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Apr 27, 2009 - DAY 4

Today was the day when, oh no, I realised, in my haste, I'd packed the pair of waterproof trousers that I keep strictly for guests. being fashion concious that I try to be, rolling over several times at the waist and trying to gather in at theankles with hair ties, wasent' the look that I particular wanted, but needs must. It was raining. Raining rather a lot which didn't help me leave quickly, the beautiful hotel at Crickhowell. the breakfast was almost as large as the dinner but I did finally roll myself out of the hotel and headed for...

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Apr 26, 2009 - DAY 3

After a much better night's sleep I leapt out of bed today, keen to suss out how bad my bruised leg was and to get ahead of Heidi (never!) We drove north so that we could approach the remaining two hills from this section of the Brecons from a northerly direction, along a ridge, not popular at all (route). We had to do a bit of fancy squeezing of our cars into a space for 1 1/2 cars (that's why I haven't got a brand new shining car, now I remember!) and headed off, onwards and upwards. It was a great route as other than a few steep pulls,...

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Apr 25, 2009 - DAY 2

The day dawned, bright and sunny and we couldn't wait to be off. Heidi was disappointed that there was only one peak on the agenda - Fan Fawr, but as there was no official path up it and all the others in the region were on the other side of the road and in a different range, and we were hoping that in the last minute Kev, may join us, they had been kept for Sunday. Well we were pleased to find that the route I'd selected was the pretty route we'd actually done in reverse, a few years ago, when we were climbing the second peak out of the...

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Apr 24, 2009 - Day 1

At last, about to start. I followed Heidi for the quickest route out of Cardiff, which, as I went via the coffee shop at Morrissons, didn't end up being that quick, but i had to suss my (first of the 40th birthday presents to be used) super duper watch that does everything except provide chocolate, so as I can suss the altitude as I climb. Yes crucial, Vanessa and no, you simply can't just know that you've gone up, because you've climbed up, you DO have to have a watch that confirms that...!!!! I got to (somewhere, these Welsh names...

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Apr 23, 2009 - Last day at work, yippeeeee!

What a relief it was to find my car still on the dubious corner next to the scaffolding, without a dent in the roof or four missing wheels. I sped off (and nearly got crushed on the Redbridge roundabout, terrible drivers....) and was finally on my way, with my car (just about able to admit it's mine) and heading to Wales for my challenge. The think that went wrong with THE CAR today, was when I arrived at Heidi's, parked adn locked, I suddenly realised I had two items in my hand, a key, and a car lock. The lock had snapped off of the key...

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Mar 22, 2009 - TRAINING

Weeeelll, the training I've been doing hasen't exactly been tailored to the pursuit of the 50 highest walkable peaks in Wales, but then again, possibly orienteering in the snow last month was actually the closest appropriate training that I actualy did do for racing to the magnetic north pole, so perhaps it's just as well that my fingers and toes have been saved and instead it's going to be my knees that will get slaughtered! The training started with the house building (good muscle building stuff is mixing cement)in Brazil in September...

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Mar 18, 2009 - All Good Things Must Come To An End... Thats All Folks!!

We are back in good old Blighty - no more need for air conditioning, sun cream, walking boots, kayaking gear or the (dreaded??) camera. At least we bought some sunshine back with us. The last 3 months have been AMAZING AND UNFORGETTABLE for us and we hope you have enjoyed reading about our trip and we look forward to sharing it in more detail and in person with you in the weeks and months ahead. Love John and Sandra

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Apr 23, 2007 - Lovely London

London seems to be one of those cities people love to hate. And, they don't hate quietly, they rant to others about how much they hate it. I think this gives London something of a bad reputation - it is a very, very big city, but if you like big busy cities, London is awesome! I love London. While living over here I've been a number of times, both for work and social visits, and it's definitely one of those cities that the more you visit, the more you discover. I have to say, were Patrick and I to do this entire 'live in the UK' thing...

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Sep 1, 2006 - The end of the beginning

Three amazing months travelling Europe are at an end. I'll be heading for Russia and Asia in under a week so there's little time to ponder, but it's been all the things I'd hoped for and more. I've learnt: 1)never be in a rush 2)smile whether things are going well or not (even if you've just been kicked off a train in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go) 3)if you want to be somewhere or do something enough, you can get there/do it. 4)check for bog roll in Moroccan toilets BEFORE you go Some favourite moments include; -England v...

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May 22, 2006 - Home & intro

1st entry so I can work out how to set things up. As I'm not the sharpest at using the computer I thought I'd make the effort now rather than spend ages getting it wrong in some foreign internet cafe. Some random photos have been added for your viewing pleasure. (original homepage intro) May 2006 Background to the trip and website... It has taken months of planning, saving, re-planning and organising. A few people reading this are probably well bored of hearing me talk about it. But at last the time has come and I'm about to set off on my...

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Jul 21, 2005 - Amsterdam - London

Thursday 21st July Amsterdam - London The weather is very cool and drizzly. We leave 6 of our friends behind here, 2 are remaining in Amsterdam looking for their family roots, 2 are visiting relatives in Malta and 2 are going to Italy also visiting families. There is an air of sadness on our bus. Our last trip together. We leave at 7.30am and head for Antwerp in Belgium. We drive through here and then to Calais. Again we go on the ferry. This time in reverse Calais to Dover. All too soon we are in London. London in chaos - more bombs have...

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Jul 17, 2005 - HOME AGAIN - London

London was a good but short visit where we tried to sort out our lives and jobs in a few days... lucky for me I got to know my god daughter Ruth who is now almost one which was a fun and terrifying experience for me! Luckily, she has a great sense of humour like her mom, so she was very understanding of my lack of experience with small people (I think she was laughing at me behind my back though...) :-) Sadly, London was grey, dirty, busy, and oh, some more bombs went off, and they shot a suspect at the tube station that I was using in S...

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