her, and so spent the whole flight squashed in her seat (not to mention also having the person next to her popping up and down like a jack-in-the-box all flight). Lan had a neighbour who insisted on doing her nails (three coats!), which spewed...

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Sep 3, 2018 - Melbourne to London

Off to the airport from home at 2am but my hopes of empty seats were dashed when I saw the crowd for the only flight leaving at 5am. Well looked after on the flight to Dubai where there was a quick move to the next flight up and down escalators in and out of lifts on and of train then onto the next flight and very happy to arrive at Heathrow, find my way to Terminal 5 to catch the Hoppa bus to my hotel for the night. A refreshing shower and good sleep until 4 am when I had to get ready for the Hoppa bus back to the airport.

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Aug 20, 2018 - London/Athens/Corfu to Milena (Gouvia Marina)

Early morning wake up call, and breakfast in the room, before catching my ride to the airport. (pic) The RITZ had arranged another “meet and greet” for me at the airport. Hearing of the fiasco yesterday, concierge Andy took extra care in arranging this ‘meet and greet’, and even put the hotel wheel chair in the car, along with one of the hotel trusted employees to make sure that all was going to be as it should be. Once we arrived at Heathrow, the limo driver said we were to look for somebody smartly dressed, in a white jacket. We found...

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