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Oct 24, 2015 - Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Hello! To leave India for Dubai could not be more mentally, emotionally, visually constrasting. Perhaps one shock to another makes the world we live in real... find oil and build a city out if sand, historically be the craddle of civilization with thousands of years of life, buildings, dysfunctional systems and or governments, gives you poverty and chaos? Yes a different world. People live and function, survive or die. What's the animal kingdom slogan about survival? I was in Dubai in 2010 and it hasn't changed much but it never stops...

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Oct 15, 2015 - arrive in Dubai

A thirteen hour flight is no one's idea of fun, but Emerirates did what they could after waiting so long for us to get on the plane. The entertainment system had so many offerings, we did not read or listen to any of the things we'd brought from home. The wine was free, food edible with decent portions. In a way we spent most of the shortened day flying. It was dark when we got on the plane; we missed sunrise and sunset trying to sleep, and here we are. The terminal in Dubai was magnificent, a bit Las Vegasy looking. Texans would feel at...

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Oct 14, 2015 - fly to Dubai

I've been reading about how the lack of government funding has negatively impacted the technology services the federal government provides. The horrible start to the Affordable Heatlhcare website could be an example of this. And today we suffered from another. As we came close to the Emirates ticket counter, the line ground to a halt. We stood and stood for nearly two hours. A long line of people much browner than we are, waited patiently behind us. As it got closer to our departure time, we began to wonder if the almost empty plane would...

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Oct 11, 2015 - Madrid

Retiro Park in the centre of Madrid and is over 300 acres in size. It was a private park of the Spanish Royal family before it became a public park. It is a popular place for the locals to picnic, stroll, play music or row a boat on the lake. There is a tennis theatre, outdoor theatre and museum in the park.

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Oct 7, 2015 - Dubai

Arrived in Dubai yesterday afternnon to 39 degree heat. Flying into Dubai there are only small pockets of green admist the vast desert. From our hotel room we have a view of the private racecourse of Sheikh Mohammed the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. The shopping at Dubai Mall is amazing - Mum the shoes pic is for you. This afternoon we will be heading onto Madrid.

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Oct 7, 2015 - Dubai UAE

Sitting in the Dubai Int. Airport lounge waiting to board my flight on Qattar Airways to Doha for a connection to Kathmandu. My time in Dubai was brief - arrived in the evening day before last, and departing this morning, less than two days after arrival. But I think that the stop-over achieved the purpose of giving my body and mind a chance to re-orient to being thrust into a time zone exactly 12 hours off of home. And, it gave me an opportunity to take a quick look around Dubai, UAE. Dubai is an amazing place. Everything is over the top....

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Sep 19, 2015 - D'ya buy anything in Dubai? nah!

Arrived here at about 10 pm local time after a flight across Turkey, then down over Iran, just over the border from Iraq. Passed close by Bagdad, but didn't see any flying carpets. Temp in Dubai is 37, and we were loaded on to buses to take us to the terminal. About a 15 min ride. Then security, and then upstairs where we found a Costa Coffee place - we had a Flat White. Now we have 4 hours to kill before our next leg to Melbourne via kL. the new scheduled time is about 50 mins late, so I expect we will be late into Melbourne, and our Hotel...

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Sep 18, 2015 - Aussie and Dubai Time

Good thing Al downloaded a GPS app to help us find where Kathy’s hotel was around the Dubai marina. The drive to Dubai wasn’t too bad for traffic because it is a Friday, their holy day. I was surprised at how green it was along the highway. I expected more views of desert. Along the way I noticed a truck hauling a camel instead of cattle. We do finally find it and park in the underground parking and head up to the fantastic apartment on the 33rd floor. It has fabulous views. The group consisting of Kathy, Chris, and her daughter Emma, and...

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Trip Journal

ASIS Abu Dhabi

Aug 21, 2015 - Day 1 Perth to Dubai

Thanks to Jane for taking us to the airport. It's still chaotic at the airport with all the work they are doing however Jane dropped us off in good time...not surprising I guess, seeing it was about 3.45am...not huge amounts of traffic around at that time of day. Check in was very speedy, we were given a couple of pieces of paperwork for the complimentary hotel where we are overnighting in Dubai. We had a smooth journey through immigration and customs although, surprise, surprise, I was pulled aside for the explosive test....again! I don't...

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Jul 30, 2015 - S£#t happens!

Well we arrived late after a long trip. Probably felt long because we had sat around Changi waiting for so long. Breakfast in the airline transit lounge next to the hotel started the day off well. We didn't do the Singapore tour as there was quite a long walk and J thought he might slow everyone down too much. So we all just wandered, sat, ate, etc.... The flight was late leaving and we had to stand a while before as security people had blocked off a large section of the arrival area so they could move a plane load of people to another...

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Jun 9, 2015 - Dubai

Wednesday: Homeward bound ………………………. The day dawned bright and sunny for our last day in London. The early morning was spent packing, checking flights, printing boarding passes, etc. Luggage was left with the hotel and then we walked up to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. There we discovered that more than half of the rooms were closed due to industrial action but this was actually helpful as it allowed us to see those that were open in a couple of hours. We focused on major artists and works and saw some of the best of the likes...

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May 27, 2015 - Dubai stopover

Dubai Well Dubai was an interesting place! Coming into land over the desert, I just wanted to get out and explore! Sort of a generation kill urge to drive theology the stinking got desert. 37 degrees and really warm. The airport has hundreds of planes and many of them are Emirates. The fleet owned by Emirates is amazing! On arrival I slipped into the men room because the one on the flight was very similar to those portal oops at most rock concerts. Remind me to burn these shoes! The first cubicle in the men's room was a lovely ceramic...

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