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Jul 13, 2008 - Sanliurfa

Back somewhat the way we came...to Urfa for short...up over the pass the crops are planted in under the orchard trees many times - peppers, tomatoes, beans, melons, eggplant...The roadways are lined much of the way w/ newly planted trees - honeylocust,spruce,arborvitae...and when there's a median strip that too is planted in trees, not just near towns but all along the way! Cont. w/ orchards & grapes & vegie corps, much greener everywhere...area seems to have more moisture in general. Travel on 2 lane roads but much of the way road...

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Jul 15, 2007 - Big Heads and Holy Fish in SE Turkey

From Cappadocia we drove through the Eastern Taurus Mountains into Eastern Turkey. As we made our way east, you can see just how wealthy the west side of the country is. Farmers in the east are working small plots of land with small tired tractors, or small tired donkeys...and those tractors or donkeys double as family transport - in one town we stayed in I saw more tractors than cars! I thought the west of Turkey was a trip back in time...well the east is that same trip back, but without all the frills, and into an arid landscape that...

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