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Sep 27, 2011 - Into Kampala City

A bit of a noisy night as our room faces the court yard where the music played well into the night. ABBA songs brought me back to my younger days though and made me want sing along. For a change the showers are too hot and have great pressure. Fantastic! Muesli with natural yogurt was a healthy choice for breakfast today. Delicious! One of the kitchen staff finds out that she has the same name as me and is quite tickled. Staff here work very hard to learn all customer names right away which is quite impressive since the turn over of...

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Sep 26, 2011 - Bye Entebbe, Hello Kampala

Holy cow! Shalom our driver was here at 7:30 sharp! We hadn't planned on this but it was nice. At the airport a little early, we wait for Marc Orchard, a son of one of Al's colleagues, arrive. About 25 minutes later, Marc emerges tired but able to obtain a few shillings at the airport ATM before getting into our taxi with Shalome. He takes us back to Entebbe Backpackers where Marc can shower before our one hour drive to Kampala. Anna, Mr. Frank's young wife, is our driver to Kampala. Leaving Entebbe we experience very little traffic. We...

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Jul 7, 2011 - Mwanza to Kampala (Uganda). Epicness cont.

We decided to go the cheap option, 2nd class seating as opposed to sleeping on the 9PM ferry. BAD DECISION. Expecting reclining seats, we were faced with nothing but long, thin, hard beaches. If only we had bootalicious derrieres like the locals. Unfortunately we were forced to take a leaf out of the locals' book and somehow climb up into the baggage compartment above where we had an opportunity to lay on the wooden slats. Much to the delight of the Tanzanians, we got some thumbs up! During the night things got heated below deck as someone...

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Jun 21, 2011 - An Incredible Encounter Present In Uganda.

Uganda is a stunning land landlocked in the Eastern Africa. Massive piece of Lake Victoria hits the southern region of the country. Uganda can be found at over a plateau, and perhaps in the Nile basin. Due to the geographic location it's an assortment of habitats, including mountain ranges up to wetlands toward deserts. English was crown professional foreign language in Uganda subsequently after its own freedom in '62, certainly clients will discover it less complicated to find their way around. With so incredibly much splendid Mother...

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Uganda Safari

Jan 24, 2011 - Kampala

Am Montag morgen ging es weiter nach Kampala, der Hauptstadt Ugandas. Der Bus ist für afrikanische Verhältnisse recht komfortabel und sauber, nach ca. 2 Stunden kommen wir an der Grenze an. Dort bekommen wir dann auch recht fix unser Visa und es geht für weitere 5 Stunden zurück in den Bus über den Äquator bis nach Kampala – zurück auf die Nordhalbkugel. Am Busbahnhof entscheiden wir uns gegen ein Taxi und legen den Weg zum Hotel zu Fuß zurück. Welcome back im echten Afrika! Nach der Zeit in Ruanda, wo alles relativ ruhig und sicher schien...

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Jul 19, 2010 - Out to Bombo and the Elohim Orphanage

Today we did a little bit of a local tourist day. We first went and visited Sam's Kabojja International School. Sam is one of Niteo's Ugandan members. The place was very impressive and from the second floor you can see Lake Victoria which I did not know was so close to Kampala. His school takes in many international students from nearby countries and ex-pat Ugandans also send there children back home to study here. They teach the British Curriculum and many students go on to do their post-secondary studies internationally....

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Jul 17, 2010 - Tourist day in Jinja and a visit to Welcome Home

Saturday we spent the day at a more lesiurely pace haha... travelled 1ish hours, which works out closer to two hours, in the van on the way to Jinja which is the located at the source of the Nile. This is our first foray out into the countryside. We drove through a forest which smelled so clean and crisp after days in the city with diesel vehicles and burning garbage (no garbage collection system so like us about 60 years ago they burn it, unfortunately there's a lot more plastic being burnt than we used to). I don't mean to say the city...

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Jul 16, 2010 - Hip Hop class at ERRC and King's Daughters

I know that these two events are quite different and yet they are so similar. On one hand we have Mark who has been teaching free HipHop classes at the center for about a year to local youth. The center provides a free safe environment and the rest is up to the organizers. Initally Mark started the classes with a Canadian dancer Joss (I believe that was her name)and had been set-up with a small wage to continue these classes up to April of this year. Mark has continued these classes and has even held battle competitions... the enthusiasm...

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Jul 15, 2010 - Tuesday to Thursday Nateete & Child Time pre-school

Since I had nothing to do with the teaching at Nateete I'm just going to copy Rhonda's entries on the Niteo Blog. Though they are not so much about the teaching, the experience contributed to her experience. I am stunned half the time.... I am sitting at the Eva Ruf Center in Kampala, Uganda. I am stunned half the time I am here. Maybe more than half. The Niteo Africa organization has partnered with many needy institutions in and around Kampala - but it is a level of need that is beyond my experience. From what I am learning, at least at...

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Jul 11, 2010 - Watoto, Sam's and Market

Second morning to wake up from a bed. Today the plan is to go to church and then do some souvenir shopping. Every day we have our breakfast of toast, fruit, hardboiled eggs, freshly made juice and hot water/milk. We share our thoughts or journal entries and discuss the reactions and feelings that being here invokes. We had told our driver a certain time to be here so we could get to the church service in time to find seats together. He was later in getting to the center today and I joked it was because he made it on time yesterday and we...

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Jul 10, 2010 - Dance!

One interesting thing that happens when the students perform is if people are particularly moved or appreciative of a group they go up and give money to the performers. It was really interesting. The kids wondered why we don't do that and I said the next time they have a concert they should set-up some people with money and see if it catches on!

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Jul 10, 2010 - Kawanda Music Dance and Drama Competition

Well, I have already written this journal day once but sadly made the mistake of writing it on the mytripjournal blog page instead of on my computer and then cut and paste. I stayed up a couple hours later than everyone to get all the details down and as I hit save I thought “I should really make a copy of this on my Works document”, well the internet was off at the time and needless to say all my work was lost! Waaaaaaaaa! So I shall try to remember all the details I can. Today we woke up, not from a cold nap in a sitting position 30000ft...

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