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Apr 20, 2008 - Pergamum - Acropolis & Asclepion

We were groggy and grumpy when arrived in Izmir on the overnight bus from Istanbul. We caught the next bus to Bergama and by the time we arrived around 10am we found a room, mustered up some energy and set off to see the Acropolis and the Asclepion. Good thing we found that energy because the Acropolis is situated on top of a hill 8 km from our hotel. With no time to waste, we grabbed a quick kebap and started to walk. The definition of acropolis is actually ‘hilltop citadel’ and they sure got it right in Bergama (ancient Pergamum). This...

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Sep 6, 2007 - Pergamum

Pergamum! Alright, more history lessons. Pergamum is one of the ancient Greek cities which was later given to the Romans. Pegamum had the third hospital ever, but the first one with Physiothreapy and Psychotherapy. It has was home to the world second largest library,containing 200,000 scrolls, and only second to the Great Library in Alexandria. The city was known to have the Eighth wonder of the world, but when the Germans excavated it, they took it back to Germany. It was some sort of Temple. Tomorrow we are off to Epheses (more ruins)...

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Sep 8, 2006 - Bergama (Pergamum)

We made it to Bergama (or Pergamum) at about 12:00 pm and headed off in search of the Athena Pension that we had booked through Harry at the ANZ house. We had a little map to follow, which of course had little resemblance to the actual winding maze of streets in Bergama itself. We to stop and ask for directions a number of times. The friendly locals were more than happy to point us the right way. After half an hour searching, we finally stumbled in to the reception area, which was actually just the foyer of an old Ottoman house. A short...

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Apr 26, 2006 - Ayvalik

We visited the ancient city of Pergamum today. Pergamum was an ancient city founded by colonists on the Aegean coast of Anatolia at the site of the present-day city of Bergama. It was on a tributary of the Bakircay (Caicus River), enclosed by high mountains. Fertile, self-contained and easily defended, it provided the perfect setting for the maintenance of a city state.

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Jun 19, 2005 - Day 34-40

We are back in camp and are spending the time with a group of individuals with intelectual disabilities. It is very good work and along with planning the climbing wall Ercan is very interested in learning about challenge course design and a plan for the facility. The main focus is the group in camp though so during breaks etc. I created some designs for them as well as created a supplies list. Locating good line etc. for a course in a fishing town was interesting but we found some supplies to at least explain what the events are. After...

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Jun 16, 2005 - Day 31 - 32 Returning to Camp

We were very excited to be going back to camp today. The current group arrived on Sunday so unfortunately we only get to spend 48 hours with them before they leave on Saturday. As soon as we returned to camp Ercan and I prepped the scuba equipment and jumped in the water with them for a scuba experience. We bonded very quickly with the group, and I had the opportunity to swim some long distances in the sea with a couple of them. They were very strong and athletic, the basic Turkish I have learned is now coming in handy for working with...

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Jun 6, 2005 - Pergamum

Bussed from Selçuk vıa İzmir to Bergama (ancıent name: Pergamum) to visit Asclepion (ancient medical centre) and Acropolıs. The Asclepion was fascinating. We were especially intrigued by the underground corrıdor where patıents with mental health problems were doped up with opıum and as they walked up and down thıs underground corridor, together with the sound of running water the "doctors" secretly whıspered feel good messages through the overhead chimneys. After lunch we went to the Acropolis. The vıews were amazıng. We then booked ınto...

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Jun 1, 2005 - Day 16- 18 Alternative Camp

May 31st We arrived at alternative camp at 7:00 pm, warm grettings plus dinner at 7:30. We were going to stay in İzmr but were so close to camp that we went straight to our camp just outside Yeni Sakran. Beautiful setting flat and accessible. Our first group at camp were a goup from Istanbul and as Tanish put it we are the blind from İstanbul. Of course İ cracked an offensive joke to that and we were instantly friends. Another group of 7 children with autism were taking part in camp that week so it was an interesting group blind adults and...

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