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Sep 5, 2010 - A Party!

A large number of people - friends and family - came to lunch and tea on 5th september to see the Aston packed and ready to go. Kind friends brought cake, sandwiches and biscuits and we had reasonable weather so this was the first party ever held almost entirely in our drive. There is still some paperwork to do but at least I have a bag full of clothes! Roger and Margaret came with their Aston, also ready to go.

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Rallye Med 2010

Nov 12, 2009 - London

Hello People we have finally made it!!!! Sitting in a internet cafe in London updating you all. The place is even more beautiful in real life!!!! Everything is so so so very different here... the buildings, the cars and the emergency services... it feels like you are on another planet!!!! Will update the photo's soon of the trip so far!!!!! Well Singapore Airport was interesting... had a funky smell to it... had the best tasting beef noodles for dinner!!!! We are doing a little sight seeing at the moment until we can book into our hotel...

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Jun 20, 2009 - Time to Leave

Boy, oh boy ! Did we do the rounds in the British Isles ? .... and then some ! Fabulous scenery, interesting history, warm hospitality and near perfect weather most of the time ...it just couldn't have been any better. We simply loved the villages, the waterways and the brilliant main road system although we're still a little jittery from exploring the extremely narrow village roads, made even tighter with parked cars. Traffic speed, as in Ireland, was amazing particularly on narrow thoroughfares where a fast moving snail would be too much...

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May 11, 2009 - Arrival UK

Our morning arrival into Heathrow allowed us time to immediately hit the road north to Cambridge for our first night although readjusting to RH drive in London's traffic may have caused the Poms a few concerns..... but they got over it ok! The foul weather didn't help but when it settled, so did we and were eager for a good night's rest. We loved the old feel of Cambridge and enjoyed long walks through it's narrow streets. We even managed to 'lose' our car park for awhile...you can't help bad luck! From Cambridge we headed towards York,...

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Dec 19, 2008 - Greetings From England

Please click on Southern England map to see where we are. We got on our planned flight from Atlanta Monday and were fortunate to have Business Class seats. With a reasonably good tailwind we landed early, in less than eight hours. We had a decent meal and both of us watched the movie “Mama Mia.” Afterwards Lynda slept until breakfast (about an hour before landing), while I watched a hilarious Dana Carvey HBO show, listened to music, and followed our progress across the North Atlantic on TV. I find it difficult to sleep on airplanes;...

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Dec 10, 2008 - One month until closing time

Can you believe it? Just 30 days to go before I venture out into a destiny less well known. In between, well, there's a fair few things to do before I can hang the 'Gone for a break, back in 1-2 years' sign on my front door. The small matters of a job to finish, a house to rent, permanent belongings to store and transitory belongings to pack. With good fortune there'll also be time to relax over a glass of mulled wine, make a toast to Christmas present and celebrate the passing of a largely annus horribilis (that's not the after effects...

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Oct 6, 2008 - London

Arrived in London around 11:00 local time and took a surface train from Stansted airport directly to the Paddington station. From there we walked right to our hotel. Only a few blocks. Our hotel is in a strip of once was probably townhomes laid out in a square with a park in the middle. All of them in this area and throughout other areas we discovered, converted to hotels. Our room is small, but does have it's own bathroom, unlike Venice. The bathroom however, was added in the last few decades and is a "unit" that Ross comes to call the...

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Sep 29, 2008 - London - visiting Angus and Naomi for 3 days

3 hours. From the time we took off from Copenhagen, that is the amount of time it took Rikke to say to me, 'do that one more time and I'll kick your ass.' We are in London. We actually don't have any interest in this city. We were here last year visiting Angus and Naiomi and our friends from Ottawa, Jerrad and Kathleen. So now we are just in for going to a movie and relaxing. I'm also taking the time to work out my Mt Kenya trek which I will be doing with Sheila, my friend from the Natural Resource Institute at the U of M - that's a little...

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Sep 8, 2008 - Day 10 – Monday 8 September – Last day in London

Day 10 – Monday 8 September – Last day in London Our last day in London had to have a visit to Buckingham Palace, but I managed to get some girly shops done on the way there (much to the boys frustration!). I did though find a nice outfit for the wedding in Monsoon (very nice clothes) and I think I could get the hang of shopping in London – except they are heading into autumn/winter when at home we will be needing spring/summer. Oh well, I can see myself doing more shopping when we hit Scotland and I can ditch the boys! We heading to the...

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Sep 7, 2008 - Day 9 – Sunday 7 September – Fathers Day for Scott & outing to Greenwich

Day 9 – Sunday 7 September – Fathers Day for Scott & outing to Greenwich Another wet day in London – what a shock! But the weather man has promised a clearing day. After the fathers day celebrations – no I did not get breakfast in bed (infact not even a coffee in bed), we headed off for Greenwich. After the compulsory tube, light rail and bus trip we arrived at the Greenwich foot tunnel. A bit of an adventure for the kids going under the Thames – you could actually probably walk across it but we did not try that (the colour of the water...

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Sep 6, 2008 - Day 8 – Saturday 6 September – British Museum and Hamleys Toy Store

Day 8 – Saturday 6 September – British Museum and Hamleys Toy Store The boys were desperate to see lots of mummies today (rather than dinosaurs) so we headed for the British Museum where there were lots of mummies and Egyptian artefacts – up to 1500BC old!! Quite mind boggling really. The Museum was a gold mine of information and interesting stuff, and the boys again took about 100 photos each (their plan is to make a powerpoint presentation of their trip for school). We then headed out in the rain (still raining!) to a local tube station –...

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Sep 5, 2008 - Day 7 – Friday 5 September – Sarah’s 6th birthday in London

Day 7 – Friday 5 September – Sarah’s 6th birthday in London After a great night’s sleep (although Sarah snores, grinds her teeth and wiggles – entertaining when her and I have to share a bed for 5 nights!) Sarah and I wake up at 4.30am – and discover BBC tv at this time of the day is not flash! The kids channel starts at 6am, so we were ok from then! After presents for Sarah’s birthday – a digital barbie camera, a Dora purse, a Leapster petpals game, and a Disney pencil case/pack (very sad that everything is branded!) – we caught the tube...

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