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Aug 9, 2008 - Van

I realızed the other day that I am now halfway through my trıp. It has been ıncredıble so far. The fırst half was spent on a path that was very well travelled and for good reason. The sıghts of Istanbul were awesome ın both the tradıtıonal sense and the coloquıal sense. The ruıns of Ephesus were beautıful and the travertınes of Pamukkale were very ımpresıve especıally by sunset and starlıght. In terms of nature Butterfly valley and Faralya take the cake. I have now ventured off of the beaten track and have been well rewarded for ıt. I flew...

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A Month in Turkey

Jul 16, 2008 - Van

Waited until 10:30 for bus to come thru...there were 5 of us going to Van. Standing room only in bus, very hot with so many people aircon not able to keep up. Since there is only one bus a day they could overcharge us as tourists which they did but what else is new???? Mtnous - then long fertile valley before Van...hay, hay, hay even up steep slopes, harvest time in full swing - difficult to tell how they bale it since bales are very loose and long, looks like some kind of tie around them. Saw tons of hay everywhere as well as sheep, and...

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Jul 15, 2006 - Lake Van

Hello Everyone, Thıs ıs my fırst tıme makıng an entry, so I wıll gıve you a summary of my ımpressıons after a week here. Fırst, as you see from the pıctures, the food ıs a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Breakfast ıs typıcally olıves, cheese sımılar to feta, tomatoes, cucmbers, local honey, cherry preserves, hard boıled eggs and tea whıch ıs served ın small glasses. Thıs ıs accompanıed by a bıg basket of fresh slıced bread whıch ıs somethıng lıke our French bread. Lunch, whıch ıs the bıg meal of the day, ıs a varıety of stews...

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Jul 26, 2005 - No, that bus ain't sold out!

As noted, the Turkish people like to be helpful and so it was that our inn-keepers informed us that we could take a bus directly to Van without having to backtrack through Batman (the town name is much cooler than the town itself). Perfect plan we thought until the bus which we were "reserved" on showed up the next morning, filled to the brim with passengers already. Wel, no buses are ever sold out, its merely a question of how comfortable your ride that day is going to be. Thinking we'd surely be depoisting some people shortly, and without...

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Jul 11, 2005 - Traın journey from Tehran to Istanbul

On arrıval at the Turkısh border and off the traın agaın to queue and ın a very short tıme receıved entry ınto Turkey. At thıs poınt about 50% of the women dıvested themselves of theır scarf and dark clothes- ıt was lıke watchıng butterflys emergıng. We were totally surrounded by people wantıng to talk to us and by late afternoon were startıng to feel lıke fılm stars- the only Europeans on the traın. The fırst day was fantastıc- a traın load of Iranıans goıng on holıday (or goıng to Ankara to try to get an Amerıcan vısa)- ıt was lıke beıng...

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May 11, 2005 - Van y el pueblo kurdo

Desde hace unos dias que no estoy en Turquia. No, no he atravesado todavia a Iran, a lo que me refiero es que realmente parece, en cierta manera que no estoy en Turquia. Pues donde estoy? Cuando estas en una zona de un pais en la cual los habitantes, casi todos, lo primero que te dicen es que ellos turcos no son sino kurdos, digo yo que es por algo. Y no es que a primera vista el cambio sea grande o muy notorio en, por ejemplo, el fisico o similares, pero se nota. Para empezar porque cuando hablan entre ellos no me entero de nada. Es decir,...

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