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Nov 16, 2009 - Southern Turkey

Southern Turkey overwhelms you with its beauty: the blue, blue Mediterranean on one side, the rocky, snow-clad mountains on the other. This is majestic country. But even more overwhelming is the Turkish hospitality. The people are polite, helpful, light-hearted, fastidiously clean and just plain friendly. Of the countries we have visited thus far, Turkey is our favorite. At their closest, Turkey and Greece are only 4 km apart but the trip to Bodrum took one and a half hours. On the way to the hotel for our one-night stay in Bodrum, despite...

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Oct 18, 2009 - Blue Cruise Voyage

Merhaba! We have just arrıved ın Olympos after four days aboard the Loreleı, cruısıng among the ıslands off the south coast of Turkey. Our cruıse got off to a rocky start because the hostel we booked through made ıt clear that the trıp was brıng-your-own-drınks, but dıdn't ınform the captaın, who was hopıng to make hıs money from sellıng us drınks, of that arrangement. He was REALLY not happy wıth us. Luckıly our frıend Hanna (German cyclıst we are travellıng wıth) charmed the captaın and he eventually came around and let us have our drınks...

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Apr 26, 2009 - Turkey: A Perfect 10 (Part III, Olympos, Kas, & Kekova)

The bus to Olympos was another overnight trip. Turkey is a huge country, and you can drive for days and not leave its borders. As it stands, I would only explore a small part of the Western half of the country during my three weeks there, and all in all, I would travel well over a thousand miles. I had heard about the famous tree house hotels of Olympos, which is a small town on the Mediterranean that only recently became popular with backpackers. Just a few years back, a smart entrepreneur started to book “blue cruises” for travelers,...

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Nov 29, 2008 - Among the ruins in Olympos

This afternoon I am sitting inside a lodge in Olympus, Turkey. It's a rustic room with log walls and ceiling. In the center of the room is an old fashioned coal burning stove. There are a few red Turkish flags on the walls with the crescent moon and star. In one corner there are traditional cushions on the floor.. My fellow travelers are lounging on them, chatting away. There's a TV in the corner playing VH1 featuring a Janet Jackson weekend. Earlier today I walked among the ruins. The stone buildings here are different from elsewhere. Not...

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Jun 26, 2007 - Olympos

From the gullet, we were shuttled about an hour and a half to Olympus and then to Kadir's Treehouses. The temperature was estimated to be about 55 the next day. Sharon and I ended up in the only real treehouse, the "Penthouse". We determined the name was not because it was the best accommodation but because the shutters did not close. So if you weren't careful while changing, the entire resort and bar got a show. Olympus has a very nice (but rocky) beach. It cost 2 YLT, but only because you had to go through a park with ruins to get to it....

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