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Jun 7, 2011 - Long days in the saddle

Yalta was always going to be difficult to get out of, as it's overlooked by a kilometre high wall of rock. There weren't any roads up it, so there must be some lower pass I couldn't see, somewhere. My departure coincided with the second day of the Yalta Rally. I'd seen the cars being presented at the waterfront the evening before and been held up waiting for the president's motorcade to pass. On the main highway I was stopped again, the police instructed me to pull in to a garage. I merely pulled off the road out of the way, but they...

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Reboot Tour 2011

Aug 28, 2008 - Kherson

Not long after first light we arrived at Kherson that appears to be the most inland deep water port on the Dnipro, on the north edge of a vast delta that empties into the Black Sea. The port is equipped with numerous large cranes and piers that can accommodate sizeable merchant marine vessels. There is apparently nothing of interest in this industrial port city as cruise ships immediately transfer passengers to small ferry boats that handle 100 or so passengers each. These ferries took us through a series of delta channels (much like...

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