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Jun 18, 2005 - Troy

TROY (6/18) I could go on at length about the site of one of history's greatest cities but this entry is already long enough and most people probably aren't too interested. Besides, the journey there and back was full of the colorful experiences we were looking for when we set out on this round-the-world journey and so I will concentrate on them instead. For anyone who would like to know more, please feel free to contact me. A PLEASANT DRIVE After 5 days experiencing the thrills of Istanbul, we now felt it was time to explore the country at...

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May 8, 2005 - Eceabat

Up early today to catch our bus to Eceabat. First we cought a bus from Selcuk to Izmir then we had to catch a bus from their. When we got there and finally found the counter for the company that goes to Chanakale we had 5 min to find the bus. Down stairs we went and in the nick of time we where on the bus. Perfect Timing. We arrived in Chanakale about 5 hours later and had to catch the ferry over to Eceabat. We had been recomended a hostel from our friends at the All Black which was called TJ's. We found it and for the first time on the...

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Apr 25, 2005 - Assos - Troy

Left for this town on the Mediteranian...first to Izmir, a major bus terminal for travel in this area, we tried to get an early start to avoid the huge exodus from the 90th Anniversary of Anzak which would be heading south. Anzak was a battle during WWI in which the Brits were responsible for the deaths of some 80,000 Aussies and Kiwis who were sent against the Turks by the British command knowing they had no chance!! There are reportedly some 50,000 visitors to the area and since the ceremonies ended at noon today they would all be heading...

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Apr 21, 2005 - Turkish Delight

Hello again - We've had a great time since our last message went out. We had a lovely dinner with Himanshu and Jayantika along with other Agilent colleagues in New Delhi. Wonderful hospitality and Margaret starred at charades. I was a bumbler at best. We were able to visit old haunts in Delhi from my previous visit there as well as new World heritage sites - Humayun's tomb, the Q'ta Minar as well as the new Ba'Hai temple which is spectacular. We left India and flew across the Indian Ocean to the Arabian peninsula, landing in Muscat and Abu...

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Feb 24, 2005 - Troy, Turkey

Everone knows the story of Troy. You have probably seen the movie with Brad Pitt. Dumb movie but somewhat accurate. The only account we have of Troy comes from the Greek Homer. Paris abducted Helen and takes her to Troy. Her husband, Menelaus-King of Sparta didn't like this of course. After 10 years of war, Odyesseus came up with the plan for the wooden horse (Trojan Horse). The horse was filling with soldiers. The Trojans thought it was a gift from the gods, as the Greeks appeared to have left. They wheeled it into the city and had a...

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